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8 Best Speech-To-Text Software

For professionals juggling multiple tasks at a time, efficiency is crucial. There are many software that can assist them in producing quicker results without compromising the quality of the work. Some of the most mundane tasks many professionals have to carry out are physically typing notes, audio recordings, oral brainstorming sessions, and other documents. 

In a hurry, transcribing audio to text using a keyboard can be time-consuming and mentally draining. It takes up time and brainpower that can be applied to the strategic aspects of the job.

Thankfully, audio to text software make it easier and faster to convert voice into text by allowing users to skip the arduous task of typing on the HandsQ or keyboard and instead use their voice or audio to create documents. 

Today, we review the top speech-to-text software that are powerful and feature-rich!

What is a Speech to Text App?

Anyone can guess by the name of the app; a speech-to-text application is basically a voice recognition tool that works by identifying spoken words, keywords, and phrases and converting the speech to text. When done correctly, a voice-to-text app generates text quicker than typing on a keyboard, which is why this technology is helpful.

There are multiple ways voice to text software can be used, and one purpose is carrying out searches on search engines. The technology is beneficial for visually impaired people because it allows them to type and give commands to their device, take notes or write text messages.

For professionals voice to type apps are helpful because they allow them to easily and quickly track needed information from a large number of conversations and data. The most advanced free dictation software works using artificial intelligence (AI) for converting voice in more than 70 different dialects and languages.

Busy professionals and students can use speech-to-text applications for taking notes or transcribing quick messages. Voice to text can also be used for translating phrases or words on the go.

Now that we have explained what a Text To Speech app does and how it can be used in daily lives, let’s take a look at the ten best voice to text applications:

Top 10 Speech to Text Apps That You Can Try Now!

If you need to type a message or a text document quickly, but you don’t have a PC or a laptop nearby, then audio to text application on your smartphone or tablet is just what you need! The following speech-to-text converters will conveniently turn the words or phrases you speak into text. These apps come with a number of helpful features, including the ability to translate one language to another.

Our picks below are the best voice-to-text apps that will improve your productivity and make life simpler.

1. Microsoft Dictate

 Microsoft Dictate

When you consider the features and power of Microsoft’s Dictate, it is surprising that this tool is free. Dictate is by far one of the best speech to text software available right now. Developed by the tech giant Microsoft, this feature-rich audio to text converter uses the same advanced speech recognition technology used by the Cortana Virtual Assistant.

Dictate is basically an add-on for Microsoft Office. Therefore it works seamlessly with Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You can get Dictate from the Microsoft Store, but it usually comes pre-installed with Microsoft 365, so installing it isn’t a fussy or complicated process.

To activate Dictate, simply go to the “Dictation” tab located on the top right of the toolbar. The tool supports basic voice commands for a range of operations, including editing text, typing, and moving to a new line. Moreover, a visual feedback feature has also been included that shows speech input is being processed.

The app also supports real-time translation of over 60 different languages. Microsoft Dictate works with Office 2013 and above and Windows 8.1 and above.

Compatibility with devices that run on Microsoft Windows only

Price: Free

2. Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs Voice Typing

For content writers and many other professionals, Google Docs is a crucial set of tools that they use on a regular basis. Most of us who own Android devices and many iPhone and iPad users already use Google services, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Docs. Therefore it makes complete sense for Google to introduce a free built-in dictation feature that is powerful and works well with other tools.

Google’s voice typing tool works great with Google Docs or Google Slides. The technology is highly functional because it enables users to type using their voice and can be used for 100 view commands for formatting and editing the text.

Users can easily make bullet points, switch text style and move to a different part of the document by just using their voice.

To activate Voice Typing on Google Docs, select the “Tools” button and click “Voice Typing,” make sure that Google is allowed to access the device’s microphone.

Compatible with any device that has Google Chrome.

Price: Free

3. Dragon Professional Individual

Dragon Professional Individual

Dragon Professional Individual is among the most advanced speech-to-text software on this list mainly because of the technology it uses that allows users to type text documents from audio as well as command their computer. It is also extremely popular among professionals due to its functionality and power.

The software uses a Deep Learning technology that allows it to adjust to the specific voice of the user, the jargon they commonly use, and their particular work environment to increase accuracy and productivity when turning audio into text and using voice commands to carry out various tasking on the computer such as drafting an email, sending messages or creating reports.

Dragon works with Microsoft Office, iWork, and other widely used business apps, so it’s incredibly versatile.

Available for Windows and Mac.

Price: $300

4. Podcastle.ai 

Podcastle.ai is a cloud-based voice to text software that provides a user-friendly solution for transcribing recordings into written text. Operating through a web interface, the platform offers easy access from anywhere with an internet connection.

The software also uses AI technology to deliver natural-sounding speech by converting written text into various human-like AI voice skins. It is a perfect tool for all types of content creators who want to produce engaging content effortlessly. So whether you want to simply transcribe your audio, or create a recording using your already existing script, Podcastle is here to help. 

Beyond text-to-speech functionality, Podcastle.ai offers an array of AI-powered audio creation tools. You could try their audio editing features like the background noise remover and intuitive audio editor, as well as unleash its capabilities for remote interviews and audio enhancement. 

Compatible with any device that has an internet connection.

Price: Free with premium packages

5. Speechnotes


This app is based on Google speech-recognition engine and offers a simplistic online tool for audio transcriptions and dictations. Speechnotes is one of the most accessible speech-to-text tools because no downloading, registration, or installations are necessary to use Speechnotes, so it is by far one of the more accessible dictation tools available on the internet.

One of the standout aspects of Speechnotes is the fantastic user-friendliness that makes it ideal for beginners, small features like the automatic capitalization of letters at the beginning of a sentence, Auto-saving of documents, and flexibility of dictating and typing together make Speechnotes an intuitive app.

Once your document is complete, Speechnotes offers multiple ways of organizing your work, and you can email it, download it, print it, or export it directly to your Google Drive.

Compatibility with Google Chrome browser and a working mic.

Price: Free and premium packages.

6. Apple Dictation

 Apple Dictation

Apple’s Dictate comes pre-installed on all Apple devices, and it works on the same servers used by Siri. On the basic version, you will need to be online to dictate up to 30 seconds of speech, which is extremely limited and geared towards taking short notes or transcribing quick text messages.

There is an upgraded version known as the Enhanced Dictate that works in Mac OS X 10.9 and higher, and it is designed to create longer-form voice-to-text content. When using the Enhanced Dictate tool, you don’t need to be connected to the internet or have any time constraints. It supports more than 70 voice commands for your Mac and allows you to edit and format documents easily.

To upgrade to Enhanced Dictation, open the Apple Menu and go to the System Preferences, click on the keyboard, and select Dictation. Once there, switch on Dictation and choose Enhanced Dictation.

Available on Mac

Price: Free

7. Gboard Voice Typing

Gboard Voice Typing

Gboard is hands-down one of the most popular and trusted free speech to text software of all time. Google’s Keyboard is famous for its smart features, like the one-handed mode and glide typing. Aside from these features, Gboard’s speech recognition capabilities are remarkable.

Gboard learns your vocabulary and unique words quickly. Thus, you can write detailed text documents or simple text messages without hassle. Gboard comes pre-installed on all Android devices, so you don’t have to install an additional for speech to text typing.

To use the Gboard Voice Typing, find the small microphone icon on the top-left corner (in the feature tray) of the Gboard. Press the microphone icon, and the feature tray will show the “Initializing” dialogue. After a couple of seconds, it will show the “Speak Now” dialogue. Now start speaking, and Gboard will start typing as you speak.

We recommend you to read the typed transcribed text to ensure that there are no mistakes; if there are any, please correct them manually. You can use Gboard offline for writing anything and everything without being connected to the internet.

One of the top reasons behind Gboard’s popularity – apart from its easy usability – is that it supports dictation in nearly all popularly used languages. All in all, we highly recommend Gboard because it is easy and efficient to use, and it provides the best multi-language voice typing for free.

Compatibility: All Android device

Price: Free

8. Braina Pro

 Braina Pro

If you want speech recognition software that offers 99% accuracy and performs as a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence. In that case, Braina Pro is perfect for you.

With Braina Pro, you can perform various computer tasks, update social network status, play songs & videos, set alarms and reminders, search the web, open programs & websites, read eBooks out loud, search for files & folders, and more.

Braina Pro is significantly faster than other speech-to-text software; it is also easy to use and does not require voice training. Braina Pro has the ability to voice type in more than 100 languages.

Braina Pro is perfect for laptops as it supports in-built laptop microphones. You can also use the Braina Pro Android and iOS app and turn devices into an external wireless mic over a WiFi network.

Braina Pro comes at $79 per month; you can save big by purchasing a lifetime subscription for $199. You can also use the free Braina version; however, it comes with limited features compared to Braina Pro.

Available On: Windows

Price: $79 per year

9. Voice Texting Pro

One of Sparkling Apps’ most trusted apps, Voice Texting Pro, is recommended by thousands of iOS users for its efficient Voice Typing capabilities. It is one of the most easy-to-use voice typing software; you simply have to hold, speak, and automatically type your message. Using Voice Texting Pro is as simple as sending a voice note.

Voice Texting Pro has a 4+ rating on the App Store, and it is only compatible with iOS version 5.1.1 or later. We recommend Voice Texting Pro for voice typing text messages, short notes, and social media messages, rather than for typing long and complex documents.

The only con of Voice Texting Pro is that although it is initially free, there are many in-app purchases, including adding languages.

Compatibility: Mac/iOS devices

Price: Free

Tips for using Speech to Text Converters

Following are the top 5 tips to convert audio to text more effectively:

Speak clearly. It is essential to pronounce the words properly for the speech-to-text app to detect and type them. Initially, you might get 80-90% accuracy; however, with time, your app will learn your voice and speech patterns that will significantly improve its accuracy and performance. 

Punctuate. You would have to remember to punctuate as you dictate because the software isn’t smart enough to punctuate as you write. So remember to say each period, question mark, comma, and other punctuation marks as you voice type.

Learn app commands. Every app has a few commands to make composing, editing, and operating simpler and more efficient. Learning a few basic commands before you start voice typing can help you type faster with lesser mistakes. 

Keep track of the time limit. Most of the Speech to Text Converters’ mobile apps usually have a time limit of around 30 to 45 secs. Make sure that you keep a look on the screen to ensure that it is still typing as you speak.

Follow tutorials and practice. For more efficiency and accuracy, it is a good idea to learn about the app and its features with the help of tutorials, help menus, and on-screen cheat sheets. All voice-to-text apps require a short time period to learn your dictation pattern. It might also take you some time to get the hang of your speech-to-text conversion software, so don’t give up practicing.

Make notes. Although voice typing seems like a simple task, we recommend collecting your ideas and data and making notes before you begin voice typing. Organizing your data beforehand will allow you to stay on track and not deviate from the subject resulting in quicker voice typing sessions and better content quality. 

How we test out our top 8 speech to text apps

We tested our top 8 speech to text apps with a 150-word script. The script included long and short sentences with punctuation marks and a combination of generally used and industry-specific words and names. We tested out apps using a budget hands-free on both laptop and smartphone.

While dictating our script, we noted down the accuracy of each app, especially when it comes to punctuation marks and industry-specific words. We marked each app on its accuracy, ease of use, and versatility. Like we mentioned above, speech-to-text apps become more accurate and efficient with use. Therefore, expect the accuracy results to vary as you continue to use the app.

We recommend you speak clearly and ensure that your background has minimum noise for optimal voice typing results.

Why is Speech to Text Converters becoming increasingly popular?

Speech to Text Converters offers a range of functionalities that make typing a quick and hassle-free task. These software are perfect if you want a fast and accurate transcription of audio and videos.

Voice typing apps can efficiently convert audio files into text within a matter of a few minutes. The Audio to Text apps has made writing simple, fast, and accurate for students and professionals.

Do Speech to Text apps improve work speed?

Yes! Speech to Text apps are excellent for improving your work speed. You don’t have to worry about remembering correct spellings or typing complex sentences by hand with these apps. You can simply speak what’s on your mind, and the speech-to-text software will do the rest for you.

With speech-to-text software, you are not bound to your Keyboard; you can conveniently type as you complete your chores, workout, or other daily activities.

Voice-to-text apps take multitasking your work to a whole new level. These apps also improve your productivity because you are able to type faster and more efficiently.


During the past few years, speech-to-text apps has become popular amongst people from all walks of life. From voice typing a simple text message to speech typing a complete document with unique words and complex punctuation – you can do it all with the help of speech-to-text software.

With time these software have become more efficient, accurate, and less expensive. Most of the top-rated speech-to-text software is available for free. Speech to Text apps now have a range of features and a more innovative technology that allows you to voice type with higher accuracy resulting in faster writing speed and improved productivity. 

If you are not willing to use a paid voice-to-text software, you can start with the best free speech-to-text applications like Google Keyboard, jjh, and JJJ. 

Have you tried voice typing? Share your favorite speech-to-text software and the reasons why you love the app with us in the comments. We’d love to know more about your favorite voice-to-text software. 

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