Should You Buy A Refurbished Laptop?

Should You Buy A Refurbished Laptop?

When looking for an inexpensive laptop bargain, many people become confused by the term “refurbished laptop.” You could save a lot of money on a brand-new device, or you could end up with a subpar used system.

When searching for a refurbished laptop, it can be a minefield. Still, if you’re informed about the potential hazards and what words to look out for on internet sellers, you should be pretty confident about securing a good deal. 

We’ve put together this resource to help you get the most incredible refurbished laptop offer possible so that you can tell a legitimately good-value buy from a con. 

What exactly does the term “Refurbished” mean? 

As used laptops become more popular, first-time purchasers must understand what to expect. What is a refurbished laptop, plus just how does it obtain that status?

Laptops are considered refurbished immediately after they are taken out from the box, comparable to how a car devalues in value as soon as it leaves the dealer. Many refurbished computers are purchased, opened, then returned to the original seller. Other refurbished laptops could have been returned owing to minor flaws such as damaged packing or a malfunctioning webcam. In this instance, merchants will professionally restore the equipment to bring it back to its original state.

Second-hand or used laptops, on the other hand, are sold ‘as-is’ by the original owner. Used gadgets are not typically inspected for flaws; existing defects may not be repaired before reselling. As a consequence, potential buyers should request a list of problems from the vendor, mainly because the warranty might have already expired. 

How do laptops get refurbished?  

How do laptops get refurbished?  

Refurbished laptops get cleaned and checked upon arrival to verify that all parts function correctly. At this point, any problems are recognized, and dealers will identify which parts need to be fixed. At this point, non-functioning parts will be replaced, while functioning components will be cleaned appropriately.

Additionally, dealers inspect refurbished laptops’ potential software faults and upgrade any obsolete systems or drivers. Furthermore, everything the former owner leaves will be removed, making room for the following user. The laptop’s shell will finally be thoroughly cleaned and repackaged to offer users that new-bought feeling.  

Is there a warranty or quality assurance on refurbished devices? 

A significant advantage of obtaining a new electrical gadget is the assurance that dealers will assist you if anything goes wrong. Most new products come with a one-year guarantee that covers any problems that occur during this time.

Considering the reality that refurbished laptops aren’t brand new, they will have undergone extensive testing in order to be supplied in like-new condition. As a result, they are entitled to a reasonable guarantee from the reseller. Although a majority of refurbished laptops have long since outlived their original guarantee, reputable resellers will frequently extend a six-month to a one-year warranty, providing purchasers confidence in the equipment they are acquiring. 

Should you purchase a refurbished laptop?

Should you purchase a refurbished laptop?

Because “refurbished laptop” is a broad term, selecting whether to buy one boils down to how much you trust the person selling it. 

Directly contacting the laptop maker always proves to be the best choice. Dell and Apple are just two of several companies that have specialized web pages for selling used laptops. 

Apple assures comprehensive functional testing, meticulous cleaning, the original operating system, and new packaging containing all accessories and cords. You also receive a one-year warranty, which serves as one of the most crucial features. 

Purchasing a MacBook from a third-party shop will not provide you with the same benefits, especially if you buy from an individual on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Gumtree. 

Is buying a refurbished laptop better than buying a used?

Considering pre owned vs refurbished laptop? A second-hand (pre owned) laptop is simple to obtain—you can discover many of them on websites such as Craigslist or eBay. However comparing refurbished vs pre owned, buying pre-owned is a tremendous risk. An online listing cannot accurately assess the condition of the internal electronics.

Refurbished laptops often undergo a certification procedure in which the hardware, as well as electronics, are tested to ensure that everything is in working order and any broken parts are replaced. Buying refurbished (or certified refurbished, when the manufacturer performs the inspection and repairs) is a much safer option.

Most refurbished laptops are slightly used; many are new computers that had been returned by their original buyer within the return window.

Advantages of purchasing a refurbished laptop 

Advantages of purchasing a refurbished laptop

Purchasing a refurbished smartphone has numerous advantages. If you’ve never considered buying a refurbished laptop, here are several reasons why you should.


Purchasing a new laptop is costly. New products with cutting-edge capabilities are expensive, and merchants may not allow you to make payments in installments. If the cost of a new laptop is prohibitively costly, why not get a reconditioned computer instead? Refurbished laptops are sometimes up to 70% less expensive than new machines and may include capabilities that might otherwise be prohibitively expensive. In addition, refurbished laptop computers purchased from trustworthy resellers are extensively tested and restored to like-new condition, providing buyers with further assurance that they are buying quality equipment.  

Environment Friendly  

Because of our ongoing thirst for new technology, obsolete devices typically end up in landfills. Plastic casings, lithium-ion batteries, and glass screens are all examples of garbage that hurts the environment. Many used laptops are sent back to dealers in good condition, which means that the components are still usable. Buying a laptop that has been refurbished is an environmentally beneficial alternative that makes good use of these parts.

Extensive testing 

Purchasing a new laptop is thrilling, but they are rarely individually inspected before shipping. As a result, new computers may contain undetected software bugs or other flaws. This is not the case with reconditioned computers, which experienced specialists thoroughly test before being resold. Buyers may be confident that a refurbished laptop purchased from a reliable supplier is in the finest possible condition.

Disadvantages of purchasing a refurbished laptop 

Disadvantages of purchasing a refurbished laptop 

Although there are numerous advantages to purchasing a refurbished laptop, they also have some disadvantages. Here are a few things to think about when buying a refurbished smartphone. 

Scratches or Cosmetic Flaws 

Although refurbished computers should be as good as new ones, not all resellers are alike. Because there is no official description of what constitutes a refurbishment, refurbished electronics may still contain scratches or defects. The good thing is that such cosmetic faults have no effect on a device’s functionality and may even result in a more considerable discount. 

Degradation Of The Battery  

A refurbished laptop had a life prior to you purchasing it, so it is impossible to know how much wear and tear the prior owner underwent. Furthermore, even when not in use, batteries gradually degrade over time, losing roughly 20% of their original capacity after only a year of typical storage. Compared to someone who only sends a few emails, refurbished gaming laptops have already seen a large level of use. A refurbished device is likely to display some battery degeneration based on the amount of usage, mainly if it is older than two years.

Issues With Charging  

The charger, along with charging ports, are the most typically misused portions of any laptop computer. Consider this: chargers are plugged in and removed numerous times daily, and users frequently throw them into their cases or bags without a second thought. As a result, they are susceptible to failure and are not always inspected by resellers. Because purchasing a new charger or port might be costly, purchasers should get pictures from the reseller to determine whether these parts are damaged. 

Is buying a refurbished laptop on Amazon safe?

Is buying a refurbished laptop on Amazon safe?

Talking about renewed vs refurbished, Amazon has a solid mechanism into effect for selling used laptop computers. The Amazon Renewed Guarantee program provides a one-year warranty and states that the gadget was “inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers.” 

However, because the laptop’s manufacturer has not approved these refurbished laptops, there is no guarantee that they will meet the same high standards that Apple and Dell demand. 

Amazon also promises that there will be ‘no noticeable cosmetic defects if held 12 inches away,’ which implies you can be sure that there isn’t a large dent on the laptop, but you should be cautious about more minor scratches and scrapes. 

Amazon also warns that laptops may be sent in a plain white or brown box with generic peripherals rather than their certified counterparts. This could be a problem for laptops that support rapid charging via dedicated cables, and it does not guarantee that you will receive the bundled adaptors as well as accessories specified by manufacturers. 

There are numerous refurbished laptop buying factors to consider when purchasing laptops from the Amazon Renewed Guarantee program, but it may be worthwhile if the price is extremely low. 

However, while looking for an Amazon refurbished laptop, be sure it carries the Amazon Renewed Guarantee label. Third-party Amazon sellers that do not satisfy the ‘Amazon-qualified’ criterion are unlikely to give a warranty and may be selling a laptop that has been used and is far from being in ‘nearly new’ condition. 

Expert Advice on Purchasing a Refurbished Laptop

Expert Advice on Purchasing a Refurbished Laptop

Before you start looking for a refurbished laptop, keep the following points in mind:

Only purchase from reputable vendors.

Many websites sell refurbished laptops (often at ridiculously low prices), but avoiding these low-ballers is advisable because there’s no way to confirm their refurbishment procedure. You may wind up with a damaged or severely worn laptop.

Purchasing from a reliable provider (we’ll discuss some of them below) ensures that the item has been thoroughly tested prior to making a purchase.

Investigate the refurbishment procedure.

There is no definitive definition of “refurbished,” and words like “certified refurbished” and “renewed” are sometimes used interchangeably.

This is why looking into the laptop’s restoration process is critical. This is normally found on the item’s description page. You’re good to go if it says “certified refurbished” or “manufacturer refurbished,” but it’s better if the vendor has supplied a checklist of the complete procedure.

Look for a warranty.

Just because you’re purchasing a refurbished item doesn’t mean you won’t be able to acquire a warranty. First-party websites, such as Apple and Dell, will provide you with a full year of warranty (with the opportunity to extend it further), while third-party websites may provide you with anything from a week to as much as a month or more.

Examine the Reviews From Users.

Read the reviews if you’re purchasing through a third-party refurbishment website (such as Amazon or Newegg). You’ll find some really amazing prices on older, low-level refurbished laptops, but reading the reviews will tell you if the seller of the product is delivering on their promises. This is especially important if you’re purchasing a “Renewed” laptop on Amazon because hundreds of merchants have advertised comparable products.

Don’t pick an older or extremely low-cost model solely to save money.

While it may appear to be a reasonable price, you should generally avoid purchasing a refurbished laptop that is more than 2-3 years old. These severely priced devices can be found on places like Amazon, but they’re often not worth the hassle.

Even if you buy a reconditioned laptop, be sure it’s not more than a year or so old. This means that the internal components, including the hard disk, battery, and screen, will continue to function properly for many years.

It’s best to avoid super-cheap used Chromebooks and inexpensive Celeron-based laptops in particular. While the prices are appealing (as little as $100), these computers won’t last for long before the performance degrades to a crawl.

Reliable platforms for purchasing refurbished laptops

Reliable platforms for purchasing refurbished laptops

Not all refurbished computers are created equal. So, how do you avoid ending up with a dud? Purchase from a reliable, confirmed provider. It is going to cost you more, but it is well worth it.


Apple refurbished program is well-known for delivering near-new MacBooks for over a 15% discount. For example, the most recent MacBook Air is now available for $849, down from $999.

All MacBooks are tested and repaired by Apple (if necessary), and you get a one-year warranty (with the option of a two-year extended warranty via Apple Care+).


If you want to buy a refurbished Windows laptop, then you can’t go wrong with Dell’s certified refurbished program. Hundreds of laptops are available directly from Dell’s website.

These computers are classified as Scratch & Dent or Certified Refurbished. All items are verified and approved, but Scratch & Dent models may have apparent scratches or flaws that do not impede efficiency (and are generally less expensive).

Dell’s refurbished store gets updated daily, so new models always arrive, so keep checking back for a good offer.

Best Buy

The website and stores of Best Buy both provide a large assortment of Best Buy refurbished laptops. You’ll discover a wide range of certified refurbished laptop models with Best Buy open box warranty. If you’re on the hunt for mid-range refurbished laptops Best Buy warranty, the open box buys is a wonderful place to look.


Newegg is a major online retailer of laptops and computer components. Their refurbished department has an extensive range of refurbished computers, including Chromebooks, old MacBooks, and recent Windows laptops.

Because Newegg is a reseller, the machines aren’t certified refurbished, and no guarantee is provided. On the other hand, the prices are reasonable, the trusted Newegg brand holds some weight, and there’s a liberal 90-day return policy (but make sure to check the reviews before purchasing).


Purchasing a reconditioned laptop might be an excellent option to obtain a high-functioning machine for a lower cost. Buying reconditioned electronics helps the environment by reusing parts that might otherwise end up at a landfill. Resellers will have meticulously checked and cleaned refurbished computers, and any broken parts will have been replaced. However, resellers may repair gadgets differently, so use caution when purchasing refurbished electronics. 

Buyers should look for evident symptoms of damage that might affect a laptop’s usability, such as big dents or scratches on the display or surface. Buyers should also be mindful that the battery capacity on a refurbished gadget should be at least 80% of that of a new one and that all accessories supplied by the buyer are supported.

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