Is The MCU's Adam Warlock Stronger Than Thanos?

Is The MCU’s Adam Warlock Stronger Than Thanos?

After the teaser of Adam Warlock in the MSU series, Will Poulter was finally revealed in 2021. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 has a dynamic bundle of characters with a massive cast, all of which will eventually grow. Warlock made a debut in the comics in 1967, created to be an ideal human specimen, although he leaves for traveling after revolts against his creators. 

So come along as we learn who’s better. Is it Thanos and his powers or Warlock or his powers? Do keep in mind that Adam might begin as a villain, and if he does, he will be a problem for the Guardians and Thanos. 

Adam Warlock vs. Thanos: Who is Stronger in the Comics?

There’s surely no comparison between Thanos and Adam Warlock, while both of them are two very strong characters. Nothing can match what Adam Warlock is. Thanos is an impressive character with his eternal line, which enables him to have cosmic powers, stamina, telepathy, added speed, durability, and immortality.

He also has telekinetic and telepathic abilities, which help him use his cosmic powers however he wants to. Now, earthbound heroes might not have any power compared to him, but Thanos’s powers are minimized when compared to the abilities of Adam Warlock. 

Even though both characters have a myriad of powers, Thanos can be killed while Warlock, on the other hand, can walk away after resurrecting himself from the dead. He eventually gains the energy to manipulate mystical energy and even his cosmic powers to create matter. He can also use this to power the quantum energy, allowing him to open various portals to travel at the speed of lightning.

His powers also enable him to perform exorcisms, connect with different beings, and read multiple auras and manipulate them in a way he finds well. So, in the Thanos vs Adam Warlock battle, Warlock surely takes the lead. 

Will Warlock be Stronger in the MCU than Thanos?

Will Warlock be Stronger in the MCU than Thanos?

We have concluded that Adam is stronger than Thanos in the comic books. But the question is, will he be as strong in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 movies? As fans, we have all seen the clips of him fighting off the guardians in the trailers as he follows the orders provided by the Sovereign.

He appears as an enemy of the Guardians and puts up an outstanding fight. He packs the abilities that we can only dream of seeing in Thanos. So eventually, when Adam starts working with them, the Guardians will be very pleased. 

It’s tough to make assumptions about the strength of Thanos and Warlock, but it’s safe to say that Thanos will be more powerful than the other characters in the movie. Those who have read comics know the ability Warlock holds, and it’ll be pretty disappointing if the debut of their favorite character turns in a direction they’re obviously not expecting him to go down.

To weaken his abilities means to cause issues in the long run for any character in the MCU. Keeping that in mind, we can assume a summary where Warlock will have power above the levels of Thanos. 

Why Did Warlock and Thanos not battle in Infinity Saga?

Warlock plays a significant role in Marvel Comics, especially in the Infinity Gauntlet plot, but the Infinity Saga wasn’t the best time for the character’s debut. In the initial three stages, they came up with different powerful characters, each requiring their storyline and time for their growth.

So, we can assume that the MCU made its debut relatively early. If there were a battle between Warlock and Thanos, it would have ended quickly because of the former’s abundance of power over them. The aim to get an epic ending would have been ruined. 

Bottom Line

Now you know all about MCU’s characters, Warlock and Thanos. While Adam has made his mark in the comics, we all hope to see more content where he creates an image and can make an impact while also fights with the great Thanos. 

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