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7 Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon Alternatives

Kodi fans if you are using Kodi for years that you definitely know about Genesis Reborn Kodi addon, Yes! It was one of the great third-party Kodi addons like Exodus, Covenant, etc. But fortunately Genesis Reborn is no more so here in this article I will let you know the best alternates of Genesis Reborn, By which you can enjoy favorite content on Kodi.

But before proceeding I want to notify you that, If you are a citizen of a country like the United Kingdom where Kodi is not appreciated then I recommend to use protection tools like VPN to enjoy the experience of Kodi streaming without any fear.

Best Alternatives Of Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon.

  • Exodus Redux
  • Neptune Rising
  • Incursion
  • FilmRise
  • Midian

1. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux

Just like Exodus, the main reason for the popularity of Exodus Redux is outstanding content, Interface of Exodus Redux is the same as Exodus. Even the logo of both addons is same; I have used both addons believe me Exodus Redux is better than Exodus.

2. Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising

After the Exodus, Neptune Rising is one of the most installed 3rd party Kodi addon; It offers the latest movies and tv shows. Its main menu is filled with different movie categories allowing you to check out curated playlists. It is one of the best alternatives to Genesis Reborn.

3. Incursion

I am a huge fan of Kodi, and I am using Incursion for 7 months to watch movies and tv shows on Kodi, Even I am using Incursion before shutting down of Genesis Reborn Kodi addon, So for me, it is one of the best alternates of Genesis Reborn Kodi.

4. FilmRise


Filmrise offers more than 7,500 movies, So if you are looking any best alternate of Genesis Reborn or Exodus with full of content, then Filmrise is the best option you can choose.

5. Midian


Last week I was scrolling my addon list, and there I found Midian addon, I had play Midian addon and believed me I found it as best alternate of Genesis Reborn Kodi addon. It is an all-in-one addon in which you can find movies and TV shows; it brings documentaries, cartoons, and even anime.

6. Viewster


Viewster offers an impressive library of content that includes different genres such as Comedy, Action, Romance, Animation, Documentary, Adventure, Sci Fi, Martial Arts, and more.

Just like most services, Viewster features a convenient search tool. However, it is different and unique because the search function has been separated for movies and Tv shows to minimize confusion when looking up content with similar or the same titles; this proves that Viewster gives attention to detail.

Although there is no HD content available on Viewster, the quality of the videos is consistently good. You can find Viewster in the official repository of Kodi addons.

Viewster only contains legal access to content legally, which is why we recommend it as an alternative for Genesis Reborn.

7. Crackle


If you know about the Crackle VOD (Video On Demand) service, then you might recognize the Crackle Kodi add-on, which is completely free and legal. On this portal, you will find a range of interesting content to watch, such as the classics, much-loved TV show Seinfeld and fan-favorite Walker Texas Ranger.

And if you’re in for the movies, You can catch titles like Inside Man and Hitch. Crackle also offers its own original content on the portal. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of latest mainstream movies and tv series on there and no HD content, but there is a lot to enjoy.

You can find Crackle in the Eracknaphobia addon repository.
Crackle is free and legal, so it’s an excellent choice for anyone to find some hidden gems within its library.

Final Thoughts

So, guys, I hope this guide will help you in choosing a right alternate of Genesis Reborn Kodi addon to watch movies, Tv shows or other favorite content on Kodi, For more Kodi and technology-related articles stay connected with Reviewsed. Dont forget to share your views below in the comment section.

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