How to Play Music from Phone to Car without Aux or Bluetooth?

How to Play Music from Phone to Car without Aux or Bluetooth?

We all enjoy listening to music while driving!

With today’s technology, all we need to do to listen to music is connect our Bluetooth or AUX and play our favorite tracks from our smartphones. It’s extremely simple, particularly for most new car models.

Unfortunately, we do not always have the choice to play music by connecting Bluetooth or AUX, but we want to make our road trip enjoyable, and what is enjoyable without music, right?

Even if your car is Bluetooth and AUX compatible, sometimes there is a chance that you don’t have an aux cable on hand or a reliable Bluetooth connection, so what should you do in that case? It could be a massive letdown if your favorite playlist isn’t playing after you spent all night creating it for a future road journey.

Don’t worry. There are several methods to save play music with Bluetooth or AUX!

You could use an FM radio transmitter or a cassette recording adapter if you have an older vehicle. If your car is relatively new, you can stream music through a USB port or even an app.

So, there are different methods for getting music from your phone to play through your vehicle audio system, but how do these solutions work, and how simple are they to set up? This article will teach you how to connect phone to car!

Is It Possible To Play Music From The Phone In Your Car Without Using AUX or Bluetooth?

Is It Possible To Play Music From The Phone In Your Car Without Using AUX or Bluetooth?

Nothing beats cruising down the highway with your favorite selection of music playing in the background and singing your heart out together with your pals. This is the perfect image of happiness and enjoyment for many people. 

Many people store their playlists on their phones, and whether you drive an old or new car, you should be able to connect phone to car and listen to your music.

Many new cars today use Bluetooth as well as AUX cables to connect phones, but what happens if your car isn’t compatible with any of these methods?

Fortunately, there are several ways you can play music on your car’s sound system no matter what car you drive. 

How to Listen to Audio in Your Car Without AUX or Bluetooth

How to Listen to Audio in Your Car Without AUX or Bluetooth

The following techniques of how to play music from phone to car do necessitate the purchase of specific equipment. The equipment is usually inexpensive and can be purchased at local electronics stores.

We will be discussing the use of an FM Radio Transmitter, a Cassette Tape Adapter, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, a USB Connection, as well as a Sound Routing Software in this tutorial. These options cover all of the best methods for playing music from the phone through your vehicle stereo system that does not support Bluetooth or an AUX cable.

You won’t have to listen to the same CD or cassette tape on your upcoming exciting road journey. Let’s go over these methods to learn how to play music in a car without AUX or bluetooth in depth so you can pick the best one for your vehicle. 

Adapter for Cassette Tape Player

The audio equipment of your car may include a CD or cassette tape player if you own an older vehicle. Such tape players were ubiquitous back then and could be found in almost every car. If your vehicle’s audio system has a cassette player, you can purchase a cassette tape adapter to link your cell phone to the audio system.

These adapters are inexpensive because only some modern cars have cassette tape players, rendering this adapter a less desirable object. The cassette tape adapter will arrive with a cable that you’re going to plug into the headphone jack on your phone.

The adapter is then inserted into the cassette player slot in your vehicle. Then, on the audio system, navigate the menu to locate the tape mode that would be available. Once you’ve found the tape option, select it. The phone would now be connected to your car’s sound system.

You can now browse through the playlists on your phone and select the one you want to listen to. The music will now play through your car’s speakers, and you can control the volume as usual. The cassette tape adapter is a fantastic choice that functions efficiently and ensures you never lose your favorite music. 

FM Radio Transmitter

Another excellent choice for connecting a phone to the car’s sound system is an FM radio transmitter. Most older cars come with a cigarette lighter and an FM radio; these are two devices that you will need in your vehicle for this technique.

This technique will involve having a smartphone because it will still require you to use Bluetooth. You’ll need to purchase an FM transmitter, which you can usually find at your local electronics shop.

Once you’ve got the FM transmitter, you can attach it to your car’s cigarette lighter port. This will provide electricity to the FM transmitter, allowing it to function correctly.

Then, in your car’s sound system, select FM radio mode, then scroll through the frequencies until you find one that no radio station is using.

Maintain this frequency on your radio and connect it to the FM transmitter. Then, using your smartphone, link your phone to the FM Radio transmitter via Bluetooth. You could now listen to songs through your car’s car radio with aux and bluetooth.

USB Connection

USB Connection

If you drive a modern vehicle, it might include a USB port near the radio in the central console. This USB port in your car can be used to charge your phone while driving, but it can also be used as a data connection point; all you require is a USB cable.

USB cables are widely available and reasonably priced in most stores throughout the world, including grocery stores. You must find the USB port in the car in order to stream music from your phone. Depending on your vehicle’s brand and model, the USB connection can be found in one of the numerous places.

The USB port is most likely to be found in the central console, audio system main unit, center armrest, dashboard, or glove box. Before purchasing a USB cable for your car, check all of these places to ensure it has a USB port.

Connect the USB cord to your car’s port and the other end to your phone. When your phone makes a stable connection with the vehicle via the cable, you will be directed to the next steps via your phone or your vehicle’s center console.

Follow these instructions to listen to music from the phone through your car’s sound system. This is a simple way to link your phone to the vehicle. 

Android Auto Or Apple CarPlay 

If you have a new vehicle, it may have an Android Auto or an Apple CarPlay application that allows you to link your smartphone to the head unit. You can do more with these apps than just stream music from your phone and via the car’s sound system.

These apps enable you to view your phone screen on the car’s center console (if it has one), send texts to friends, and watch your navigation system while driving to help you find your way.

You can also use these apps to sync your voice to Google Assistant as well as Siri to look for destinations and songs on your phone while driving. If the App you’re using isn’t working correctly, you can connect your phone via USB cable and perform all of the above tasks, but Apple phones won’t let you.

To listen to your favorite music from your smartphone through the car’s audio system in older cars that don’t have app capabilities, consider any of the other techniques discussed in this article. Reviewsed is confident that you will find a way to make things work. 

30 Pin iPod Adapter

Some vehicles allow you to link to your phone via a pre-installed 30-pin adapter. This enables you to connect your iPhone or iPad to the stereo directly.

Also, remember that an iPod adapter will consistently deliver superior sound quality compared to an FM transmitter. Therefore, if you care about audio quality, this method could be the one for you.

A Sound Routing App 

The final option you can try is to use a sound routing application on your smartphone to play songs from your phone to the vehicle. This will necessitate that your car is Bluetooth-enabled, but even older versions of BMWs, Hondas, Toyotas, Mercedes-Benz, Chevys, Fords, and Lexus have this feature.

The hands-free Bluetooth in such vehicles allows you to make and receive phone conversations but not play music. However, when you stream music from your phone, a sound routing application will fool the system into believing you are calling someone.

This will enable music to play through your car’s sound system via the hands-free Bluetooth device. Obviously, this requires Bluetooth, but we included it in this article because many people are unaware that they can use their car’s hands-free system to play music from their smartphones. 

Which is the Best option?

Which is the Best option?

The best way for you will be determined by the vehicle you possess and the types of devices you have available. If you have an older car, the FM Radio transmitter or cassette tape adapter will probably work best for you because your vehicle may not have enough new technology to use the other choices.

Alternatively, you could consider upgrading your car’s sound system to suit modern technology, which is less expensive than purchasing a new vehicle. If you own a newish car, you can connect your smartphone to it using any one of the other mentioned methods. 

Will These Techniques Result In A Loss Of Sound Quality?

Some individuals may be concerned that the absence of Bluetooth or aux can degrade overall audio quality.

In essence, using a USB input, 30-pin connector, hands-free Bluetooth phone app, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay will provide you with the best music with the least amount of interference.

For FM radio, the audio clarity is primarily determined by how well radio stations in the area receive your signal. Furthermore, the audio clarity may be dependent on the quality of the FM transmitter you have. On lower-quality transmitters, you are most likely to experience more interference.


Many people want to connect their smartphones or tablets to their cars so they can listen to music while driving. Using your phone prevents you from fiddling with Cassettes and CDs while driving, which is hazardous.

Fortunately, there are a few methods to connect your phone to the car in order to listen to music through your car’s sound system without using AUX cables or Bluetooth. These techniques are simple to apply and set up, and they are inexpensive.

Reviewsed hopes that the information provided in this article has been helpful to you and you will be able to appreciate your upcoming road trip with your ideal travel playlist from your phone. Have a good time!

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