King Legacy Codes March 2023

King Legacy Codes March 2023

If you’re an active gamer on Roblox, you must go back and forth to check out codes. This helps you stay ahead of the game and win multiple rewards through it. King legacy players, new codes come out almost every month, so it’s better you know which codes have run out and which are working or have been updated. 

The King Legacy codes shell out some of the best rewards with nothing in return! That’s right, all you need to do is apply some codes, and you can win back something to improve your gaming experience. The codes usually give you multiple gems, a free Beli, and occasionally drop some stat resets. These are very handy because they help you recreate your characters, assist in the games and help in ruling over the pirates. 

What is King Legacy?

As a Roblox character, explore the One Piece world in King Legacy in a completely different way! As they gain popularity as a ferocious Pirate or loyal Marines, players in King Legacy must push themselves to explore the vast seas and use their encounters to improve their talents and attributes. Can you put an end to the Marines’ dictatorial rule or the Pirates’ horror reign? Find out the answer to this question by playing the game yourself!

King Legacy Codes 

Like all the other Roblox codes, King Legacy codes are gifts that can be used in the game. The Venture Lagoons team occasionally distributes codes to the game to mark achievements and release fresh content. If we are fortunate enough to receive a code, it will typically be for gems, resets, or in-game money.

Even though the developers do not like people requesting or asking for new codes, you can keep checking Discord every other day to know if anything is updated. Until then, dive into the list of active King Legacy codes we have listed for you below and find the expired ones so you can stop using them in hopes of winning a reward. 

Activated King Legacy Codes 

Activated King Legacy Codes

The following are the active codes for the King Legacy game. 

Codes Status Reward 
Update4-5-2Active 30 Gems 
Update 4-5-3Active 30 Gems 
lagshallnotpassActive 15 gems 
delayedchristmas2022Active five gems 
2023Activefive gems
Update4-5-0Active five gems 
950KLIKES Active Stat reset
900LIKES Active Stat reset 
HYDRAGLYPHICS Active 50 gems 
UPDATE4.0.2ActiveFree gems 
UPDATE4Activefive gems 
UPDATE3.5Activefive free gems 
650LIKES ActiveReset stats 
550KLIKES ActiveGems 

Since Roblox codes are case-sensitive; you must type them exactly as you see them, including all digits, punctuation, and letters. Also, Players can only use a Roblox code once, so make sure to choose wisely!

Expired King Legacy Codes 

The following King Legacy codes are now expired and will not show any outcome, so it’s best to stop using them. 

Codes Status Reward 
800KFAVE Expired 3 Gems 
Update2_5Expired 3 Gems 
500LIKES Expired 3 Gems 
700KFAVE Expired 3 Gems 
600KFAVE Expired 3 Gems 
1MFAVExpired 5 Gems 
THXFOR1BVIST Expired 3 Gems 
Update3Expired 3 Gems 
Update3_17Expired Gems 
DinoxLive Expired 100k
PeodizExpired 100k

Make sure to stop using these codes so because all of them have now expired. 

How to Redeem King Legacy Codes?

How to Redeem King Legacy Codes?

The King Legacy codes can be redeemed quickly and in just a few steps. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Tap the ‘Menu’ which is under the health bar.
  3. Now click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  4. Then, type the code into the ‘Enter Code’ box to redeem and get rewarded. 

That’s how simple it is! Your awards will be instantly accessible if you haven’t yet used the code. If the code is input wrongly, it may not work or have expired. If any new codes have been added, be sure to check back frequently. We also recommend copying and pasting our list to avoid codes being entered incorrectly. 


  1. What is the code for King of Legacy 2023?

The following are some of the codes for King of Legacy 2023: 950LIKES, UPPDATE4.5.3, and delayedchristmas2022. 

  1. What are the new codes in King of Legacy?

The following are working and active new codes in King of Legacy:

  • lagshallnotpass – 15 Gems.
  • 2023 – 5 Gems.
  • 950KLIKES – Reset Stats.
  • HYDRAGLYPHICS – 50 Gems.
  • UPDATE4.5.3 – 25 Gems.
  • UPDATE4.5.2 – 30 Gems.
  • UPDATE4.5.0 – 5 Gems.
  • UPDATE4.0.2 – 5 Gems.
  1. How do you get gems in King Legacy without codes?

After conquering the final wave of the simple raid, you receive 5 Gems, including 1 million Beli. You have a 0.5% chance of obtaining 1 Gem by eliminating a regular NPC and a 10% chance of obtaining 1 Gem from a Boss. After finishing a standard raid, you receive 15 Gems. 

  1. How do you get free fruit in King Legacy?

Every 1-2 hours, devil fruits appear randomly on or under a tree in a different part of the map. The devil fruit will stay when it blooms for 15 minutes before dying. Moreover, if you pick it up before it despawns, it will still disappear from your inventory once the ten minutes have passed.

  1. How much Robux is dragon fruit in King of Legacy?

This fruit may be obtained in-game either by finding it and purchasing it in the Black Market, but there will be a 1% probability that it will be in stock or through Gacha (0.5%). With a price tag of $6,500,000 and 10 Gems, this fruit is among the most pricey fruits in the game and the toughest to obtain as well. 

Bottom Line

Having access to a list of cheat codes is always helpful, especially with games in Roblox. King of Legacy codes allows you to stay ahead of the game and win rewards in times of need. This makes your games even better and more enjoyable. If you play with friends, then you can share these codes with them so they can excel along with you,

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