How to Remove a Page in Microsoft Word 2010 to 2016

How to Remove a Page in Microsoft Word 2010 to 2016

In Microsoft Word, when typing a document, as a user, you may run into a blank page situation sometimes. This may appear at the end of your document or right in the middle. But as a word user, you should know how to deal with this and be able to delete an entire page in your Word document at once. 

Deleting the entire blank page is relatively easy, and it should be. However, users can delete the pages in the Microsoft Word processor in multiple ways. We have listed the most effective ways to delete pages in Word from 2010 to 2016. 

How to Find Page Breaks in Your Word Document?

Word supports different types of page breaks; a hard page break is entered when you Press Ctrl+Enter, and a soft page break joins in Word to wrap the text around the right margin. The easiest way to delete the latter is to remove the characters before or after the text found on the top of the page. In cases of soft returns, you can easily make quick adjustments. 

But the problem arises when hard breaks occur. We have listed a few ways to make the process easy. 

How to Delete a Blank Page in Word 

How to Delete a Blank Page in Word

There are four ways you can learn how to get rid of blank pages in Word. Start by using each of these methods, and one of them will indeed work for you. 

Use Your Backspace Key

This is the first method which is the easiest way that will help you in deleting the entire blank page in Word 2013. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Start by clicking on the bottom right corner of your Ms Word page that you wish to delete. This will bring the text cursor to the end of the Word page. 
  2. Now press the Backspace key from your keyboard and then press until the targeted page is deleted. 
  3. The minute the page is deleted, the page will automatically disappear. 

Use the Navigation Pane to Delete the Blank Page 

Learn how to remove a page in word using the Navigation Pane feature, which makes deleting the page very easy. You need to follow the following steps to delete an entire page:

  1. Navigate to the View tab on your Word document 
  2. Now, check out the Checkbox beside the Navigation Pane option in the show section of your View tab. 
  3. You will open it up in the left corner of your Microsoft Word Navigation Pane. 
  4. Now in the Navigation Pane, locate the page of your document you wish to delete.
  5. Click on the page to select the page you want to remove. 
  6. Now press the delete key on your keyboard, and the page will quickly be deleted the minute you click on the delete key. 
  7. You can repeat the steps 3 to 4 times for any other pages of your Word document easily. 

Make Adjustments to Page Layouts and Delete Blank Pages 

If any of the above methods aren’t working, you can also try deleting the blank pages from your document. You can do this simply by following some of the steps below:

  1. Go to the Page Layout tab on your Ms Word.
  2. Now click on the Margin, which will automatically open the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on Custom Margins which you can find in the drop-down menu.
  4. Now go to the Layout tab.
  5. You can now open the dropdown menu next to the Section.
  6. Click on the New Page to select it and then confirm by clicking OK. 

Enable the Paragraph Symbols and Delete the Blank/Targeted Page 

People using Microsoft Word can quickly get a show of every paragraph symbol and other formatting symbols they use in the document. Use this as your technique in favor and delete the targeted page on your Word document. Now enable this feature and then delete the targeted blank page. 

  1. Check the Home tab on your Ms Word document. 
  2. Now click on the Show/Hide ¶ button, which will quickly display all the symbols for paragraphs and formatting in your document. 
  3. If you find the paragraph symbol ¶ on your target page, select each and delete them. 
  4. The minute you select all the symbols and delete them, nothing will be left on the page. 
  5. After all the symbols are deleted, then nothing is left on the page. So it will get deleted automatically. 

If you have a blank page that you aren’t able to get rid of right in the middle of your word document, then this usually happens because of a manual page break. You can see where the manual page breaks occur with the right paraghing symbols such as ¶ or a formatting symbol. Then select and delete all the unwanted page breaks to eliminate the blank page. 


1. How do I delete a page in Word that won’t delete?

You can delete a page in your Word document using the Ctrl+Shift+8, and for Mac users, press the ⌘+8. Now select Page Break and then delete it. 

2. How do I remove a Section page in Word 2010?

Go to the Home page and select Show all nonprinting characters on your Word document. Now Select the Section Break on your document and then Delete it. 

3. Why can I not remove a page in Word?

You cannot remove the page in Word if all methods fail. Click on the View tab and select the Navigate Pane in the Show section. Click on Pages and select the page thumbnail in the left panel. Press your delete key and keep pressing until the blank page is removed. 

4. Why is it so hard to delete a page in Word?

Manual page breaks cause all the unwanted pages on your Word document. The Default view of the word document hides the control characters. So it becomes difficult to spot the right place to delete the page. The function Hide paragraph helps delete the blank page. 

5. How do you delete a hard page in Word?

To delete a hard or blank page in Word, click on Edit Document > Edit in Word for the web. Now all the empty paragraphs appear as blank lines in your Word document. To remove them, just select all of them and delete them. To delete a page break, click it, select it, and then press the Delete button.

6. How do I delete multiple pages in a Word document?

Press the F8 to activate the Extend Mode on your Word. Then reopen the Find and Replace dialog box by pressing F5 on your keyboard. Under the page number, type the digit of the page you wish to delete. 

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How to delete a page break in Word and get rid of any of the blank pages in Word has now been answered. Delete unwanted pages in Word and eliminate all the blank pages in the middle of your word document. Knowing all these ways is important because if one doesn’t work, you have different methods to try out until any of them finally works out. 

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