Starfield Players Disappointed By a Huge Flaw in the New Game Plus 

Starfield Players Disappointed By a Huge Flaw in the New Game Plus 

Many gamers have criticized Starfield’s New Game Plus mode, pointing out what they believe to be its most serious flaw. Even while Starfield’s interpretation of this feature was innovative, the current criticisms underscore how contentious Bethesda’s implementation is. When starting a fresh campaign in this mode, players keep their levels, skills, powers, and research projects, but after finishing the main story, their inventory, outposts, credits, and ships are all reset. By including a special spacecraft and enhancing armor during the first six and ten playthroughs, respectively, Starfield strives to strike a balance. However, considering what they lose, many fans think these prizes are inadequate.

A passionate group of players in Starfield are upset over the inability to transfer ships to New Game Plus. In the Starfield subreddit, a thread addressing this subject gained popularity and drew hundreds of answers from users who had similar viewpoints. When faced with the possibility of starting a new playthrough and losing their spacecraft fleets, several players expressed sadness and even utter despair. Some people have stated that they will purposefully not finish the main mission so they can keep their own Starfield ships.

Some players are certain that they won’t start a fresh playthrough unless there is a fix for the ship loss problem in the fresh Game Plus mode. It’s crucial to remember that Bethesda might not change the fundamental aspects of NG+ because of reasons linked to the plot. Even though many players are aware of this restriction, many nevertheless hold out hope that the Starfield modding community will someday find a solution to the New Game Plus mode’s alleged fault.

For this to happen, the game’s Creation Kit, which is anticipated to be made available in early 2024, will likely need to formally support mods. Such modifying tools are normally made available by Bethesda four months following a game’s initial release. According to this timeline, the Starfield Creation Kit might be made accessible in late January or early February.

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