The Xiaomi 13 Ultra Wins in the Camera Department

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra Wins in the Camera Department

Xiaomi has been coming in strong with the cameras on its flagship phones. Only recently, the company released the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which had one of the best phone cameras on the market. It had a 1-inch-type sensor that was unheard of on a smartphone, and this naturally resulted in better image quality. While the Xiaomi 12S paired this camera with two others, making it a three-lens design, its successor is set to take it a step further with an additional sensor. 

This news comes as a part of a massive leak that revealed key specs about the upcoming Xiaomi 13 Ultra. The leak comes from regular leaker Yogesh Brar, who detailed the forthcoming top-end model stating that it will feature four 50MP sensors on the rear. This quad camera will reportedly include a 50MP primary shooter, a 50MP ultrawide camera, a 50MP zoom lens, and a 50MP telephoto lens. All these cameras are shaping up the phone to be a formidable flagship.

Like the Pro and standard models, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will feature the same Leica-branded color processing, making the Xiaomi 13 Pro one of the best cameras. Although the company has stayed relatively silent about the phone’s specifications, Briar has revealed everything customers were curious about. 

Alongside the quad-camera setup, the phone will have a 4900mAh battery with support for 90W wired and 50W wireless charging. If this proves to be accurate, then the 13 Ultra will be a step above its predecessors in terms of charging speed and stamina. Brar also claims the phone will have a 6.7-inch QHD+ AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. With all the excitement about the rear cameras, the company decided not to make any changes to the selfie camera, which will stick to 32MP like all previous Xiaomi Ultra models. 

The Xiaomi Ultra will be the third phone in the Xiaomi 13 series, which launched with the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro late last year in China but made its global debut at the MCW 2023. Rumors suggest that the Ultra model will be released around May or June this year.

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