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Google is taking some serious steps towards ensuring that websites take online security seriously. Any website that does not possess an SSL certificate is being marked as ‘Not Secure. ‘ All websites need to adapt quickly to this change and make the switch to HTTPS to avoid any problems with Google and internet users that are concerned about online security.

Over the last few years, internet users are becoming more concerned about privacy and online safety. They want to engage only with sites that also take these matters seriously. Not migrating to the SSL protocol has a substantial negative impact on your Google ranking and traffic. 

Thankfully, services like SSL2BUY make getting an SSL certificate more affordable, quicker, and more accessible than ever before.

You may be wondering why websites are the main targets of this online safety scrutiny by Google and the internet users? Well, the answer is simple, a large amount of user data goes through websites and is at severe risk of hacking and other security threats. 

Although smartphones, smart wearables, and mobile apps have become common, unfortunately, websites are still the most vulnerable. Making your site secure should be the top priority for every website owner, especially if you want your site to perform well.

SSL certificate and HTTPS – The Top Cybersecurity Tool

To enable HTTPS on your website, you require an SSL certificate that is a bit-sized file that allows HTTPS in a website. HTTP is a request-response protocol between a client (browser) and server, and HTTPS is the SSL-certified secure version of HTTP.

HTTPS protects data by encrypting the information into gibberish, making it difficult for a hacker or third party to understand without the private key needed to turn the gibberish data into its original form.

Nowadays, websites must have an SSL certificate and HTTPS to signify that online security and earning the trust of their users is of the utmost importance to them.

What Is SSL2BUY?


SSL2BUY is a California-based website security service provider that has helped millions of online SMEs, individuals, governments, and public bodies in over 60 countries.

Their comprehensive services make it easier for website owners to get their sites secure and make the internet safer for all. Today’s article looks at the many benefits of choosing SSL2BUY when purchasing an SSL certificate for your site.


  • Highly professional customer support
  • Impressively affordable pricing  
  • Money-back guarantee  
  • Offers a wide range of SSL certificates
  • Trusted by all major CAs in the world


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Following are some of the reasons why SSL2BUY is one of the top SSL certificate providers.

Key Features of SSL2BUY

Substantial Global Presence

SSL2BUY operates out of the US, has successfully made a mark within the local market, and has successfully earned its position as one of the country’s best SSL certificate providers. But the company’s reach goes far beyond the borders and has now expanded to over 70 countries.

What’s fantastic is that SSL2BUY has infiltrated the markets within internet-sensitive countries and is now providing individuals and enterprises of all sizes with reliable services. SSL2BUY’s hard work and commitment to making website security accessible globally are among the best reasons to trust them for your website SSL certificate.

Trusted By The Top Certificate Authorities

The best way to assess a company’s credibility is to examine who is willing to work with them. SSL2BUY has earned the trust of the leading certificate authorities globally and is the authorized reseller for big names like Thawte, GlobalSign, Symantec, RapidSSL, Digicert, Comodo, GeoTrust, and AlphaSSL.

These close associations with the major certificate authorities are beneficial for SSL2BUY’S customers; firstly, it assures them that they are dealing with a reliable company that is trusted by the very best. Secondly, it gives customers the flexibility of having different options in one place, which they can compare and evaluate to find the best fit for their needs.

24/7 Professional Customer Support

Customer Support

Installing SSL certificates can be a daunting task, especially if you are not a professional. Installing an SSL certificate is not as simple as downloading an app or installing software; it is a technical process that usually requires professional help. 

SSL2BUY comes to your rescue if you are facing any difficulties in installing an SSL certificate. You can contact SSL2BUY’s customer support service via email, ticket, or live chat at any time of the day, all week and get professional solutions for your SSL certificate installation issues. 

You can seek professional advice about anything related to the SSL certificate, including which product will work best for you, pricing details, renewals, installation, and other technical details. The best thing apart from detailed professional guidance, SSL2BUY’s customer service representatives usually reply within minutes. So, don’t worry! SSL2BUY’s team always has your back.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

One of the most fundamental reasons behind SSL2BUY’s widespread success is its pocket-friendly prices. Their highly competitive pricing model allows you to buy the SSL certificate that you want without worrying about the price too much. 

You can easily bag a great deal on your SSL certificate with SSL2BUY because they offer impressive discounts, coupon codes, promotional offers, and flash sales throughout the year. With SSL2BUY, you don’t have to worry about the cost or compromise on certificate quality; you can select the best SSL certificate at amazingly affordable prices.

Impressive Range of Products

Not every business necessarily requires the same level of SSL certificate. SSL2BUY team understands this fact and ensures that they always have multiple levels of SSL certificates. To ensure that if you run an eCommerce store that requires a more secure SSL certificate or wants the perfect plan for a fashion blog, you never leave SSL2BUY disappointed. 

SSL2BUY’s catalog of certificates is very impressive! From domain validated to organization validated and extended validation certificates, you will find it all on SSL2BUY.

SSL2BUY also offers Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate for companies with multiple domains and their subdomains because it secures all domains and subdomains with the help of a single certificate. 

To top it all, SSL2BUY via Live chat offers professional assistance to help you select the best SSL certificate that your website needs

Money-Back Guarantee


Customers highly recommend and trust SSL2BUY because they can purchase their required SSL certificate without fearing losing their money. SSL2BUY offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all of its customers regardless of which certificate they are purchasing. 

If you are not happy with your SSL certificate, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase. The money-back-guarantee exhibits SSL2BUY’s confidence in their SSL certificate, their service, and prices.


With time, website security is becoming an issue worldwide. Website owners are always under security threats. Website hackers are getting more threatening with every passing day; they can hold your website and data hostage and demand a heavy ransom.

The fear of losing years of hard work worries every website owner. SSL2BUY efficiently helps you find a practical SSL certificate that’ll protect your website from any malicious activities.

SSL2BUY is a trustable marketplace for buying SSL certificates. You can easily find a wide selection of reliable quality and affordably priced SSL certificates. You can easily find SSL certificates from the world’s leading CAs, including GlobalSign, Symantec, AlphaSSL, and Thawte. SSL2BUY regularly offers fantastic discount deals and offers up to a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its customers.

SSL2BUY’s customer service is also highly professional; they not only provide excellent after-sale services and help you select the best SSL certificate for your website. With SSL2BUY, you can purchase your website’s SSL certificate with complete peace of mind.

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