CocoFax Review

CocoFax Review

When we can work from home, why can’t we fax it from home? Faxes have been and continue to be a very relevant part of business communication. The admissibility of faxed documents in multiple scenarios makes it a very sought after platform.

Despite inventions of more ways to communicate, faxes have retained their importance as a very reliable source of business communication. A lot of corporate communications are critical, and sending them across through newer and evolved channels often leads to a security breach.

Faxes offer that sense of safety to vital corporate communication. Having understood the importance of fax in business communication, is it important to purchase and install a fax machine to send over fax? Absolutely no! 

Like cultures and people, fax machines have evolved as well. Now, you can send a fax without a fax machine

From getting a fax number to sending and receiving faxes, none of the processes deem the requirement of a fax machine, landline or fax modem anymore. This is the era of virtual fax providers and online faxing facilities, and here, we will learn more about them.

Google Fax Free- Sending Machine less Faxes through CocoFax

With Google Fax Free, you can have a faxing solution devoid of machines or landlines. This is an added advantage because physical machines and landlines only create hurdles with wires, installations, and extreme dependency upon technicians for repair. 

CocoFax is the best suited remote faxing app that necessitates many ways in which faxes can be sent and received absolutely remotely from home. It offers extreme flexibility even with respect to the modes of sending out faxes. 

The prime methods through which you can use CocoFax send faxes from home are as follows:

CocoFax Dashboard

Users can use the CocoFax dashboard directly. It is extremely user friendly and allows acts as a common database for sending and receiving faxes. All faxes sent out and received will be displayed on the platform. 

CocoFax Dashboard

It also has a record, and a detailed log of all faxes exchanged. It acts as a consolidated reckoner, and all faxes are stored in a pdf format. In terms of usability, the CocoFax dashboard is easily accessible from a desktop or web browser of a smartphone. 

Fax through Email

Once you have a CocoFax subscription, sending out faxes through emails has to be one of the most simple procedures. It takes the least amount of effort in sending a fax through all popular mailing channels.

Be it Gmail, yahoo, outlook, and other major mailing channels; all can be used to send a fax in a prompt manner. The methodology is unbelievably simple. All you need to do is change the recipient fax number to make it compatible with CocoFax.

Adding a to the end of the fax will essentially send the fax directly to the desired fax. Here, CocoFax acts as a medium that changes the very core identity of the medium exchange. Emails are digital mediums, and faxes are telephonic mediums, so CocoFax acts like a converting mode.

The delivery to the desired fax is sure shot guaranteed. The only chances of non-delivery occur due to entering the wrong fax number on account of human errors or the fax machine being turned off. Either way, CocoFax sends over a delivery or failure notification. 

Fax through Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 is also a very popular medium for CocoFax. It can either be used in Office Outlook to send out mails to the fax machine directly through the methodology described above, or it can be embedded into the Microsoft office word.

Adding CocoFax as an add-on necessitates a relevant ribbon appearing on the word document. On any intended fax from the platform, the ribbon once clicked will directly lead to signing in to the CocoFax web browser and sending out a fax.

Fax through Google Drive

Faxes can also be sent out using Google Drive. This makes things so much easier as transferring documents from Google drive to a compatible platform can become a very burdensome task. It is easier and convenient to send directly from the drive to the fax machine.

Fax through Google Drive

Faxing Via Windows and Smartphone 

Smartphones are well equipped with all essential functionalities now. Be it emails or essential applications; everything can be sought from the phones itself. They also make functioning very handy as opening the laptops for every single thing becomes tiresome. 

Therefore, CocoFax offers this flexibility to the users to be able to use Windows and smartphones to send out faxes. This makes the application much more dynamic and easy. 

Why CocoFax?

In addition to offering a lot of flexibility in usage, CocoFax also allows a lot of added benefits. Even the most basic subscription offers an array of free faxes. The best part is that it includes international faxes that are exclusions from other major apps. 

The delivery notifications, flexibility, dynamism, and ease of interface makes CocoFax a corporate favorite. It is extremely nominal and completely secure. You can be relieved of no information leakage and just a smooth flow of faxes from CocoFax. 


A visit to Google Fax Free would definitely result in you buying a subscription for CocoFax. It is so handy a solution for online faxing services. There are many players who boast of their services, but none is as flexible and user friendly as CocoFax. 

Fax machines and landlines are a passé. They serve no purpose and will end up occupying more space than what they deserve on your work desk. Free that space and opt for CocoFax to send a fax without a fax machine, or landline or modem.

The virtual faxes are quite a corporate rave as they render all the benefits of fax without the additional burden of buying a fax machine. People work better in functions that offer them operational leverage through flexibility. CocoFax not only offers that leverage but also makes you work efficiently. 

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