Chrome is Now Faster than Ever on macOS

Chrome is Now Faster than Ever on macOS

Google Chrome has received a new upgrade that has allowed it to be faster than ever on macOS. According to Google, the updated web browser appears to be 20% faster on MacBooks when tested with Apple’s Speedometer. 

Previously, Chrome was faster, but now it is even faster. This browser surpasses all others such as Safari, Firefox, etc. in speed and efficiency. The new upgrade has another speed boost, thus putting even more distance between itself and its competitors. 

According to Google, the latest version of Apple scored a 360 based on Apple’s Speedometer. This tool is a benchmarking tool that measures the responsiveness of an app. Therefore, Chrome is much more responsive than before and will work faster and better. 

This upgrade marks a significant change from its previous milestone, which it achieved in March. Back then, it was only 7% faster than Safari, the native web browsing app on macOS. With the recent upgrade, Chrome was tested against 300 other browsers. In the test, Chrome was at the top, beating all other browsers.

The comparison also depicted that Chrome outmatched Safari by 15%, as compared to 7% before in terms of graphics performance. Therefore, overall the experience of using Chrome over Safari would be much better. 

These improvements have come about because Google has made some changes to ThinLTO. This is a build optimization approach that helps to align code base elements, which are essential in helping improve the speed. Google also optimized the general JavaScript last year, which greatly helped the performance of Chrome on macOS.

Due to all these changes, Chrome is faster than ever on Mac devices. It was reported that Chrome is around 43 percent faster on M1-based Macs. These Macs were released in late 2020 and are the latest from the brand.

These improvements are also visible on Android, as Chrome is 15% faster due to improved navigation technology within the browser user interface thread.

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