The Final Race Option is Finally Available in Final Fantasy 14

The Final Race Option is Finally Available in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida said during the 2024 Tokyo Fan Fest Keynote that the female Hrothgar would be the final playable race added to the critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Although she is scheduled to make her debut with the Dawntrail expansion, players can expect to see a female Hrothgar character in the next Patch 6.55.

The full Dawntrail trailer, which debuted the Pictomancer as the next Caster DPS Job in Final Fantasy 14, opened the 2024 Tokyo Fan Fest Keynote. Krile Baldesion, a lalafell figure, was shown in the teaser using the new Job’s magical paintbrush and palette. Yoshida stated that the summer 2024 window was still their goal release timeline, even though they did not announce a definite release date for Dawntrail. On the other hand, more information on the New World of Tural’s exploration and the adoption of the Viper and Pictomancer roles will be revealed later.

The trailer ended with the reveal of Final Fantasy 14’s final playable race. A female Hrothgar took center stage after being hinted at at the end of Patch 6.5, Growing Light. This leonine warrior is expected to make her debut in Patch 6.55, which is slated for release on Tuesday, January 16. She has been identified as the daughter of Tural’s current monarch. She will ask the Warrior of Light and their allies for help in a succession rite in this next patch to decide Tural’s new leader. The last keynote featured a clip showing the female Hrothgar’s in-game appearance, along with Dawntrail’s upgraded graphics, presented by Yoshida and Kate Cwynar, the main localization artist for Final Fantasy 14.

Like their male equivalents, the female Hrothgar are from the Ilsabard continent and have occupied Bozja and surrounding countries. These females have sleek, muscular bodies and a natural tendency towards leadership despite their small number. The ladies are distinguished from the male Hrothgar by their upright backs, and although their stature is unknown, continuous modifications to their headgear are being made both during and during Dawntrail. Yoshida is still accepting player proposals for more races for the last Fantasy 14, even though it has been announced as the game’s last race.

Players have reacted positively to the female Hrothgar; some have said they live up to expectations. 

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