This Keyboard Lets You Type Super Fast, So It’s Banned From Competitions

This Keyboard Lets You Type Super Fast, So It’s Banned From Competitions

Keyboards have evolved over time, from the weirdly shaped ergonomic keyboard designs of the ’90s and ’00s to the abundance of models featuring a broad array of mechanical and optical switches that have come to dominate the market in the last few years.  The basic architecture has mostly stayed the same over the years; a typist would instantly recognize a modern keyboard from 100 years ago.  A few additional keyboard layouts and keys have been added, but you are still just pounding keys.

The CharaChorder, on the other hand, is a unique beast with no relation to any other keyboard. This unusual-looking keyboard resembles a gamepad controller featuring a slew of joystick-like options that are believed to allow users to type so quickly that it has been barred from contests. Typing has a rich history, and it is a skill that anybody who uses computers aspires to acquire in the present day and age. 

However, the global average speed of typing for an average computer user is around 40 words per minute. The records, on the contrary, are significantly higher. On the MonkeyType leaderboard, the creators of CharaChorder achieved a mind-boggling 377 words per minute, nine times quicker than the global average.


In 1946, Stella Pajunas achieved a world record of 216 words per minute using an electronic typing machine by IBM, which has never been broken. Barbara Blackburn established a modern-day record of 212 words per minute in 2005. Typing competitions are a serious affair, and MonkeyType is one of many online typing platforms that keep an updated list of keystroke warriors. Despite this, it has prohibited the use of one potential keyboard.

The CharaChorder is a strange-looking keyboard that looks like someone altered a virtual reality headset controller and then put a lot of joysticks into it. According to the website of CharaChorder, users can boost their typing speed by a factor of five. Riley Keen, the eponymous company’s owner, and CEO, recently uploaded a video in which Keen can be seen hitting an astonishing 377 words per minute when taking the MonkeyType test. 

That is more than nine times faster than the global average. Despite this, he is not on the scoreboard, which boasts a winner at 277 words per minute. MonekyType appears to have automatically invalidated all typing scores above 300 words per minute. In addition, a conversation with a MonketType developer found that MonkeyType exclusively supports traditional keyboards.

How The CharaChroder Works?

How The CharaChroder Works?

The CharaChorder is shaped like a pair of rock climbing grips joined by a length of extruded metal. Each grip has nine small golf tee-looking joysticks emerging from it that serve as keys. The CharaChorder keyboard features 3D switches. There are a trio of golf tees for the thumb to wriggle, four for the fingers, plus two additional arrow keys and mouse controls underneath the middle and ring fingers.

Each small joystick features D-pad directionality enabling four-way input per digit rather than up-down motion like a standard key switch that significantly improves the average word per minute typing speed. The founders claim that 300+ unique inputs and more than 17 billion chord possibilities are possible without lifting a finger, improving average words typed per minute.

One cool feature of CharaChorder is how it supports both regular one-at-a-time typing and chorded input. The chording style is also kind of typical. According to the website, you simply hit h, e, l, o simultaneously to get ‘hello.’ It makes no difference whether they appear on the display in the wrong sequence because the CPU reorganizes them on the spot. So there’s no need to ‘learn a whole new language’ to enter syllables in shorthand, but you will have to learn a different layout.

What Are The CharaChorder Claims?

According to CharaChorder, the keyboard is excellent for gaming, typing, and coding. However, it is unlikely to be allowed in an esports event due to rigorous rules governing the type of input devices. The real hook, though, is in its title — chords. The keyboard will allow users to enter a word without having to follow a particular letter order. For instance, hello can be written as college but displayed as hello on the screen. Furthermore, users are not required to spell the letters sequentially.

Users can press all of the letter buttons simultaneously, and the keyboard’s proprietary internal processor will detect and organize them in real time to display the correct word. According to CharaChorder, it encourages users to type quicker than the human eyes or mind can read and recognize, which is around 250 words. Instead, the organization recommends typing at the speed of thinking. The CharaChorder is now out of stock on the company’s website, but it is slated to resurface next month for a $250 price tag. Furthermore, it is compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS and does not require additional software.

Whats A Good Typing Speed?

Whats A Good Typing Speed?

The average word per minute typing is around 40 WPM, but this can vary significantly based on how you type. Those who type with only two fingers (the “hunt and peck” method) must look for each key as they type. Unfortunately, no matter how quickly you move, there is a limit to how fast you can type up words. For those who use this strategy, the average words per minute typing speed is just 27 WPM.

Instead, by typing with all ten fingers, you can train your fingers to type the correct keys without having to look down. You may also type much faster by moving shorter distances across the keyboard.

And it’s obvious. The average touch typist uses all ten fingers to type over 50 average typing words per minute, which is nearly twice as fast as using only two fingers. Keep in mind that this is only the average. Most people can type MUCH quicker when they use this technique. Sean Wrona, the fastest typer in the world alive today, can type at speeds of up to 256 WPM. The fastest typer in the world can maintain a word-per-minute rate of 174 for 50 minutes. 

How Fast Can I Type?

A typing speed test is a simple technique to determine your words per minute. With several free tests online, you can assess your typing speed type. You can quickly find your WPM score for free by taking a one-minute or five-minute typing test. Once you’ve determined your score, you can look for free tutorials to practice typing and improve your typing skills.

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