Dragon Age – Dreadwolf Expected to be Announced Soon

Since the sequel hook in the Trespasser DLC of Dragon Age: Inquisition, fans have been eagerly awaiting Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. But the game’s development hasn’t been easy; it’s gone through several design changes.

Because of the long development time, fans’ exposure to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has been restricted. An inside look at Gamescom 2020 is one of the development updates and trailers that BioWare has shared. However, neither EA nor BioWare have formally revealed the game’s release date. Nonetheless, dependable source Jeff Grubb of the video game industry claimed that BioWare plans to release Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in the summer of 2024. It’s important to remember that plans may have changed since this June when this information was published. Additionally, Grubb mentioned that BioWare was “targeting” summer 2024, raising some doubts about the company’s dedication to that window of time.

A 2024 delivery date doesn’t seem out of the question. In October 2022, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf entered Alpha development, and Gary McKay, general manager of BioWare, indicated that the game was almost feature-complete. Given that Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Alpha stage took roughly six to nine months to complete, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s one-year and three-quarters turnaround period sounds reasonable.

Given this schedule, it is reasonable to assume that EA will devote at least six months to marketing the game prior to its release. This would involve both BioWare and Electronic Arts, and it wouldn’t be the first time Dragon Age: Dreadwolf appeared at these events. Dreadwolf, an untitled Dragon Age sequel, was first revealed by BioWare during the 2018 Game Awards. At the 2020 Game Awards, a cinematic teaser was unveiled two years later. Three days before the 2022 Game Awards, an in-game cinematic trailer was released.

Based on previous years, it appears that EA and BioWare prefer to make announcements during or close to The Game Awards. Given the game’s rumored Summer 2024 release timeframe and its current state of production, it seems quite likely that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be present during or close to the event this December. A gameplay trailer might not be out of the question if the game is as near to completion as it seems, even though the specifics of the presentation are still unknown. A full in-engine trailer seems likely, at the very least.

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