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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Case: No Major Design Change?

Samsung’s upcoming book-like foldable phone may have the exact same layout and design as last year’s model, according to a recent leak. This information comes from reliable tipster Ice Universe who revealed a case for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, indicating that it will resemble the Galaxy Z Fold 4 except for a few minor changes. To back up this information, the leaker tweeted pictures of transparent cases for the 2022 foldable phones just to show the similarities and differences. 

The only significant difference between the two devices based on the phone case was the cutout on the upper right side of the camera island. This is presumably for the LED flash, which has been moved out of the camera block where it was housed previously on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Other than this cutout, nothing else distinguishes the two cases from one another. If the leaks are to be believed, Samsung is likely planning to make internal changes instead of design changes. However, it remains unclear if both devices will have the exact dimensions.

Previous rumors hinted that the new Galaxy Z Fold 5 is thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 when folded. A few days ago, the possible dimensions of the Z Fold 5 surfaced online, claiming that the phone will be 13.4mm thick when folded. The current model has a thickness of 14.2mm, making the upcoming Fold slightly thinner if these dimensions are correct. However, when compared to other foldable phones in the market, the Galaxy Z Fold is still thick, as the newly released Google Pixel Fold measures 12.1mm when folded. 

Recent reports suggest that the Z Fold 5 could be even slimmer if the company decides to adopt the rumored water drop hinge design, which will supposedly make the phone close fully instead of leaving a gap. Since foldable phones are still a relatively new technology, there is no universal standard, and companies are still trying to one-up one another to create a foldable that is better than others on the market. 

The current problem that plagues companies making foldables is how to make them thinner. Since foldable phones rely on flexible screens and hinges, they should be able to withstand repeated folding without breaking.

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