US May Be Following in the EU’s Footsteps in Having a Common Charger

US May Be Following in the EU’s Footsteps in Having a Common Charger

Europe’s call for a universal charger for all portable devices caused a lot of stir among companies using different chargers, such as Apple, which has a lightning cable. However, it has been revealed that Europe may also have influenced the US to take similar steps.

A group of Senate Democrats called on the US Commerce Department to force all smartphone companies to build their devices in a manner that supports a single universal charging standard.

This change, they argue, is of the public interest as it helps reduce electronic waste. The Senate Democrats also mention that companies with different charging ports, such as Apple’s lightning port, create huge amounts of e-waste, which can easily be avoided. Furthermore, it also creates a financial burden if one wants to switch companies or have devices from different companies.

The Senate Democrats were also of the opinion that the waste created by e-waste drives the planet deeper into the climate crisis because people are constantly spending money to buy new chargers for their new devices. In contrast, they have to throw the old ones away. This waste is filling up landfills and can cause more issues further down the line.

Unlike the EU, the senators are not pushing for USB-C to become the universal charger. However, they request there be a comprehensive strategy that is inclusive and allows for an opportunity for a new standard to be developed.

However, there has been some resistance to this motion, as critics believe that a universal charger would make innovation much more difficult, and would prevent smartphone companies from advancing their chargers to charge faster in the future.

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