Hulu Not Working on Smart TV? Here is How to Fix it!

Hulu Not Working on Smart TV? Here is How to Fix it!

Are you have problems with Hulu on your Smart TV? Does it keep crashing, or is your Hulu freezing? You are not alone because so many people have been surfing the web to find answers to fix their Hulu so they can stream their favorite shows hassle-free. It’s nothing; however, there are a few measures that you will have to take up to solve the Hulu crash error

Primarily, the root cause of this issue is the distorted cached data on your Smart TV. Furthermore, Smart TVs aren’t that powerful and often have this problem. Today, we will finally help you solve this problem so you can fix your Hulu issue and get started on streaming. But before we begin, let’s find out the issue and all possible solutions!

Why is Hulu not working on Smart TV?

Why is Hulu not working on Smart TV?

If you are facing streaming issues with your Hulu application and if it’s not working on your Smart TV, then it can be because of the following reasons:

1. Poor Internet Connection

Hulu uses an internet connection to stream videos to the user’s device. Streaming video requires a constant connection with the internet which means that if there are any interruptions in service, it will not be able to work correctly.

2. Outdated Hulu Application

When streaming on your Smart TVs, if you have an outdated Hulu application, there might be a chance your Hulu will stop working. So make sure to check for upgrades on your Smart TV for a smooth streaming experience. 

3. Hulu Server Problem

Recently, many have been experiencing server issues with their Hulu application when watching their shows and movies. This sometimes occurs because of a server outage. 

4. Hulu Application Cache

If the Hulu app cache is not cleared, it will take up a lot of space on the device. This can lead to several problems with the app. The most common problem is that Hulu will stop working due to a lack of storage space. This is because it takes up more than 500MB, which can be too much for some devices.

5. Smart Hub Issue

If your Smart hub is misconfigured or malicious, it may cause your Hulu application on your Smart TV to stop working. 

To fix the Hulu not working issue, we have the solutions listed below; make sure to go through each of them to continue streaming. 

How to Fix the Hulu Not Working Issue On Your Smart TV?

How to Fix the Hulu Not Working Issue On Your Smart TV?

To fix your Hulu errors, we recommend you try these five quick solutions because they will provide an instant resolution, and you can continue streaming without any challenges. 

Check Your Internet Connection

One of the most common issues users face when using their streaming application is the Hulu connection error. The lack of speed can be a massive issue, so check the speed using the built-in speed test application. For a smooth streaming experience, you require16 Mbps, 8 Mbps for live streaming, and 3 Mbps for going through the Hulu content library. 

Suppose your internet speed is below the requirement of the Hulu application. In that case, you will have to get in touch with your network provider or get a faster internet connection to improve your experience with Hulu. 

Reboot Your Hulu Application

Restart your Smart TV and then reinstall the Hulu application to resolve the Hulu not working issue on your Smart TV. If the app is not working properly, delete it and install it on your Smart TV because it is the easiest way to watch your shows and movies smoothly. 

Update Your Hulu Smart TV Application

When using the Hulu application on your mobile phones, automatic updates ensure your streaming is not interrupted. However, on your Smart TVs, automatic updates do not take place all the time, so you will have to check your Smart TV for any upgrading. If there is no update, the application is left outdated, which stops the streaming. The smart way to go with a smooth streaming experience is to uninstall and then reinstall the application to resume watching. 

Clear Cache From Your Hulu App

The easiest way to fix the Hulu not working issue is to clear cache data from your app. The easiest way to remove the unwanted files and data from your Hulu Smart TV application:

  1. Open your Smart TV and then go to the Settings section on your TV.
  2. Go to the applications corner and then click on Hulu.
  3. Now in your Hulu application, go to Storage and click on the Clear Cache option on the screen. 
  4. Click on the Home button on your TV remote and then select the Hulu app again to check if it works. 

Make a Thorough Research of all the Hulu Error Code

It is important to figure out the root cause of the issue behind your Hulu not working. Whenever Hulu is not working, it shows an error code on your TV screens that defines the problem’s cause. We have listed the error codes and then the solutions to each of the problems:

  1. Hulu Error p-dev 320: This is the connectivity issue with either Hulu or your internet connection. Restart your internet router or contact the Hulu support team for further assistance. 
  2. Hulu Error 5003: This is the Playback issue and can be solved by correctly setting the date and time on your Smart TV.
  3. Hulu Error 16: This VPN error occurs because of an unsupported region issue. You can solve this by disabling your VPN or using the premium Hulu VPN. 
  4. Hulu Error Code RUNUNK 13: This playback and buffering issue can easily be solved by clearing the cache or rebooting the Hulu application. 


1. Why is Hulu not working on my Smart TV?

Streaming applications like Hulu ensure the Smart TV is fully updated. The latest version of Hulu is required if you wish to get optimum performance. So if you end up with Hulu not working on the Smart TV problem, the application is outdated. Check your Smart TV for the available updates and get it done so you can have a smooth watching experience. 

2. How do I get Hulu back on my Smart TV?

If you’re wondering how to get back Hulu on your Smart TV, you can start by installing the Hulu application on your TV and then log in using your credentials. You can then easily get Hulu back on your TV and start streaming your favorite shows

3. Why did Hulu stop working on my Samsung Smart TV?

If Hulu is not working on your Samsung Smart TV, you will have to power-cycle your TV. To do this, you will have to unplug your TV and wait for a minute or over 50 seconds. During the waiting process, hold the power button of the Smart TV for over 30 seconds and then begin.

In Short

By now, you have an idea that basic measures must be taken to solve the Hulu not working issue. We advise you to go through each of the solutions, and if it still does not work, then it’s time you get in touch with the Hulu support team and explain your issue. However, you won’t have to because these measures are detailed and will surely get your streaming app working.

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