Who Dies In Guardians Of The Galaxy 3?

Who Dies In Guardians Of The Galaxy 3?

The Guardians of the Galaxy 3 promised a teary farewell as the last film in the James Gunn-directed trilogy of Guardians of the Galaxy as the original Guardians of the Galaxy team go on their last ride. So what exactly goes down, and which beloved characters of the Marvel cinematic universe do you have to bid goodbye? Read our article below to find out.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to spoil it, don’t go any further!

Who dies in Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

Before we get into who dies and who survives, let us clarify that the main Guardians of the Galaxy characters survive, so if you are wondering whether Drax or Rocket dies in the 3rd movie of Guardians of the Galaxy, the answer is No, go ahead and breathe your sigh of relief. But before we get into what happens to these main characters at the movie’s end, we must discuss who dies and how.

1. Floor and Teefs 

Floor the Bunny (voiced by Mikaela Hoover), and Teefs the Walrus (voiced by Asim Chaudry) are much-needed comic relief in the otherwise depressing flashbacks of Rocket’s life at the High Evolutionary. Floor and Teefs are other experiments of the High Evolutionary and share a close bond with Rocket and Lylla.

Before discussing what happened on that ill-fated night of their death, we will talk about why they are called what they are called. Teefs selected his name because his teeth are his most noticeable feature, while Floor offers a simple yet funny explanation stating that he’s Floor because they are lying on the Floor while choosing their names.

These characters die on the night when Rocket and his friends are supposed to escape the High Evolutionary; after Lylla is killed, the guards at the High Evolutionary come in all, guns blazing into the room where the cages are kept. Rocket is shown to be shooting at the guards while the guards shoot at him and behind him, and unfortunately, in this crossfire, Teefs and Floor are killed, ending their story.

Although they appear later in the afterlife with Lylla, they wait for Rocket to join them and fly away.

2. Lylla

Lylla the Otter (Voiced by Linda Cardellini) had brief screen time, but even with the limited appearance, it was a character loved by the audience. Lylla, Rocket’s friend turned love interest, taught Rocket’s character the importance of finding family.

Lylla’s story is shown through the flashbacks where Rocket’s backstory is revealed as he was subjected to experiments by Chukwidis Iwuiji’s High Evolutionary. We get an insight into Rocket’s anger for his creator because he had planned to escape with Lylla and get batch 89 to safety after learning that everyone but himself will be killed. However, when he frees himself and Lylla from their cages, she gets shot by the High Evolutionary. This emotionally charged scene further goes on to show that the first weapon ever used by Rocket was the one that killed Lylla as he took out the guards to escape the facility.

Lylla does make a comeback later in the movie when Rocket is at the death door. He sees her and sees her and Floor and Teefs from 89 in a vast white expanse beckoning him to join them, but before he can, Lylla tells him that he will be joining them soon enough, and when he does his friends will be waiting for him.

3. Ayesha and Humanimals

Ayesha (played by Elizabeth Debicki) appears as the leader of The Sovereign in the second installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Ayesha, the High Priestess, and her sovereign people are revealed to have been created by the High Evolutionary.

Ayesha journeys with her son, Adam Warlock, to Counter-Earth to get Rocket back for the High Evolutionary. However, soon enough, Warlock is seen to be joining the Guardians himself while his mother, Ayesha, and the Animen are wiped out during Counter-Earth’s destruction. The death of Ayesha plays a significant role in bringing about the heroic version of Adam Warlock.

4. High Evolutionary 

High Evolutionary is one of the most sinister, powerful, and terrifying villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and seeing him get destroyed and impliedly die in the destruction of his ship by the Guardians meant that it was the end of his character. However, this is not the case, as the director of this movie, James Gunn himself, confirmed that the High Evolutionary is not dead. He has been imprisoned in the Knowhere, and he even makes an appearance in the final credits of the movie as Drax is seen carrying his body onto Knowhere, indicating that there may be more that this sinister villainous character has to offer the MCU.

What Happens to the Rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy Team?

What Happens to the Rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy Team?

The tension regarding the death of the main characters and the OG guardian’s death was high throughout the movie because there were a few moments when they had close calls, such as Star-Lord nearly freezing to death in space while rescuing the experiments of the High Evolutionary before he saved by Adam Warlock, Drax almost dies in the battle with the Orgorcorp Sentries and all the guardian’s lives are in danger being eliminated when the Counter-Earth is being destroyed. 

Luckily, they all survive this chaos, so what happens to them?

Peter Quill, or the Star Lords story, comes full circle as her returns to Earth to reunite with his grandfather and finds his family; Gamora is shown to have taken up the place of Yondu from the original Guardians of the Galaxy team and is shown to be growing as a character who is still on the journey to find herself. Mantis is shown to have gone off on her own with her Ablisik friends in search of what she wants for herself; Drax and Nebula, however, look to rebuild the society of Knowhere for the animals and kids that the High Evolutionary and Rocket caged is shown to have been entrusted with the position of the leader of the new iteration of the Guardians of the Galaxy after learning to be proud of himself. Lastly, we see Groot becoming a part of the Rockets team and fighting alongside the new team in the post-credit scene as he has become an Alpha-Groot.

Bottom Line

The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 features bloodshed and fight. Still, you don’t have to sit through and watch another one of your favorite MCU characters die a painful death or bid adieu to another OG character, even though it was highly likely that it might be the case since this was James Gunn’s final project with the Marvel studios and Dave Bautista’s retirement from the role of Drax. The movie ended with an inevitable closure offered to each character, and the doors to their future development and stories have been left slightly ajar. 

So, as of now, you don’t have to worry about another teary farewell to your beloved Guardians of the Galaxy!

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