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Life by You: A Sims-Like Game Delayed to 2024

Life By You is a new game currently being developed by Paradon Interactives aiming to replicate Sims but make it better. It is an open-world game that uses real language conversations as opposed to the babble heard on Sims. In the game, players can take direct control of the in-game avatars that come with various customization tools. These allow for unparalleled levels of storytelling, according to the company. The development for this game is also being headed up by Rod Humble, who had been the head of EA’s Sims label for several years, becoming a general manager at developer Paradox Tectonic.

Life By You is an ambitious project, but if the company manages to pull it off, it will provide some long-overdue competition for the Sims. However, the excitement needs to be held off as the company has decided to delay the release of the game. Previously, the early access release was planned for September but it has now been pushed to March 5, 2024. 

During this additional time, Paradox Tectonic claims that it will improve the game’s visuals and UI. This will help improve the overall look and feel of the game. Additionally, players will have a much more well-rounded experience.  Paradox Tectonic has also claimed that they will be dedicating efforts to fine-tune mod tools, making them accessible for all players to explore and create in Life By You. The player community holds a central role in the game’s development, and their feedback has been instrumental in bringing about many positive changes during Life By You’s Early Access phase.

Recognizing the importance of visual appeal, the development team aims to enhance the game’s visuals, as feedback from players and experts has indicated room for improvement. PC Gamer’s Morton, a seasoned Sims enthusiast, expressed that the current state of the game appears “a bit ugly” and lacks the aesthetic charm found in The Sims community’s creations.

To address these concerns, Humble announced plans to showcase an updated interface in a video message, followed by a detailed blog post outlining the planned changes. Additionally, due to the date change, the company will be refunding all current preorders of Life By You on the Epic Games Store. Players will be offered the opportunity to preorder again with the updated early access release date.

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