Fluxx FX3 Hoverboard Review

Fluxx FX3 Hoverboard Review

We all had our fair share of the fun with kick scooters; swift, lightweight, and easy to carry. But something has even outshined their popularity and adoption when it comes to personal transporters – hoverboards. These stylish, flashy, easy-to-use, two-wheeled commutes have taken the market by storm.

As more and more hoverboards are being launched into the market, it’s becoming hard to differentiate between them. Nevertheless, the Fluxx FX3 hoverboard stands tall above the rest in its league.

Launched by GoTrax, the hoverboard has earned a reputation for being the best entry-level hoverboard backed by countless Fluxx FX3 hoverboard reviews. Considering the variety of features it offers, it is regarded among the best value for money hoverboards out there.

Let’s unfold everything about the FX3, making it a fun board to buy.

Fluxx FX3 Hoverboard Key Features

  • Complete UL 2272 safety certification ensures complete piece of mind. Before departing the factory floor, each board is quality tested and thoroughly inspected.
  • The innovative arrangement of the LED lights surrounding the wheels and in the deck is absolutely amazing.
  • Excellent for increased vision in low-light situations.
  • Innovative self-balancing technology ensures a secure, solid, and sophisticated ride. Adults and children of all ages will enjoy it.
  • In that regard, the Fluxx FX3 LED Hoverboard has a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs. All thanks to a sturdy frame plus the 400W dual engines under the hood.
  • The highest speed of the board is listed as 6.5mph, but the manufacturer does not specify its maximum range.
  • Charging duration averages around 3 hours, which is typical for a low-cost board with these specs.
  • Several color options are available, with a scratch-resistant coating to keep the board appearing immaculate for an extended period.
  • This is a 6.5-inch self-balancing scooter intended mainly for smooth everyday surfaces.
  • The deck also includes a fantastic Bluetooth speaker for on-the-go amusement.

Self-Balancing Technology

Self-Balancing Technology

As the name speaks, the Fluxx 3 Self Balancing hoverboard is constructed with an inborne self-balancing mechanism that keeps the board steady and firm during the ride. The board is primarily geared towards beginner riders who have trouble balancing themselves on two wheels.

The sophisticated technology prevents the board from spinning or toppling over when you step and while you are halting. This makes it safe and stable for entry-level riders, be it kids or adults.


Although FX3 is an industry leader for entry-level hoverboards, it comes with just enough power wattage, as you’d find in high-end variants. The dual motors on either end deliver a combined power of 400-watt.
The board is powered by a 24V Li-ion battery and covers 4 miles on a single charge. You can recharge the hoverboard in under 3-hours thanks to the Li-ion technology.

The hoverboard lets you ride at a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour under optimum rider weight and track conditions. For instance, a flat surface and less weight would increase speed and vice versa.


The FX3 gives tough competition to its counterparts when it comes to performance. Apart from offering a 4-mile mileage, the scooter is heavily constructed to withstand 200 pounds of weight, making it fit for kids and adults. On the other hand, the robust motor allows you to 10-degree steep inclines without feeling underpowered or lagging.

The compact build quality ensures no vibrations or disconcerting creaks when stepping on or down the board. The Fluxx 3 features a single riding mode. Therefore, if you prefer having multiple switchable options to choose from, it may not be the right fit.

Although you can find better models with that motor set offering better speed and mileage, FX3 makes the cut with its spot on self-balancing technology. Not to mention, the slow pace makes it easier for beginners to practice and learn.



Safety is requisite to every transport vehicle. But when it comes to a two-wheeled vehicle, the need for it multiplies. It is vital to consider and verify the safety of a hoverboard before buying. An easier way to attest to the safety standard of a hoverboard is the UL 2272 certification.

Every hoverboard manufacturer is bound to uphold the UL 2272 safety standards. It is a globally recognized safety standard that confirms the safe working of the motor, battery, and other machinery parts.

In the case of Fluxx FX3, the hoverboard qualifies the UL 2272 certification for safety that includes; attestation of no short circuit and overheating due to an overcharge. Although the accreditation verifies the vehicle’s safety, it is better if you ride responsibly and carefully.


The FX F3 hoverboard has 6.5-inch solid wheels rounded with durable rubber pads. While the solid wheels offer sturdiness to the board, the rubber tires add fluidity to the ride—the rubber acts as a friction pad on smoother surfaces preventing the tires from slipping.

On loose surfaces like grass or gravel, it keeps the ride smooth. Thus, the wheels make FX3 an all-around hoverboard capable of riding on compact pavements and loose surfaces.

Suitable for All Riders

Suitable for All Riders

The Fluxx FX3 comes with all the basic features of a hoverboard and more that fulfill all your basic requirements. The 200lbs of load capacity allows room for adults to try for starters. Secondly, the scooter has self-balancing technology, a feature beginners and amateurs look for in a hoverboard.

Lastly, entry-level riders are offered sufficient power, speed, and mileage to learn and craft their ability to move on to the next level. Be that as it may, the price competitiveness of the hoverboard places it at a better spot in terms of the bargain.

Pros and Cons

The FX3 hoverboard soon became a hot product after its launch. Its eye-catching looks, high functionality, and competitive price vouches for its increased popularity in recent times. 


Here are some advantages that may compel you to join the bandwagon of FX3 lovers.

  • Stylish shape and aesthetic LED lighting make it an eye-catching vehicle.
  • Better build quality offers up to 200 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Powerful and robust dual motors provide 10-degree incline assist and 7mph of top speed.
  • Self-balancing technology makes it ideal for kids and beginners to ride.
  • The 6.5-inch wheels with rubber tires make the rider smooth, fast, and skid-free.
  • Bright LEDs at the front and wheels increase visibility under low light conditions.
  • The UL 2272 certification attests to safety standards.
  • Comes at a competitively lower price.
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Irrespective of the various advantages the hoverboard brings, it has a few downsides. Such as:

Final Thoughts

Despite the excessive variety of hoverboards to choose from, the Fluxx FX3 stands out the most because of its amazing features. The hoverboard is not the top-of-the-line variant reserved only for experienced riders; instead, it is geared towards riders still finding their way through the process. The speed, mileage, and functionality make it a must-have hoverboard to buy, especially when considering its price.

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