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8 Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins

Using WooCommerce to get your store up and running is an easy feat by itself.

Install the plugin on your WordPress site, walk through the installation wizard, set up the basics, add products, and you’re good to go. Your store can literally be up in less than the time it takes to read this post.
But you’re not done yet.

While WooCommerce will do all the heavy lifting of eCommerce, you really need a lot more to attract those visitors and convert them into lifelong customers.

A WooCommerce store without plugins is like a sponge cake without any fillings and toppings. While the sponge is integral to the cake, you can imagine what it would be like when you try to sell it without adding any temptations to it. Nobody would want it!

That’s exactly what a WooCommerce store would be like if it was kept simple to the core. You need WooCommerce plugins to extend your store’s functionality and improve your customers’ shopping experience, increase conversions and boost sales.

Here, we’ll only talk about a few select plugins that will really improve the shopping experience of your customers.

1. Stripe for WooCommerce

Stripe for WooCommerce

If you’re sending your customers away just when they’re ready to buy your awesome stuff, you’re in for a great risk of losing your prospect.

Stripe for WooCommerce extension lets you accept payments right there on your site without redirecting customers away from your store to a third party payment gateway.

By accepting payments onsite, you make the checkout process quicker and give less time to customers to make up their mind about buying your product.

Stripe is one of the most popular and highly recommended extensions for WooCommerce stores, and now you know why!

Get it here for free. 

2. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is by far the most popular speed-boosting plugin for WordPress sites.

While every site needs a speed boost, your online store needs it even more. Just think about it: would you stay on a website if it’s taking forever to load?

No, right? Your customers won’t either! And obviously, you don’t want to risk losing them.

Life is getting busy these days. Everyone needs faster solutions to their problems – including shopping.

WP Rocket boosts your site’s loading speed by using caching techniques, lazy loading of images, minification of your site’s static files and a lot of other techniques.

The end result is a site that loads a lot faster!

Get it here for $49 for a single site.

3. Retainful


Cart abandonments are painfully frustrating. You do such a good job at luring the customer in and taking them down through the sales funnel and BAM! They just abandon you, leaving behind a cart with goodies in it to remind you of your close success.

And do you know what? It happens 70% of the time.

So yeah, no matter how frustrating it is, you have to deal with those abandoned carts and try to lure those customers back in before they forget about you for good.

That’s where cart abandonment plugins come in.

Retainful tracks those abandoned carts and lets you send email notifications to those customers, luring them back with coupons and offers. Emails include checkout buttons so customers can just checkout with one click.

The plugin includes a visual drag and drops email editor to create beautiful email templates. If you have to do it, do it in a pretty way!

Pricing plans start from Free – $79/month.

4. Subscription Add-on for WooCommerce

Subscription Add-on for WooCommerce

What is better than having a way to know that your customers will pay you for your products or services for the rest of the year?

With Subscription Add-on plugin, you can do just that!

The plugin is an add-on to WooCommerce Subscriptions, and it gives your customers the ability to subscribe to whatever products they have added in their cart – so they can keep receiving the essentials they need without any delays while you can enjoy peace of mind.

Subscription Add-on is a great plugin for stores that sell essential items like groceries, pet care, medicines, or even freshly tossed salads and sandwiches for the diet conscious!

Someone selling a daily subscription of fresh salad? Count me in!

Get it here for $49.

5. WooCommerce 360° Image

 WooCommerce 360° Image

Product images are a big deal for many stores. The key here is to display as many images as possible, so the customer gets a clear picture of what the product looks like.

A lot of people will tell you to upload images from different angles and perspectives. But an even better way is to give your customer a 360-degree view of your product.

That’s where the WooCommerce 360° Image plugin can help. This plugin creates a 360-degree view using images you upload. Customers can click on the arrows to virtually rotate your product and inspect it from all angles.

The more product information you give, the higher your conversions will be!

Get it here for $49.

6. Product Tables for WooCommerce

Product Tables for WooCommerce

Everyone wants to get their conversion rates up. And do you know what the key is? Make it QUICK. Make it SIMPLE.

The quicker and simpler it is for customers to buy from your store, the higher your conversion rate will be.

By displaying your products in a table format, you can create an experience where customers visit your shop page and find all the product information they need from that page. They can select multiple products and checkout without visiting separate product pages.

Seriously, it’s like the 7th heaven for buyers who don’t have to visit separate product pages to choose options and add products to the cart.

With Codup’s Product Tables for WooCommerce, you can display vital product information of your products on the table, including the product description, images, and even a variation dropdown to let buyers choose options.

Product Tables is a great plugin for all kinds of stores, but it’s especially useful for the ones where a single product image is enough to make an impact. Examples are bookstores, audio stores, parts shop, groceries, and restaurants.

Get it here for $49.

7. WooCommerce Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login

Your key to making it quick and simple just doesn’t work when there is a big, fat login and registration process in between.

One technique is to allow customers to checkout as a guest, but that causes friction for your return customers as having their checkout information saved in their account can save them a lot of time.

WooCommerce Social Login solves that problem. It lets customers login with their social accounts, which they’re typically already signed into on their devices. And so, they can log in with a click of a button and checkout seamlessly without entering another username and password.

Plus, there’s another good reason why you should use Social Login on your WooCommerce store. Your customers are demanding it: studies have shown that over 77% of consumers prefer social login on eCommerce sites. Because it just makes lives easier.

Get it here for $79.

8. Advanced Coupon

Advanced Coupon

If you believe that your customers will be interested in “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO deals) and your offers will attract more customers to your WooCommerce store. Then try Advanced Coupons.

Advanced Coupons is the ideal coupon marketing WooCommerce plugin with a combination of features that will help you draw customers and retain them.

Thanks to features like the URL coupon tool, your customers will be able to redeem a coupon by simply clicking a link conveniently. URL couponing is extremely useful if you wish to leverage email marketing.

Advanced Coupon also allows you to create loyalty reward programs, through which your loyal customers can benefit from deals and discounts while you increase the customer retention rate.

Get it here for $99.

So, that’s it. All these plugins will extend the functionality of your WooCommerce store by adding extra layers of delicious creams and toppings to lure your prospects in and convert them into customers.

Good Luck. Keep selling!

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