OnePlus Foldable Phone on the Horizon

OnePlus’s Foldable Phone on the Horizon: Launch Date Confirmed?

Foldable phones have been all the rage this year. Many companies, such as Samsung, Google, Motorola and Oppo, are releasing new foldable phones. Reportedly OnePlus is also joining the list with its very own flip phone, which is rumoured to release in August, clashing head-on with Samsung. Considering that Samsung has been making foldable phones for years, OnePlus is making a bold move by attempting to steal their thunder. 

It is no secret that OnePlus has been working on a flip phone, and it seems like it could debut very soon. Although there have been very few rumours regarding the device, it looks like the launch date may have been leaked. According to Max Jambor, OnePlus aims to announce its first foldable phone in August, and this claim has a few hints backing it up. 

In the past few months, OnePlus has been teasing the foldable phone and even showed a tease image during the OnePlus 11 launch event held in February. The company reassured fans that the phone would be coming in Q3. The phone was teased again at the MWC 2023, where OnePlus confirmed that they will release a foldable phone in the latter half of the year. 

With these hints, it is clear that OnePlus is looking to become the next major Android brand to release a foldable phone. The company has not yet provided any information about the phone’s specs. Still, it is expected to be a flagship phone. Many also believe the phone will look similar to the Galaxy Z Fold design, which has become a standard across companies. 

There are also rumours that OnePlus will release another foldable phone but with a clamshell design. This rumour is fueled by a listing from a Chinese patent office suggesting that the company has already laid the groundwork for creating its own rendition of the Galaxy Z Flip line. The alleged trademark applications filed by OnePlus are for a OnePlus V Flip and a OnePlus V Fold. 

Although OnePlus is not the first company to offer such form factors, it is well known in the industry for providing the most bang for your buck. Thus, it may try to undercut Samsung’s expensive foldable devices released in the same month.

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