HostArmada Review

HostArmada Review

Incorporated in 2019, HostArmada has quickly caught up to and surpassed some of its existing competitors in the market. Visit the website for its adorable sci-fi-themed plan names, but stay for the quick loading times, welcoming customer service, and fantastic prices. 

Find out what the website has to offer to all its users and make use of it entirely. From pricing plans and all the features, we have listed everything HostArmada offers to all its customers, and towards the end of the review, you’ll know why the hosting website has achieved so much success in just the span of two years. 

HostArmada Features At a Glance 

Before we get into the depth of the features offered by the website, here’s a quick look at the features of HostArmada. 

Features Yes/No
SLL is free of cost Yes
Free Domain name Yes
Uptime Guarantee 99.9% compensation provided after a downtime 
Money-back guarantees 45 days 
Data Centers 2 in Europe, 2 in Asia, 4 in North America, 1 in Australia 
Managed Hosting Yes 

Pricing and Plans Offered by HostArmada 

HostArmada are known for offering shared hosting to its customers. Its pricing plan begins at $2.99/month. It offers the following hosting types. 

  1. Shared Hosting: This is best for starters and those planning to build smaller websites, including small businesses and bloggers. 
  2. VPS Hosting: This is the perfect mid-level resource providing users with more control over the server, up-to-date performance, and security.
  3. Dedicated Hosting: It is ideal for web applications, larger organizations, and high-traffic websites that want great server control. 

Shared hosting is typically the best option for most people, and this is where most of us begin. The HostArmada offers three shared hosting plans metered bandwidth, a free domain name, unlimited email accounts, a free site transfer, cPanel, and free SSL for all domains are all included with the services. 

Start DockOne website, 15GB SSD storage, seven daily backups, and up to 10,000 monthly visits.$2.99/mo
Web WarpUnlimited websites, 30GB SSD storage, 14 daily backups, and up to 60,000 monthly visits.$4.49/mo
Speed ReaperUnlimited websites, 40GB SSD storage, 21 daily backups, and up to 120,000 monthly visits.$5.39/mo.

The plans are affordable but don’t offer much, so you’ll have to see through and choose the plan that works for you. But we recommend choosing the Web Warp plan to receive the greatest value for your money. It costs slightly more than the basic plan, but you get twice as much storage space and unlimited websites!

And regardless of whether you choose a 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month payment cycle, HostArmada’s packages are always the same price. It’s a constant relief and appreciated because it’s uncommon, especially in this field. But the drawback is HostArmada’s renewal prices are considerably higher than their original prices.

It’s also important to note that the company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for its shared hosting services. That should be enough to compensate for any change of heart because it is longer than the typical 30-day guarantee offered by most providers.

Overall, HostArmada’s good-value plans provide customers with competitive and cheap options. Just be conscious that when it comes time to renew, you’ll have to pay more.

How to Create a New Account with HostArmada?

How to Create a New Account with HostArmada?

Creating an account is simple to follow and moves smoothly from one step to the next. Look out for the automatically selected Privacy Protection add-on; However, it hides the contact information associated with your domain name registration from online view; you can still end up paying for it even if you don’t need it.

Only credit cards or PayPal are accepted for payment; however, the process is simple and secure. Look out for the verification email because it can end up in your spam email, so check your inboxes and spam mail. 

Install WordPress and Connect a Domain

After receiving verification, users can access the HostArmada dashboard in far less than what it requires to brew a cup of coffee. You have to wait for DNS propagation after registering your domain. 

Customers unfamiliar with this procedure may need clarification on the pending notice on their account; remember that DNS propagation might take a few hours and three days. Although HostArmada is not the only platform that has experienced the trouble that comes with the delay, the website does not inform the users, which decreases the worry and chaos. 

Thanks to cPanel’s one-click Softaculous installer, installing WordPress is accessible to breezy. Use a strong password, just like you would with any WordPress installation.

Another warning: to view your site at your domain, you’ll need to clear the cache using Cache Commander. HostArmada fails to inform users of this peculiarity, but fortunately, Cache Commander was simple to use, and the Clear Cache option is prominently displayed.

How Safe is HostArmada?

A whole stack of security solutions is in place at HostArmada. You are protected with safeguards like SSL certificates, regular backups, DDoS defense, malware scanning, and live server monitoring. Find out how HostArmada protects its users. 

  1. Backups: HostArmada provides between 7 and 21 daily backups depending on your package. Even though they are an essential feature, shared hosting plans, especially cheap ones, frequently only include weekly backups. Hence, HostArmada is definitely in the lead above its rivals in this domain.
  2. SSL Certificates: Free SSL is available for all domains hosted on Sectigo. This is a standard solution that will assist in establishing an encrypted connection between your website and its users. 
  3. Firewalls: It has a web application firewall (WAF) that detects, tracks, and restricts HTTP traffic at the app layer to combat XSS attacks and SQL injection. This is a fantastic security strategy to reduce the accessibility of your web server. 
  4. Scanning Malware: Effective automated scans for exploits and malware with code injection are carried out by HostArmada. A security scan can be started from cPanel as well. 
  5. DDoS Protection: attacks disrupt your website by flooding it with traffic from numerous infected systems. It’s fantastic that HostArmada has server-side security measures like reCaptcha, SSL renegotiation protection service, per-IP throttling, and ModSecurity integration since this threat can be disastrous.
  6. Live Server: To ensure that any attack or issue is quickly handled, live server monitoring is available around the clock. 

The features are extensive and significantly more than its competitors offer.

HostArmada Features 

HostArmada Features

Easy to Use 

Clean and basic, HostArmada’s management interface enables experienced and inexperienced hosts to handle basic site maintenance chores efficiently. But the minute you get stuck, you can easily communicate and ask for instructions from the Support group available 24/7.

And once you’ve signed up, HostArmada won’t keep trying to sell you more expensive plans or add-ons through the dashboard. Maybe their sales crew is incredibly easygoing, or they respect that consumers will upgrade as needed.

Storage Limits

Storage Limits

The storage that comes with each plan from HostArmada is one potential issue. Yet, the 15GB offered with Start Dock is sufficient to run any WordPress site.

Examine your website and also how you want it to develop. Magazine-style websites, blogs, and portfolios can gather thousands of assets over time, taking up space. Want to make it possible for people to download huge files or host video content? Any plan with much more resources will most likely be needed.

Regarding online storage, nothing is unlimited, and web providers who advertise unlimited everything have hidden limits. Even though it may imply that you need to update your plan as soon as possible, HostArmada’s openness is appreciated here.

Clear and Accessible Account

The HostArmada dashboard is uncluttered and has fewer alternatives available, and if you need clarification about where to click, fewer options make the experience smoother.

The Product Details section of the dashboard is the only other noteworthy feature besides cPanel. You may check your consumption of disc space and bandwidth, as well as your billing cycle and add-on purchases, here. Again, the dashboard doesn’t have a sales or marketing vibe, and users will only feel compelled to buy what is necessary.

Moreover, there are a few cPanel shortcuts in this section, though it would be wonderful if users could customize them.

cPanel Makes the Website Management Simpler 

The minute your website is live, your experience with the HostArmada dashboard may end, or it may just get started. Setting up things like email or FTP accounts is simple with cPanel, and we strongly advise using the search function rather than browsing through endless rows of app icons to discover what you’re looking for. 

Powerful Caching 

All hosting plans come equipped with Cache Commander, allowing users to modify the static and dynamic site cache. You can disable the cache while developing or clear it directly from cPanel.

Moreover, Cloudflare CDN support is offered by HostArmada, enabling edge caching of your website’s assets on servers closer to your foreign visitors. You must create your account on the Cloudflare website to access it because it is not included in any basic plans. But overall, customer service helps assist users with setting up. 

You must upgrade to the top-tier “Speed Reaper” plan to use the super-fast LiteSpeed web server. For the single test site, it isn’t worthwhile, but if you’re in charge of several prominent websites, this plan is an excellent choice and doesn’t cost a lot. We followed up with the following settings, and it worked in our favor making the process even smoother. 

Customer Support

Customer Support

With so many options available, hosting providers need to stand out, and HostArmada’s support services accomplish just that. The host claims a 99% complaint resolution rate and offers phone, chat, and ticketing support around the clock.

Users can use the chat interface for communication and connect with a live person in about a minute. When we raised our issues and queries to customer support, we also found the responses quick and friendly. Even better, the support crew only works with HostArmada and not many other hosting companies, as shown by the fact that we frequently saw the same agent. This made it even easier to communicate and ask questions. 

Final Verdict 

Regarding features, usability, performance, customer service, and cost, HostArmada receives excellent scores, making it a solid option for anyone searching for simple and dependable shared hosting. The platform ticks the boxes and offers outstanding cloud technology providing users with impressive reliability, a lightning-fast website loading feature, a security system you can rely on, promising uptime and stability, and around-the-clock customer support. 

In a crowded industry, the company’s emphasis on high-quality web server software and its prompt, helpful service stand out and distinguish it as a client-focused and reliable destination to host your web project. Furthermore, we discovered the HostArmada website to be a breath of fresh air for individuals who are bored of understanding complex hosting features and will find this platform with straightforward language and clarity preferable. 

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