Google Will Be Shutting Down Stadia, Its Video Gaming Streaming Service

Stadia was launched in November 2019 and was known as the Netflix for games, as players were able to stream games online without needing to purchase a console. The gaming site was built on a solid technological foundation. Still, it was unable to gain traction among users, as stated by the VP and general manager at Google, Phil Harrison.

It is reported that all those who purchased hardware for the gaming streaming service through Google and those who purchased games and add-ons will be granted refunds. The company predicts that most of the refunds will be completed by the time the service shuts down on 18th January 2023. 

At the time of its launch, Stadia was not well received. Users complained about the input lag issue, which sometimes made games almost unplayable. However, Google took those criticisms and worked to improve the service. 

However, despite its efforts, the gaming industry is competitive, and Stadia could have never competed with gaming giants such as Xbox and PlayStation. Furthermore, it is difficult to attract customers of other gaming giants since they have already invested their money and bought consoles and subscriptions from them. 

The announcement shocked some because Google had assured customers in July about Stadia’s future when one Twitter user asked if they intended to shut Stadia. In response, Google stated that Stadia is not shutting down. Furthermore, Google reportedly invested a massive amount in Stadia to keep it competitive. 

Despite all their efforts, Stadia will now be joining Google’s other 200 canceled projects, such as their social media venture, mobile virtual reality platform, Google Plus, and Google Cardboard. However, Stadia’s technology will still remain valuable to the company and will most likely be utilized in other projects.

Harrison stated that they see the opportunity to apply Statdia’s technology in other parts of google, like Google Play, YouTube, and their AR efforts. He also clarified that Stadia’s lack of traction was not a failure and that they will remain committed to gaming and would be investing in new tools, technologies, and platforms to power their industry partners and creators. 

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