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10 LetMeWatchThis Alternatives

LetMeWatchThis, previously known as Primewire, has been one of the leading free movie streaming sites globally. The website catered to thousands of users daily from around the world, including the US. The platform allows users to stream content, including newly released films easily, and watch episodes of all popular fan-favorite TV shows without paying a dime.

Unfortunately, LetMeWatchThis service hit a legal snag, which caused the site to shut down. For over ten years, the site served as the foremost platform for high quality, ad-free television show, and movie streams.

Let Me Watch This was loved by users not only of the vast selection of the latest HD content but also for its simple, functional, and premium interface, which was arguably the best in the business.

What Is The LetMeWatchThis Platform?


Even as a free-to-use platform, with minimal ads, the user interface of LetMeWatchThis was by far the most impressive and comparable to premium service Netflix. The convenient playlist feature allowed you to curate a list of selected films to watch one after the other. Furthermore, the rating system made selecting the top-rated movies.

To make things even better, LetMeWatchThis also offered a selection of music tracks for free, which could be added to a playlist. The reasons behind the closure of the LetMeWatchThis (Primewire) platform are still unclear, but most users suspect that the site was shut down as a consequence of legal action against it by the owners and producers copyrighted content.

LetMeWatchThis Platform Clones

To fill the empty space left behind by the original LetMeWatchThis site, clone sites emerged claiming to offer the same user experience and a vast database of movies, music, TV shows, and documentaries. Whether it was due a strike down by the government or as issues from the site admins, the platform suffered the same fate as most other free streaming sites that offer a similar service.

It is typical for clone sites to pop-up to take advantage of the search traffic for the nonoperational site’s keywords.

However, not all the defunct sites’ clones offer the same user experience and fail to make a mark. Nonetheless, a few clone sites provide quality service comparable to the original and sometimes exceed the success of the site they are emulating.

A few of the LetMeWatchThis or Primewire clones that are now available prove to be commendable substitutes, including www.letmewatchthis.is and www.primewire.li.

Top LetMeWatchThis Alternative To Checkout 

  • Afdah
  • Putlocker
  • 123movies
  • Netflix
  • Losmovies
  • Fmovies
  • SolarMovie
  • PopcornFlix
  • Xmovies8
  • SubsMovies

1. Afdah


Platforms like Afdah are known as web scrapers. Rather than hosting content on their servers, Afdah indexes online movie sites where you can watch the movies you desire. The people working behind Afdah meticulously source and scrape movies of all genres.

Furthermore, besides having multiple source-links of movies and TV shows, the platform has a user-friendly interface and content organization system that easily locates desired content.

2. Putlocker


Arguably, the top online streaming site is Putlocker, which has continued to thrive for decades and has survived multiple domain name takedowns. It is tough to find a comparable database of recently released and classic movies because Putlocker has it all.

You will certainly be impressed by the vast selection of content, including cartoons, animated movies, and Asian dramas, available intuitively and easily to navigate the interface.

3. 123movies


123Movies is one of the best online streaming websites for looking for the latest and famous TV shows and movies. Similar to LetMeWatchThis movies, 123Movies regularly updates the website with the latest collection of movies and the latest episodes of popular series and TV shows.

The best thing about 123Movies is that you do not have to register to enjoy online streaming; therefore, your privacy is never compromised. The fact that you can watch all the content for free and the content is easy to find with the help of the smart search bar and smart content categorization adds to the overall experience of watching movies and TV series on 123Movies.

Although 123Movies regularly maintains the website and fixes the bugs; however, be prepared to close a ton of pop-up ads.

4. Netflix


Netflix is amongst the world’s most popular online streaming services, popular for its massive legal content range. Netflix offers an expansive variety of movies, TV shows, and documentaries from across the globe.

The biggest con of Netflix for most online streaming fans is it’s membership charges that range between $8.99-12.99 – depending on the subscription package that you select. However, the major benefit of the subscription charges is that you can enjoy an ad-free and malware safe online streaming experience.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about Netflix’s downtime. The only issue you might face is Netflix’s geo-restrictions; thus, you cannot enjoy Netflix in some countries of the world, including China. However, there are several safe methods of unblocking Netflix, making Netflix the best alternative to our all-time favorite LetMeWatchThis.

5. Los movies


LosMovies is amongst the most popular and trusted online movie streaming sites. Like LetMeWatchThis, LosMovies has a huge fan following because of its expansive range of HD and FHD free movies.

If you talk about the website user interface, be sure that you will be highly impressed by LosMovies simple and easy to website interface. Finding your favorite is never an issue with LosMovies’ detailed categorization and smart search engine. Loading movies on LosMovies is never an issue! All of the HD and FHD content buff quickly and without any lags.

The best thing about LosMovies is that you can watch movies without worrying about malware attacks. You will experience several pop-up and click-on ads, but we have never experienced any malware issues.

6. FMovies


When it comes to free online streaming sites, FMovies is one of the most popularly visited websites. It receives more than one million traffic every month. The main reason behind its widespread popularity is its huge collection of TV shows and movies, including the episodes streaming and release of the latest and most popular TV series and movies.

Due to FMovie’s widespread popularity, you will find several websites impersonating FMovies. Beware of these websites as they may carry harmful malware. Hence, we only recommend and trust the original FMovies website. Overall, FMovies offers an easy-to-navigate smart website and a fantastic range of free HD and FHD content; thus, it is an excellent alternative to LetMeWatchThis.

7. SolarMovie


Yet another reliable online streaming site that offers a similar user experience to LetMeWatchThis is Solarmovie. SolarMovie is popular among users because of its easy-to-use interface, a vast library of content, and a limited number of ads that don’t ruin the viewer experience.

SolarMovie has almost an identical database of content, including movies and TV shows, that are all organized into different categories, which makes navigation easier. Finding the movie or series you desire is quick and simple. The site’s user interface is one of the most streamlined and the most pleasing among most other free streaming platforms.

The website typically has multiple non-authorized third-party links for every movie or episode, so you’ll have plenty of choices. No sign-up or registration necessary!

8. PopcornFlix


When you hear the name PopcornFlix, you might think it is the same as Popcorn Time, which is another popular free streaming site. However, these two platforms are quite different; PopcornFlix is superior in terms of features and user-friendliness.

If you know exactly what movie or show to watch, then the large database of content on PopcornFlix will not disappoint since it has a ton of films and TV series, including newly released content. On the other hand, if you are just looking for something to entertain you while you kill some time, PopcornFlix has a unique trending video feature that suggests the most popular content. Another strength of the site is its user-friendly and straightforward interface, that is uncluttered and appealing.

Best of all, there is no need to download or install apps to enjoy free streaming There n PopcornFlix. You don’t have to sign-up or subscribe to access movies and TV shows available on the site. Simply go to the website and look up your desired video using the convenient quick search tool. The ads on the website aren’t intrusive and won’t disturb you while you are watching a video. Although, you might have to close a few prior to starting the stream.

9. Xmovies8


Xmovies8 is considered one of the finest LetMeWatchThis alternatives, particularly if you want a streaming site with an extensive movie collection. From a diverse selection of short films to a constantly expanding collection of blockbuster feature films.

The Xmovies8 crew updates films and shows in all genres on a daily basis, including romance, dramedy, adventure, cartoon, thriller, fiction, and more. You can also select the video quality based on your preferences and internet speed. We appreciate that Xmovies8 videos run smoothly and that the majority of them are accessible in HD and, in some cases, FHD video quality.

The site interface is cleverly designed, with neatly arranged tools, making finding the content you’re looking for more straightforward. Depending on your preferences, you can access the website in bright or dark mode.

Overall, Xmovies8 is an excellent alternative to LetMeWatchThis; however, due to the abundance of ads, using Xmovies8 on a smartphone browser can be challenging.

10. SubsMovies


SubsMovies offers one of the most sophisticated and appealing layouts on the market and is highly user-friendly. The material, which includes new and classic movies, programs, and documentaries, is alphabetized and organized by quality and source. As a result, finding what you require is simple and straightforward.

The UI is incredibly powerful and user-friendly. It reduces the likelihood of landing on a third-party web page by streaming the video immediately on the site selected from the video index.

SubMovies focuses on subtitled material, particularly movies, making it an excellent option for those who communicate in a foreign language or have hearing impairments.


Without a doubt, LetMeWatchThis offers a highly impressive range of movies and TV series; therefore, finding an alternative can be a challenge. However, you will surely be impressed by our suggested alternatives, as all of them offer an expansive range of online streaming content and other features to improve your online streaming experience.

What is your favorite alternative to LetMeWatchThis? Please mention it in the comments below.

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