Kirby Multiplayer Set To Arrive To Nintendo Switch Online 

Kirby Multiplayer Set To Arrive To Nintendo Switch Online 

In September, the multiplayer classic Kirby and the Amazing Mirror for Game Boy Advance will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service. The service continuously adds new games to its library, many of which come from Nintendo’s extensive library. Three classic games, including formerly Japan-only ones like Joy Mech Fight and the SNES remake of Kirby Star Stacker, were just introduced for NSO subscribers. The most recent title to be added to the NSO Expansion Pack, which includes vintage Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance games, is Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

When the NSO Expansion Pack was first released, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror had first been hinted at as one of the games included. Fans were ecstatic by this announcement, especially those looking forward to playing the game’s multiplayer mode. Although the Expansion Pack has added a number of GBA games since its release, this multiplayer Kirby game was one that many people were looking forward to. The service’s launch date for Kirby and the Amazing Mirror has finally been announced to be sometime in late September.

This information was released by Nintendo via a fresh trailer posted to their social media accounts. The clip indicates that Kirby and the Amazing Mirror will launch on September 29, 2023. The game’s plot and gameplay are also briefly described in the video. In the game, a dark Meta Knight attacks Kirby, causing him to split into four other Kirbys. To traverse the many realms of the mirror universe and repair the universe Mirror, all four of these characters must work together. This game employs a Metroidvania-style framework instead of a linear platformer format, in contrast to prior games. It offers a variety of copy skills, including well-known ones like Spark and wholly original ones like Cupid.

When Kirby and the Amazing Mirror was first released, multiplayer interactions were made possible through the Game Boy Advance Link Cable, allowing multiple Game Boy Advance devices to connect for cooperative gameplay or rival mini-games. Up to four players can join and enjoy the game together via the internet using the Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) edition of the title, or they can still play together locally offline.

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