How to Make a Chatbot App

How to Make a Chatbot App in 2021

As of late, many online businesses have been entrusting their customer service tasks to a figment of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Digital assistants have been sprouting up, and it is now very difficult for many to imagine life without their help. If you’re wondering how to make a chatbot for your business in 2021, then you’re in the right place. You can supplement your app or website with a chatbot app to handle all kinds of queries. In this article, written by Topflightapps, you will learn how to make your own chatbot for healthcare to add value to your business.

How to Make a Chatbot in Only 7 Easy Steps

Here are the steps involved that are going to help you to make an AI chatbot. These seven easy steps are straightforward, and they’ll be easy to follow as well. The result is a very profitable and purpose-driven bot.

Step 1 – What Kind of Chatbot Do You Want?

While you look up how to make a chatbot, you need to figure out what kind of chatbot you are looking for. Depending on your needs, you will need to go for a rule-based chatbot to answer predefined questions or an advanced AI chatbot that will learn continuously.

Step 2 – Select A Channel to Apply Your New Chatbot

Next, you’ll need to select channels where you can apply your new bot. Many are using Telegram these days so that you can come up with a Telegram bot. You can add bots to Facebook Messenger as well. You can also take the classic route and add it to your website.

Step 3 – Choose the Perfect Tech Stack For Your Chatbot’s Proper Development

While building chatbots powered by AI, you need to choose the perfect tech stack to power them. There are remarkable frameworks available – and you need to talk with your bot developer about the right one. You can use third-party libraries for NLP, such as ChatterBot.

Step 4 – Design How You Want the Conversation to Look Like

Next, you will need to design the flow of the conversation. If you use a DIY platform for making your bot, then creating the conversation flow is very easy. In this step, you will need to add to the front and backend of your powerful AI chatbot.

Step 5 – Train the Bot and Observe Its Responses

Next, you will need to train your bot and make sure that it is working correctly. This training step is only applicable while building chatbots powered by AI. If you have a simple Q&A bot, then you can skip to Step 6 directly. Q&A datasets are very helpful here.

Step 6 – Test the ChatBot Properly With Alpha/Beta Testers

While wondering how to make a chatbot app, you also need to test the chatbot with dedicated teams of testers. Try to get your testers to ask all of the probable questions to your app and see how well it performs. Fix any bugs that you find during this stage.

Step 7 – Deploy the Bot and Maintain It With Regularity

When you make an AI chatbot, the last step is deploying it and then conducting regular updates on it. Keep an eye out for feedback from your users so that you can fix any bugs that you weren’t able to catch earlier. Integrate the bot with your existing systems.

Final Thoughts

If you wondered how to make a chatbot, then all of your questions have been answered in this article. Talk with a developer today to find out the cost to build a chatbot application. Armed with all this info, you can start talking to promising developers ASAP.

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