Transform Your Videos - Top 8 AI Video Enhancers Reviewed

Transform Your Videos – Top 8 AI Video Enhancers Reviewed

Using videos is a big deal in digital marketing. Before, making or improving videos needed lots of editing skills or watching tons of tutorials. But with AI getting better fast, even beginners can make videos look better. In this post, we’ll talk about the best AI tools for making videos better, so you’ll know what’s out there. Let’s get started!

A video enhancer using AI: what is it?

AI Video Enhancers are special tools that use smart AI technology to make videos better. They can do things like getting rid of annoying background noise, making shaky videos look steady, or even making videos clearer and sharper. How do they do it? Well, they use fancy stuff like machine learning and neural networks to study videos and figure out how to make them look their best. 

These tools have learned from watching lots and lots of videos, so they know all about faces, scenes, and objects in videos. This means they can automatically fix any problems and make your videos look great without you having to do

Why should you consider using an AI Video Enhancer? 

Well, it’s a smart way to make your videos look better without all the hassle. Normally, making videos look good takes a long time and a lot of work, but with AI, it’s much faster. Plus, there are some extra perks. For example, AI Video Enhancers can make your videos bigger without losing any quality. 

They’re also really good at getting rid of annoying background noise, so your videos look cleaner and clearer. And if you’ve got old videos that look a bit dull, AI can breathe new life into them, making them look vibrant and fresh again. So, using an AI Video Enhancer isn’t just easy, it’s a great way to give your videos that extra boost they need.

Top 8 Video Enhancers 

Top 8 Video Enhancers 

1. UniFab Video Enhancer AI

UniFab Video Enhancer AI is a great choice for PC users who want to make their videos look better. Because it’s made specifically for PCs, it’s the easiest option for Windows users.

If you’re already using other programs from the same company, like DVDFab or StreamFab, then getting UniFab is a smart move. It’ll fit right into your workflow without any hassle.

UniFab Video Enhancer AI also works with lots of different video formats, so no matter what kind of videos you have, you can use it to make them better.

UniFab, the best AI video enhancer, utilizes super-resolution technology to predict missing pixels, ensuring high-quality output up to 4K resolution. With support for over 1000 formats, it effortlessly converts videos for any device. 

Boosting speed by 50 times with GPU acceleration, UniFab efficiently completes tasks. Using deep learning algorithms, it automatically removes noise from footage, while AI-powered frame interpolation reduces judder for a smoother viewing experience.

Key Features:

  • UniFab is designed for Windows users
  • 50x faster processing with GPU acceleration
  • Direct import from DVDFab/StreamFab
  • One-time fee
  • SDR to HDR

You can also unlock a range of related products of DVDFab like UniFab HDR Upscaler AI, UniFab Video Enlarger AI, Disney Plus Downloader, and Hulu Downloader. 

2. Topaz Video Enhance AI

Why is Topaz Video AI considered the best AI video upscaling software? Well, it’s known for being top-notch, and there’s a reason for that. Especially if you’re an indie filmmaker or someone who plans to do a lot of upscaling in the future, Topaz is perfect for you.

Sure, it might cost you a bit upfront, but it’s a one-time payment, and then you’ve got the program forever without worrying about paying again. Just make sure your computer can handle running the software smoothly. With its user-friendly interface and fantastic results, Topaz Video Enhancer stands out. Plus, it comes with some extra advanced features that can take your videos to the next level!

3. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is another fantastic option for improving video quality with AI. It’s one of the biggest competitors to Topaz Video AI, and for good reason.

Especially if you’ve got longer videos to upscale, like those old home movies, AVCLabs could be just what you need. What’s great is that it offers different payment plans to fit every budget, and you won’t have any restrictions on how many times you can upscale within your subscription.

4. Pixop

Pixop is a top-notch web-based platform for upscaling videos. It’s particularly great for social media creators or anyone who needs to enhance short videos. The best part? It’s super affordable – I only paid $0.51 to upscale a 10-second clip!

Even if you’re a filmmaker with just a few basic stock footage clips to improve, Pixop could work wonders for you. Another cool thing about Pixop is that it works on pretty much any device that connects to the internet.

5. CapCut 

CapCut AI Video Upscaler is a web-based tool that improves video quality with just one click. It’s simple and easy to use, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences.

This tool is perfect for those who want a free option. While paid tools offer more customization, if you’re only looking for something free, CapCut is the way to go!

6. TensorPix AI Video Enhancer

TensorPix AI Video Enhancer is a modern web-based tool that enhances video quality effectively. It’s ideal for those who need frequent simple improvements or have a limited budget.

Additionally, it offers access to their Image Enhancer and MagicStock, which create AI images from text.

7. HitPaw

HitPaw Video Enhancer is a top choice for enhancing your videos, especially if you’re a creative professional looking to make significant tweaks. Although it comes with a higher price tag, it offers impressive upscaling capabilities and other AI video editing features

This sleek and user-friendly platform is designed to elevate your video content with its blend of cutting-edge features and intuitive functionality.

8. Wondershare Filmora 

Wondershare Filmora is an AI-powered video editing software that comes with various tools to enhance videos. One standout feature is the custom mask tool, which lets you select and manipulate elements in your videos, such as removing backgrounds or adding effects.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, these top AI video enhancers offer a range of features to improve video quality, making them accessible to users with varying needs and budgets. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a social media creator, there’s a tool to suit your requirements and enhance your video content effortlessly.

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