Recent Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022

Recent Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022

With over 5 million existing applications, the digital world does not stand for a minute. 2022 prepares even more upcoming advancements and innovative approaches. We all depend on mobile applications greatly and expect the enhanced versions to keep up with the times.

Whether you own a business or plan to use apps for personal needs, this article is perfect guidance on what to expect this year. If you plan a mobile development this year, pay precise attention to the latest trends. It will help you get on top and provide the most pertinent services on the market. 

10 Top-of-The-Line Mobile Apps In 2022

10 Top-of-The-Line Mobile Apps In 2022

This year brings us the mobile app trends we have been expecting for a long time and a significant improvement of the existing apps accordingly. Both groups deserve careful attention:

  1. 5G. A long-expected technology with a rocket-fast speed that implies wireless networks within mobile. The increased rapidity will enhance the work of mobile applications, devices connection, streams, cloud usage, expanding the overall experience and opportunities on the Internet. The coverage will be about 40 percent within Europe and 15 percent worldwide in the next three years.
  2. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. These two technologies have started gaining momentum during the social distancing period, allowing clients to try the clothes on without physical presence. In the coming years, the world expects their implementation in:
  • the healthcare industry (telesurgery solutions and mental health applications); 
  • automotive (display of a vehicle position in space relative to various obstacles near); 
  • marketing; 
  • improving new app trends in remote types of work; 
  • And other fields to increase immersive experience. 
  1. Chatbots. In 2022, companies will enhance chatbot assistance providing even more custom-oriented support and answering the hottest questions. Thanks to the more detailed grouping, chatbots will increase the quality of service and reduce transaction costs.
  2. Digital wallets. Forming the transactions will be even more convenient in the upcoming years. The improved security systems will allow the storage of all personal data for any payment. The eased registration will enable all companies and consumers to participate in the e-payments.
  3. Blockchain. The breakthrough of cryptocurrency will continue this year. Thanks to the creation of decentralized databases, the app development trends focus on safety strongly, protecting the most vulnerable information.
  4. Beacon. Highly interested in successful marketing campaign entrepreneurs will continue using this low-energy Bluetooth technology. It provides an easier understanding of the consumers’ behavior. Among numerous existing applications, the advantages of Beacon involve offline contribution with Google Ads, data gathering, and Google My Business listing enhancements. With a functioning business and retail industry, Beacon will appear at hospitals for emergencies; and other branches of enterprises where understanding the audience and boosting marketing activities are needed.
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We have got used to facial recognition on social networks. The progress prepares for us more mobile app development trends in this sector. These are the increased process automatization for complicated processes, enhanced cybersecurity, automated driving for electric vehicles, improvements in understanding the human language.
  6. Cloud computer infrastructure. It will make all the described technologies faster and more accessible, transporting more services to cloud platforms. The largest cloud providers plan to expand hybrid models through tools, dashboards, and applications to divide public and private clouds. A multi-cloud environment will allow using a distinctive set of services from different suppliers reducing complexity based on the privacy principles. Serverless technology will help companies save on prepayment of a fixed amount of storage thanks to another layer of abstraction between a client and platform and the tariffs on the base pay-as-you-go.
  7. Mobile Commerce. Multiline approach for large and small retailing businesses will go on. Consumers will be placing orders via websites, mobile site versions, applications, instant messengers, QR codes, or another convenient way. Small companies should consider the increasing investment into mobile app development technology to simplify the purchasing process. That will allow adding personal credentials, contact info, and delivery address, purchasing directly from social media applications, increasing the overall speed of purchasing experience.
  8. Multiplatform apps. The applications working through a set of tools allow launching native or similar to native applications with a unique codebase for all platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. This set of tools allows a significant audience to expand inexpensively and shortly. Running on several platforms is flexible and allows sharing a code database almost effortlessly.

The existing 6 million apps on Google and Apple Store are not the limit. Developing the latest app industry trends requires revolutionary feature-rich inventions to keep the doors open and lights on and remain famous.


The mobile development industry grows with rocket speed. Such an elaborate device as a smartphone is the key to success. The latest mobile applications are essential for a business of any scale, transforming business models fundamentally.

2022 promises an even larger-scaled expansion of mobile development trends. They will offer numerous optional solutions, such as the ease of technology usage and its pervasive availability. The constantly evolving technologies are changing rapidly. Therefore, providing app development trend products to the clients with a recently updated set of functions is vital for maintaining the business afloat and delivering high-class competitive services to the local and global market.

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