Why Doctor Strange Gets A Third Eye At The End Of Multiverse Of Madness?

Why Doctor Strange Gets A Third Eye At The End Of Multiverse Of Madness?

Benedict Cumberbatch’s solo Marvel movie sequel has left the fans bewildered! On May 6, 2022, the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was very different from any of the previous Marvel movies. The thriller, which Sam Raimi directed, had elements of some of Raimi’s earlier horror projects. None of us expected as much horrors and creepiness in Doctor Strange 2 from Marvel. The image of Doctor Strange with a third eye on his forehead was another addition of oddness that fans had to experience.  With the enormous cliffhanger, fans have questioned what this third eye might signify or lead to. 

The third eye may not be what it seems like, but why does he get it is the real question? The best way is to go through every possible theory starting with the comics themselves. Find out all about Dr. Strange’s third eye!

A Little Look Inside Doctor Strange’s Life 

A wide range of magical skills, including teleportation, spellcasting, astral projection, and transmutation, make Doctor Strange the man he is. But before the conflict between Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch, the MCU had never fully seen Doctor Strange’s third eye, a device that the Ancient One had only hinted at during their initial encounter in 2016’s Doctor Strange.

Sinister Strange is the only other person known to own this eye. He gained it after using his universe’s Darkhold to Dreamwalk into all the different realities and slay his multiversal versions. This indicates that the third eye directly results from using the Darkhold and that the Earth-616 Doctor Strange analog is destined to follow in the same footsteps.

That may not be as simple as it seems. The MCU premiere of Doctor Strange’s third eye in the Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene is unquestionably a remarkable breakthrough for Stephen Strange. Doctor Strange’s third eye wasn’t created for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness; it genuinely exists in Marvel Comics.

Is there any Evil Eye Background in the film?

Sadly, no explanation is given because the movie stops abruptly as Strange’s third eye is shown. It makes sense for fans to believe that Strange’s third eye represents the Darkhold’s corruption of him. Yet, the third eye is not explicitly associated with evil in comic books.

Dr. Strange’s Third Eye in the Comics

Dr. Strange's Third Eye in the Comics

The third eye of Doctor Strange is an actual representation of the Eye of Agamotto in comic books. It stands for the knowledge of the magician Agamotto and his companion Vishanti, allowing Strange to discern the true motives of his adversaries and dispel magical illusions. Only individuals with pure souls are able to use Doctor Strange’s third eye, which was initially a symbol of a higher level of consciousness. But the third eye may potentially mean the exact opposite within the MCU. 

Not long after using the Darkhold, which corrupts every being that utilizes it regardless of how powerful or pure they are, Doctor Strange’s third eye spontaneously grew on his forehead. It drew Agatha Harkness and Scarlet Witch towards malignancy, and Doctor Strange developed the third eye without exposure. 

Yet, specific facts not only defy this ominous prediction but also mark Doctor Strange out as a magician in the MCU. Ironically, aside from their darkened fingers, neither Scarlet Witch nor Agatha Harkness experienced many physical alterations despite aggressively seeking out the Darkhold for selfish reasons. 

But in order to defeat the Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange only employed the Darkhold as a last resort. Even though he did the sin of Dreamwalking in the body of one of his multiversal variations, that doesn’t explain why his body was so negatively affected that a third eye began to grow on it.

In addition, opening Doctor Strange’s third eye at the Ancient One’s order in the first film shows this power is genuinely helpful. Hence, it’s likely that Doctor Strange’s new eye isn’t entirely the result of the Darkhold’s evil influence. Alternatively, it might have hastened the creation of a unique talent only available to sorcerers with the same strength or destiny for glory as Doctor Strange and Vishanti.

About the Darkhold

If there were ever a Marvel element suited for a Sam Raimi film, it would be this collection of wicked magic written on parchment composed of human flesh. It was created by the Elder God/later demon Chthon, a very evil person, and acts as a conduit for his unsavory power to reach Earth. It also goes by the name “The Book of Sins,” which is entertainment – based yet its chapters usually appear to have tragic endings.

Earth 616

The Marvel Comics core continuity is housed on “Earth-616,” to give it its abbreviated name. Even though some Marvel editors have mocked there and compared it to rival DC’s use of “Earth-One” and “Earth-Two” mainly to explain why some of DC’s characters were alive in the 1940s, the term remains official, whether you like it or not. The majority of the “Multiverse of Madness,” as Dr. Palmer once more pointed out, occurs on Earth-838.


  1. What does the ending of Dr. Strange mean?

The sorcerers kill the monster with Wong’s assistance and question America, who admits she can navigate the multiverse. She affirms that “Defender Strange,” whose body traveled to their Earth (Earth 616) with America, was the Strange from the dream and that dreams themselves are manifestations of the multiverse.

  1. How did Dr. Strange get the Eye of Agamotto back?

Doctor Strange discovered the Eye in 2017, and with the help of the Time Stone’s strength, he defeated Kaecilius and Dormammu and brought back the Hong Kong Sanctum. The Time Stone was taken out of the Eye the following year by Strange, who also made a copy that Thanos shattered.

  1. Who is the purple lady at the end of Dr. Strange?

Charlize Theron’s character Clappearsnce in a mid-credits sequence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. After the movie’s events, she goes to see the Doctor. 

Bottom Line

Are your confusions sorted? With the newly found information on the evil eye background, you know it’s much more than evil and leans more towards the power a character acquires. Dr. Strange’s third eye has much more meaning; we have provided all the information. The Marvel sequel may have been a cliffhanger, but the comics open a window to better understanding the actions and characters. Here’s to hoping the third movie arrives sooner so we all can better understand the actions and the third eye!

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