CouchTuner Alternatives

15 Best CouchTuner Alternatives

Watching an entertaining TV series or movie at the end of a long day is one of the best ways to relax. Especially since the start of the pandemic last year, under the current lockdown keeping most of us confined to our homes, paid streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more have surged in popularity. And for all of us who can’t afford to pay for the content we watch, there are a number of streaming platforms such as CouchTuner and its alternatives that offer movies and shows for free in HD.

What Is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is among the leading online streaming sites that offer an extensive database of content. The list includes TV shows and movies from the leading creators such as HBO, Warner Bros., DC Comics, Turner, The CW, Cartoon Network, Otter Media, and more.

Yes, that’s right! You don’t have to pay anything to Couch tuner to enjoy watching your favorite TV series and movies. Websites like CouchTuner are able to provide free content to their users by serving as a bridge between the audience and various third-party content providers’ servers, which is available for streaming. Watch CouchTuner does not host content on its servers.

Is CouchTuner Legal?

After getting an idea of how free platforms like CouchTuner work, you might be wondering if their services are legal? Well, unfortunately, the answer isn’t straightforward since these websites don’t believe they are accountable for any copyrighted content that is linked to on their website. However, the owners of the content, entertainment studios, movie producers, and most search engines deem these services as illegal.

Due to these circumstances, CouchTuner is banned in many locations. If you can’t access the site, it may be because a ban or restrictions by your internet service provider may be restricting access to the website.

In this case, you can either use a VPN service to access the content anonymously or choose one of the top 10 best CouchTuner Alternatives we have suggested below:

15 Best Alternatives Of CouchTuner

  1. PutLocker
  2. New Episodes
  3. Moviewatcher
  4. SolarMovie
  5. Primewire
  6. AZ Movies
  7. 123Movies
  8. Watch Series
  9. FMovies
  10. PopcornFlix
  11. Cafe Movie
  12. YesMovies
  13. Vmovee
  14. SubsMovies
  15. Primewire

1. PutLocker


The much loved online streaming site PutLocker is a staple for most people who use free online streaming services. It is among the largest and most reliable sources for free content thanks to its wide selection of movies, documentaries, and TV series, including classics and new releases.

Even if you can’t access the original PutLocker site, there are several mirror sites offering the same experience. The great thing about the website is its choice of films and TV shows from different countries worldwide, such as Japan, Korea, Pakistan, China, India, France, and several others.

2. New Episodes

New Episodes

You may have guessed from the website’s name. New Episodes offer the latest episodes of popular tv shows soon after they air. This makes the website an excellent choice for anyone eager to know how their beloved show is progressing. You’ll find a convenient list of all TV shows that have aired new episodes the current week on the homepage—finding shows and their latest episodes easy and quick.

Alternatively, you may use the content search tool to find the movies or shows you desire or browse tv series arranged in alphabetical order. New Episodes also has an active forum. Users can discuss shows and share information with other like-minded individuals.

3. Moviewatcher


An excellent option for those who want to watch movies for free, Moviewatcher offers a wide selection of newly released and old classic movies and TV shows without the need for registration. A few genres available on the site include animation, action, biography, comedy, crime, horror, thriller, documentary, Drama, western, and many others, with something for everyone to enjoy. The user interface is clean and modern, with some ads that don’t ruin the user experience.

4. SolarMovie


Our pick SolarMovie is one of the best alternatives to CouchTurner because it offers an experience comparable to CouchTuner in many ways. Firstly, the site features movies and TV shows of every genre and a simple, user-friendly interface that encourages users to explore fresh and trending content.

Although registering isn’t necessary, registered users have additional perks such as saving content to watch later and make requests. Best of all – registration is free!

5. Primewire


If you are looking for a place that is as good as CouchTuner but doesn’t charge a dime, then you should seriously consider giving Primewire a try. It offers newly released movies in high quality, multiple resolution options which you can choose according to the bandwidth of your internet connection.

Primewire mirrors are rated based on quality by users, allowing you to know which ones you should be using and the ones you should avoid. We suggest that you sign up for a free account and learn how to use the platform safely.



Due to its excellent website interface and its fantastic content range, you may assume that AZ MOVIES is a paid service. However, it is entirely free, with no registration required. The website is developed and run by a group of movie enthusiasts who wish to share their love for movies with movie fans worldwide.

AZ MOVIES is one of the very few free movie streaming sites that offer a wide range of classic films – some dating back to 1915. AZ MOVIES provides an ever-increasing range of both latest and classic movies, series, and TV shows from all genres and various countries worldwide for free.

7. 123Movies


123Movies is one of the oldest and most widely recognized free content streaming websites. From offering a massive collection of both classic and latest movies to an enormous range of series and TV shows with a complete number of episodes.

There are more pros to 123Movies than its cons; however, the abundance of click-on and popup ads is a real issue with 123Movies. You will be bombarded with ads, so be prepared and use 123Movies with caution. Apart from the ads, 123Movies is a promising alternative to CouchTuner. It continually impresses us with its ever-expanding range of series and movies.



If you are a binge-watcher, then you will most definitely fall in love with WATCH SERIES. You will easily find multiple links to all of your favorite TV series and shows. WATCH SERIES offers an impressive collection of dramas, Anime, TV shows, and movies worldwide, including popular Japanese Anime with subtitles in English.

The website interface is clean and simple to use. You can browse through the 5 categories, including Popular TV Series, All TV Series, Watch Movies, Watch Drama, and Watch Anime or use the search bar for searching for your favorite content.

9. FMovies


FMovies is a widely popular for a number of reasons, including its latest content and excellent user interface. Talking about the content, FMovies is highly recommended for its ever-expanding range of movies, TV shows, documentaries, Anime, and other popular content. Nearly all the content is available in HD and FHD.

To make your selection easier, you will find relevant information from IMDb, including the duration, rating, release date, cast, and description of every movie and series.

10. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix is another reliable alternative to Counchtuner because of its excellent user interface and expansive range of TV series and movies. You will find the latest and classic content on PopcornFlix from all popular genres, including Drama, comedy, action, horror, thrill, romance, mystery, and more. The clearly defined categories make the selection process faster and more convenient.

PopcornFlix is also famous for its excellent collection of Asian, Espanol, and other foreign movies, shows, and documentaries. You can also enjoy viral videos and memes on PopcornFlix and share them with your loved ones.

11. Café Movie

Café Movie

You will be pleasantly surprised by some of the features offered by the online streaming site Café Movie. The extensive database of movies has been conveniently sorted into different categories, such as genre, year of release, and IMDb rating, finding what you are looking for easier. Alternatively, you can use the site’s search tool to look for movies with their names.

The simplified user interface of the entire site is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. New content is regularly added to the database, including newly launched movies in high quality.

12. YesMovies


YesMovies is incredibly addictive because of its wide range of content and simple UI. Fans of the platform are loyal to the streaming experience, and chances are you’ll become one as well after using it.

You will be spoiled for choice from the various TV episodes and movies offered on the site, which include crime, horror, fiction, drama, and even major sporting events. The collection is conveniently divided into categories such as release date or year, sequels, and so on.

If you don’t want to search through multiple categories, the search box is the quickest and easiest way to find your favorite movie or series. Finding what you need to stream is a breeze because of the platform’s user-friendly layout. YesMovies does not bombard the user with advertisements, as many other websites do.

13. Vmovee


Vmovee is another free video streaming site offering a solid combination of dependable services, an easy-to-use design, and a massive collection of movies and TV shows. Users of this website have unrestricted access to free video streaming. They can select from Vmovee’s extensive library of films, which includes both new releases and classic favorites from various genres. Each film usually contains a slew of third-party connections, some of which are no longer active.

Nonetheless, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for here, and the best thing is that it’ll be in high-definition video and at lightning-fast speeds. One of Vmovee’s most evident disadvantages is the amount of annoying popup adverts; thus, we recommend using an ad blocker and VPN service to protect yourself. The website’s design is straightforward and user-friendly.

14. SubsMovies


SubsMovies has one of the most visually pleasing and appealing interfaces on the market and is incredibly user-friendly. The content is alphabetized and arranged by quality and source, including new and old movies, programs, and documentaries. As a result, finding what you’re looking for is simple and quick.

The UI is extremely powerful and user-friendly. Playing the video directly on the website selected from the video index reduces the probability of arriving on a third-party site.

SubMovies specializes in subtitled content, namely movies, making it a good choice for folks who speak a foreign language or have a hearing disability.

15. PrimeWire


PrimeWire, one of the widely popular and highly recommended platforms for streaming the latest movies and TV program episodes, provides a fantastic user experience, minimum advertisements, and quick access to content, all for free. PrimeWire has one of the most vast content libraries among free streaming and a massive content library that is regularly updated. You may find television programs, films, documentaries, animated shows, and more on the site.

PrimeWire is an excellent pick for movie fans, mainly because it has the most recent and classic films in a variety of genres that have been classified by release date, cast, and reviews. You can browse the content categories to locate the content you want to stream or quickly use the search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The user interface is adequate, and there aren’t too many advertisements, but we recommend that you safeguard yourself with an ad blocker and a VPN provider. The website is functional on both PC and mobile screens.

Why Consider Getting A Premium VPN For Streaming?

If you are like us and mostly get your entertainment online through streaming services, a good premium VPN will allow you to get the most out of every service. A reliable VPN will help you in many ways, especially by protecting your identity online, so it is worth the investment. On the other hand, free VPN services are not always reliable or trustworthy, and they also fail to unblock geo-restricted content. They also have limited features and fewer server locations.

A VPN will allow you to unlock geo-blocked content on premium streaming services like Netflix. But if you are using a free streaming platform, then using a VPN might be crucial because it will help you maintain a fast internet connection, avoid bandwidth throttling, and stream safely across multiple smart devices and computers. Furthermore, a VPN will offer you much-needed privacy when using an unsecured public WiFi for streaming or other online activity.

Although you might be apprehensive about using a VPN for premium streaming platforms, it shouldn’t be an issue since it isn’t illegal in most countries to use a VPN. However, using a VPN when streaming on Netflix is against its terms and conditions. 


Although, CouchTuner fans will have difficulty finding the best alternative! We hope that our guide will help you find the best CouchTuner alternative with better content selection and an improved user experience.

Did your favorite Couchtuner make it into our list of alternatives? Please share it with us in the comments.

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