REsimpli Review - The Best CRM for Real Estate Investors? 

REsimpli Review – The Best CRM for Real Estate Investors? 

Time is money in the world of real estate. 95% of real estate investors fail because they don’t have the right tools to efficiently support their work and take it from a side hustle to a full-time income. 

Stepping into the world of real estate is overwhelming, juggling marketing campaigns with data management and lead generation. No two days are ever the same, and real estate investors need a robust CRM software to efficiently run it all without dropping the ball. 

Enter REsimpli. It’s an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) platform with accounting and communication features you can have up and running within minutes, with no customisation needed. REsimpli sits at a competitive price point, helping keep your margins high and operating costs low. 

Is REsimpli the best CRM for real estate investors? Let’s find out in this REsimpli review that breaks down everything you need to know about this real estate CRM.

What is REsimpli?

REsimpli is the brainchild of Sharad Mehta, a successful real estate investor based in California with an extensive portfolio in Indiana. He developed REsimpli to help him operate his real estate business on the go as an all-in-one business management tool. 

You don’t need to be a digital native to use REsimpli. The CRM requires no customisation and is easy to use with a quick set-up within minutes. This feature-rich CRM is designed to help everyday real estate investors build their portfolios without investing in major marketing campaigns. 

REsimpli is more than your everyday CRM. It allows you to manage your finances and get real-time data insights for better decision-making. Everything is built into REsimpli with templates and integrated services that make it easy to navigate. There’s a library of tutorials and a free onboarding service to help get you started. 

What Can I Use REsimpli For?

Real estate investors can start using REsimpli in less than two minutes, with its integrated features giving you immediate data insights and contact uploading. You can run your real estate business directly through REsimpli’s platform.

You can use REsimpli to:

  • Organise client information and lead data. 
  • Drive more sales and identify potential properties.
  • Integrate phone systems with customisable alerts. 
  • Automate marketing campaigns, including drip campaigns. 
  • Get real-time data insights and track marketing metrics.
  • Make more informed business decisions with data analysis. 

Who is REsimpli CRM For?

Who is REsimpli CRM For?

Almost every REsimpli review focuses on the CRM’s uses for real estate investors, but it’s also suitable for wholesalers wanting an all-in-one software to streamline their operations. REsimpli allows you to manage sales, curate leads, analyse data, and send out marketing campaigns without using multiple apps.  

It simplifies day-to-day operations for real estate investors and saves time with a more efficient all-in-one system. REsimpli can be easily integrated with over 5,000 applications using Zapier to support your accounting, buyer management, and lead generation processes. 

REsimpli Real Estate CRM Software Features 

REsimpli supports every step of the real estate investment process, from lead generation to closing deals and managing your portfolio. It’s designed by real estate investors for real estate investors as a multifaceted all-in-one software. 

Wave goodbye to managing dozens of real estate software solutions and do it all on one platform with REsimpli. It’s a more affordable and streamlined solution to unlock the potential of your real estate business

1. Automated Real Estate Marketing

Marketing is the backbone of your real estate portfolio. You need to be ready to capitalise on opportunities as soon as they arise. REsimpli offers several marketing automation tools designed for real estate with 90 templates to create digital and mail campaigns that convert. 

You can upload custom designs or use REsimpli’s templates for automated drip campaigns through text and email. 

2. Built-In Operational Features 

REsimpli manages your day-to-day operations with built-in features like e-signing for contracts and list stacking. Real estate investors can automate drip campaigns within the platform for efficient follow-up. You can download the REsimpli app for iOS or Android to use these features on the go. 

Integrate all your systems and processes into one platform to manage your finances, communications, marketing, and operations without paying for dozens of different real estate solutions. 

3. ‘Driving for Dollars’

One of REsimpli’s most valuable features is ‘driving for dollars’. It incorporates direct mail capabilities into the software to allow you to engage with homeowners, upload photos, and save potential properties for lead generation.  

Driving for dollars is the most powerful tool for identifying distressed or vacant properties, with a built-in skip-tracing feature for finding the property owner’s contact information. 

4. Custom Alerts and Communication Tools

REsimpli offers an integrated phone system with customisable alerts to keep you in touch with buyers and sellers so you never lose a lead. You can integrate REsimpli with an existing CallRail account to streamline your call services. 

5. Real-Time Data Insights

What sets REsimpli apart from other real estate CRMs is its real-time data insights with an intuitive dashboard for easy KPI tracking. 

It gives real estate investors an instant overview of their finances, revenue, and marketing metrics for better decision-making. You can integrate your bank account for transaction tracking for an in-depth view of your business’ finances

6. Performance Analysis 

REsimpli doesn’t just give you a high-level overview of your business. Its dashboard provides in-depth data analysis to track the performance of your marketing strategies and lead generation. You can track metrics to assess the effectiveness of direct mail and digital marketing campaigns to optimise your performance. 

How Much Does REsimpli Cost?

How Much Does REsimpli Cost?

REsimpli has three subscription packages designed to suit every type of real estate investor.

  1. Basic Plan – $99 per month – for new real estate investors with 1 user and 2 phone numbers. 
  2. Pro Plan – $199 per month – for investors doing monthly deals with 5 users and 5 phone numbers with add-ons like bulk messaging. 
  3. Enterprise Plan – $499 per month – for established real estate corporations with unlimited users, 15 phone numbers and additional lead generation features, plus an email inbox.  

REsimpli offers a 14-day free subscription to test its real estate CRM before committing to a paid subscription. 

Is REsimpli the Best Real Estate CRM?

REsimpli offers additional functionality compared to more affordable CRM software, like REIsift, and removes the need for extra subscriptions. 

As an all-in-one platform, REsimpli outperforms other real estate CRMs like REI Blackbook, Dealmachine, and Investorfuse with its extensive in-built features and the most advanced analysis for investors. 

You can manage every aspect of your real estate business with REsimpli, from identifying vacant properties to automating marketing campaigns and e-signing contracts. REsimpli is the best real estate CRM and the only one that covers all the bases. 

Has this REsimpli review convinced you to try the real estate CRM? Start a 14-day free trial of REsimpli today. 

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