Steam Users Finally Get a Free Game

Steam Users Finally Get a Free Game 

Steam users can get their hands on Space Crew: Legendary Edition for free until March 14. Anytime a game is released for free on Valve’s digital distribution network, it’s an exciting occasion because Steam rarely provides free game giveaways in a consistent way.

Unlike the Epic Games Store, where customers receive free games every Thursday, users of Steam frequently don’t anticipate receiving free games. These free games are occasionally a part of an ongoing promotion for a different game, especially when a sequel is almost ready for release. This is the general approach taken by the free Steam games available right now, which try to hook players with the first game and maybe convince them to check out the follow-up when it comes out.

Steam users may expand their library of games by getting Space Crew: Legendary Edition for free until March 14. Under regular conditions, this offer would normally cost $24.99, therefore it offers Steam users an incredible value. Remarkably, the game received an impressive “Mostly Positive” average rating based on over 1,700 user evaluations to date. Although opinions about Space Crew’s quality are divided, most people agree that Steam users shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get this game for free.

Those who are not familiar with Space Crew can learn about it via its Steam website, which describes it as a “legendary challenging single-player strategic survival simulation game” in which players must put together a crew, customize their ship, and guard against extraterrestrial threats. Due to its notable roguelite aspects, Space Crew is an absolute must-have for fans of the genre, especially while it’s still free to play on Steam.

Those who find it interesting can look forward to Badlands Crew, the sequel, coming out later this year.

The post-apocalyptic Mad Max atmosphere of Badlands Crew replaces the sci-fi outer space backdrop, yet the gameplay remains similar to that of Space Crew. Players in this game concentrate on personalizing their “battle wagon” while trudging across the wasteland. Although a release date for Badlands Crew is yet unknown, Steam fans will have plenty of time to play Space Crew: Legendary Edition before excitedly anticipating Badlands Crew’s arrival on the platform.

As previously stated, it can be difficult to forecast when Steam will provide free games, so users should keep an eye out. While it’s possible that users will have to wait patiently for more freebies, there’s also a potential that there will be more free game giveaways in March. 

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