Overwatch 2 Reveals the Mythic Skin for Orisa

Overwatch 2 Reveals the Mythic Skin for Orisa

Every two months since its debut, Overwatch 2 has reliably added a new season with themed cosmetics that can be obtained through the Battle Pass. The previous Season 7, which took place in October and November, had as its theme “Rise of Darkness,” which included Halloween as well as a cooperative component with Diablo 4. 

Overwatch 2 has revealed the theme for its next season of hero first-person shooters, which is appropriately called “Call of the Hunt.” Beginning on December 5, Season 8 is sure to be an exciting ride as gamers set out on a two-month quest to advance through new Battle Passes. The complete selection of Season 8 customizations, which is filled with skins, sprays, and other cosmetics influenced by animals, hunters, and the outdoors, is still to be revealed, building excitement in the days before “Call of the Hunt” launches.

According to the Overwatch 2 teaser image, Junker Queen might get a Call of the Hunt skin in Season 8. The Mythic skin for Overwatch 2, on the other hand, is devoted to Orisa and turns the robotic tank into the powerful Grand Beast with interchangeable colors, weaponry, and special sound and visual effects. After completing the Season 8 Premium Battle Pass and leveling up to 80, fans can obtain this mythic skin.

Mauga, the newest tank hero in Overwatch 2, is one of the season’s main highlights. Mauga made a big impression at BlizzCon, armed with two enormous miniguns and a powerful self-healing ability similar to Roadhog. He returns to Season 8 with several upgrades. Based on historical trends, players who purchase the Premium Battle Pass or reach level 55 in the free edition are expected to immediately access Mauga. If you are not able to gain Mauga during Season 8, you may still be able to do so by completing in-game challenges; this is the same approach used to obtain other Overwatch 2 heroes such as Kiriko and Ramattra.

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