Nitro Type - 10 Rarest Cars In The Game (& How To Unlock Them)

Nitro Type – 11 Rarest Cars In The Game (& How To Unlock Them)

Nitro Type is a fun concept; the game was launched in 2011 and released hundreds of nitro cars, which are avatars that portray the position of a player in the game. There are various means to obtain the car; you can purchase them from the Nitro shop by paying nitro cash, while others are acquired through a series of daily mystery box rewards. Some rare cars have a few requirements to be met by completing achievements. 

So, if you’re looking to discover ten rare cars in the game, then here’s a list of all of them. Keep reading to find out all about them!

11 Rare Nitro Type Cars

1. Track o’ Lantern

Track o’ Lantern

The only new addition to the 2017 Hallowampus Event, the Track o’ Lantern marks its final place as a Halloween-themed car in the game. It comes with wheels that look similar to the pumpkins and painted with resembling the moon; it truly looks unique when on the road compared to other vehicles. 

Since the car didn’t need any exclusive prerequisites besides a decent bank account, the price after the initial release was 10 million. It has been absent from the market for quite a long time, making it one of the rare and prestigious vehicles. 

2. Shadow X-Maxx Tree Car

Shadow X-Maxx Tree Car

The Shadow X-Maxx car features a unique design that reflects the silhouette of a Christmas tree. The vehicle made a debut in 2012 in the Xmas Event. To get this car, players had to accomplish the All Thru The Night by competing in 300 races using the holiday-themed car during the event. 

It was reissued in the year 2018; however, obtaining it meant you needed to fulfill the It’s Back achievement. This meant players had to complete 500 races using the holiday-themed car. 

3. 8bit Racer

8bit Racer

This 8-bit pixelated McLaren is perfect for those needing a touch of nostalgia. However, after 2015, it became inaccessible, with a low chance of players experiencing this old-school car. 

Obtaining this retro ride required players to up their marketing game; they needed to recruit 25 individuals to join the Nitro Type through the referral links. Each recruiter has to complete a minimum of 20 races; all of this occurred before the new update came out. After the update rolled in, this car retired for the public and is now an exclusive for staff members. 

4. The Wild 500

The Wild 500

 A fusion of Formula 1 car dynamics and the speed of a third-wheeler, this Nitro car provides top-tier performance. It boasts exclusivity in terms of its features with customizable driver helmet colors, so say goodbye to the usual red, mostly found in sports cars. The Wild 500 is one of the rarest cars in the game, reserved mostly for people who are Nitro Car enthusiasts. 

To get ownership, players must win 50,000 races, setting a benchmark in the game. The rarity of this car is portrayed by how it is owned by just one member in the game, making it a challenge for people who want to join the club and acquire its ownership. 

5. NitroPac


Created to resemble the McLaren P1, this beautiful yellow sports car has a sleek look and an aerodynamic design, making it stand out and draw the attention of other players. The car remains a rare gem, with only 2,500 players having laid their hands on it. 

It was launched in the Nitro Type 2018 PAC Event for a limited time of over 15 days. With a brief window, players could spend 10 million Nitro to acquire this beauty and add it to their Nitro vehicles collection. Since the car is part of the PAC series, when spotted, it surely leaves even the most seasoned players in awe. 

6. Hang Fifteen

Hang Fifteen

The name Hang Fifteen gives it away, where players get to cruise on a surfboard mounted on wheels, which is also a one-of-a-kind driving experience. The Nitro car has a unique design and vibrant colors; it is currently owned by 76 players across the game, making it another rare car in the game. However, there are a few controversies surrounding it on how most gaming accounts who owned this vehicle previously have now been banned because of cheating. 

The car debuted in the 2013 Summer Event; getting it meant you had to shell out 2000 Nitro while using the summer-themed car. If you’re a present-day player, then you really did miss out on this opportunity. Despite the car being rare, the price tag is 2 million Nitro, which, in comparison to the other rare cars, is quite affordable. 

7. NASA Shuttle 

NASA Shuttle

Picture yourself racing in the same while sitting in the cockpit of an actual spaceship. It surely sounds like a lot of fun! Anyone who has purchased this vehicle has surely made a smart choice. It’s adorned with a NASA emblem, displayed on the side, and the uniqueness of the has made it a head turner. This Nitro car came out in 2021, on February 6th, and was offered for a day only with a price tag of 15 Million. 

This is one of the most expensive non-event cars in the game, but what defines its exclusivity isn’t the limited availability but the hefty price. Sadly, it hasn’t been reintroduced, remaining an enigma, which means there are a lot of people who are eagerly waiting for the day the game decides to release again.

8. Konirra Au79

Konirra Au79

Explore the premium category revealing the Konniras’s gold look and sleek look makes it stand out as one of the most stylish Nitro Cars in the game. With an atomic name AU79, the car is a unique model and holds the distinction of being the only Konnira car that is available in the Nitro type. 

During the back-to-school events in 2018 and 2019, all players had first to purchase the Gold Membership, which enabled them to unlock the vehicle as part of an offer. Since it’s linked with being one of the priciest membership Nitro cars in the game, those who are fortunate enough to own it carry a level of Prestige with them. 

9. Candy Hauler

Candy Hauler

If you’re looking for a Halloween-themed vehicle, then the Candy Hauler is the perfect example of one. The Nitro Car has spooky decor, a large bowl full of candy, and features a massive pumpkin. If you’re wondering about the vehicle’s speed, then prepare to get disappointed because the car might be one of the most expensive Halloween-themed cars, but it isn’t the fastest on the track. 

This Nitro car was available for a duration of three years, with its price rising from 5 to 15 Million after its release. With the price rise, many players couldn’t afford this car, and unfortunately, since it’s discontinued, they won’t be able to experience it at all. 

10. Holiday Hero

Holiday Hero

The Holiday Hero is a combination of a Gotham car with a touch of Christmas, making it one of the most expensive Nitro cars in the game. It costs around 15 million Nitro, which surely is a lot! The car has been done with bright red paint, and since it’s covered in Christmas lights, you won’t be able to miss it. It is the perfect choice for holidays, and the way it’s created, you’ll quickly get into the spirit. 

Players could purchase this car in 2015 and 2016 during the Xmaxx events. Since it’s a pricey piece, those who could afford it know it’s worth the money, especially because nothing quite like it has been offered again to players. 

11. Liberty 41 Woody Sunshine

Liberty 41 Woody Sunshine

This nitro type is a game changer, allowing players to roam about in their station wagons that have cool flame designs. The design of this car has undergone a variety of versions without being altered, making it a nitro car that a lot of people envy. This car is quite mysterious, and because of the sunshine feature, it has limited requirements. To overcome the BBQ twice regular conquest, players will have to use the 1500 nitro while having ownership of the Hang Ten and driving this summer car. 

These changes were taken care of during the 2013 Summer event, which left only one method to get this on the market. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know the names of the ten rare cars, you must know how most of them are discontinued, so you cannot unlock them. But some of these nitro cars can be rewarded, or you can get your hands on them by partaking in races to cross the numbers mentioned. Enjoy playing the game and unlock some of these avatars! 

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