Employees Are Slacking Off

6 Clear Signs That Your Employees Are Slacking Off

Every now and then, we notice a drop in some employee’s productivity. As a manager, you spot that they aren’t putting in a full workday and getting distracted often. Part of being a manager is understanding why this is happening.

Managers need to understand if their employees are slacking off because of personal reasons, work struggles, or just plain laziness. Here are some telltale signs experts have shared of employees slacking off at work.

1. They don’t participate in discussions

They don’t participate in discussions

An engaged employee is enthusiastic about contributing their ideas during meetings. It gives them a chance to share their opinions with everyone during discussions.

If an employee is not participating at all, it could be a sign of them slacking off. It’s not uncommon for employees to not be alert in meetings once in a while, but it’s a clear sign of employees slacking off if they are doing it too often.

2. They are performing poorly in training assessments

They are performing poorly in training assessments

A company invests a lot in developing employee learning and development programs. Most employees find it a great opportunity to enhance their knowledge and learn new skills. 

But if an employee is not performing well in a training assessment, it could be a sign that they are uninterested. Considering how easy training delivery becomes with platforms like LMS software, it is concerning that an employee would not make the most of it.

3. They exhibit poor body language

They exhibit poor body language

When an employee is active and interested in their work, it can be easily judged by their body language. They are alert, and present in the moment, and can work with great focus.

On the contrary, a lazy employee would always look weary, uncaring, and doesn’t smile at anyone. Their poster is slumped, and their face scrunched up, indicating a lack of will to work.

4. They are waiting for work hours to end

They are waiting for work hours to end

This is a classic sign of an employee being disinterested in work. Employees looking distant and just checking out time repeatedly show their eagerness to leave work.

An employee not aiming to finish their daily tasks but waiting for work hours to end to leave implies that they are not motivated to work.

5. They are taking leaves too often

They are taking leaves too often

Every employee needs a break from work from time to time, but staying away from work habitually is a serious issue. Absenteeism clearly shows an employee is slacking off.

Someone who is frequently trying to stay away from work by taking leaves is, in reality, not taking accountability for their work. Knowing that their absence can affect their team’s work and still choosing to take a leave unnecessarily shows a lack of respect for work.

6. They are taking too long to deliver work

They are taking too long to deliver work

With clear deadlines, it becomes easy for an employee to structure their work for timely delivery. Moreover, if they have been communicated well about what is expected of them, they should be able to finish work in the given time frame.

However, if an employee is slacking off, you will notice that they are not able to complete work on time or not paying much attention to the seriousness of the deadline. Such situations will require stern actions to prevent this from reoccurring.


In addition to these, buddy punching is also a huge indication of an employee slacking off. It is highly unethical and can severely affect your business. When you identify an employee slacking off in any of the ways mentioned above, make sure to have a one-on-one conversation with them to understand their reasons for being uninterested. This will allow you to show them that you are aware of their behavior and set expectations for the future as well.

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