World of Warcraft Takes Inspiration from Final Fantasy 14

World of Warcraft Takes Inspiration from Final Fantasy 14

In an upcoming patch, World of Warcraft will be introducing a version of Final Fantasy 14’s Duty Support system. This feature allows players to take on particular dungeons with NPC companions and is scheduled to launch in the upcoming release. World of Warcraft has hinted at three more Dragonflight updates before The War Within, despite the recent release of Patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream. The first patch, Seeds of Renewal, is expected to introduce new gameplay, customizations, and Dragonriding to already-existing zones.

Still, the update introduces an exciting new feature called Dragonflight Follower Dungeons. As mentioned in the World of Warcraft blog’s Seeds of Renewal introduction, players can now go on Dungeon adventures with NPC companions that play DPS, tank, and healer roles. These companions can accommodate one to four players and are present in all eight Normal Dragonflight Dungeons. They provide players the ability to experiment and assemble their party any way they see fit while they explore the Dragonflight dungeons at their speed.

In Shadowbringers, the Duty Support system—a recent addition to Final Fantasy 14—was first presented as the Trust system. This unique feature allows players to advance through dungeons necessary for the Main Scenario with a group of NPCs, many of whom are important characters in the game’s story. 

The specifics surrounding the operation of Follower Dungeons in World of Warcraft are still unknown. It seems that these companions will only be available in Normal Dragonflight dungeons, as mentioned in Seeds of Renewal. Still, players will be able to use them even when they create a partial group with actual gamers, offering more flexibility and faster wait times. It is hoped that further details about this system will be revealed on the Public Test Realm, giving players a closer look and a greater comprehension of its workings.

Fans are excited to see how World of Warcraft incorporates the Follower Dungeon system. Players have developed deeper connections with cherished NPCs, akin to the profound Duty Support in Final Fantasy 14, which has transformed the game experience for numerous individuals. Fans are hoping that World of Warcraft would improve on the Follower Dungeon system and perhaps add narrative-rich dungeons as requirements for the main tale, giving the gaming a deeper level of significance. 

Players generally want to use The War Within’s unique Warbands feature to take their favorite World of Warcraft characters—or even their alts—into dungeons. 

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