Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Players Notice a Clever Detail

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – Players Notice a Clever Detail

Many devoted fans of the franchise felt both excitement and apprehension upon the release of the second game in the Remake trilogy. This fear was based on a tragic incident from the original 1997 masterpiece that some thought would be brought up again in the epic ending of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The heartbreaking scenario affected more than just fans, though, since a little detail implies that the attendees also felt sorrow.

The Limit or Limit Break system in Final Fantasy 7 has been a key component of the fighting system since the game’s launch. When this system returned, it had minor changes but stayed mostly the same in the Remake trilogy. Some of a character’s strongest skills, including Tifa’s Dolphin Flurry and Cloud’s Finishing Touch, are still connected to their limit bar. But unlike MP, ATB, or health gauges, a character’s Limit meter is not refilled over time or with consumables. Rather, it can only be charged by dealing or, more importantly, suffering damage.

It seems, interestingly, that physical harm is not always necessary. The last boss battle in the game starts with Cloud’s party’s Limit bars completely charged, as several Reddit users have noticed. When you take into account the background, this element becomes even more important. The last battle takes place right after Aerith meets her tragic end, having been struck down by Sephiroth, exactly as it did in the 1997 original. It makes sense that this incident incites rage in all of the party members—except for Cloud, who feels he has saved Aerith from Sephiroth’s grasp.

Critics have praised this element for its deft use of Final Fantasy 7’s inherent mechanics to illustrate a character’s psyche. It has been pointed out by some that Cloud is the only member of the group who is not impacted by Jenova’s Mourning Wail attack, most likely because he is not grieving in the same way as the other members. Seasoned series veterans have also drawn parallels between these situations and similar ones in previous Final Fantasy games, including in Final Fantasy 9, where characters entered a trance condition due to strong emotional surges.

Since Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was announced, the fan base has been affected negatively by Aerith’s passing. Fans theorize that she might make a full-fledged comeback in the next final chapter, though, given the addition of new plot points in the Remake trilogy. There is conjecture over the potential effects of incorporating various timelines on the narrative as a whole. Players might find solace in the developers’ aim of releasing Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 as soon as possible, even though there are still a lot of unsolved concerns.

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