How to Watch Black Bird Online - Where to Stream

How to Watch Black Bird Online – Where to Stream

If you’re a true crime fanatic and love a good psychological thriller, then Black Bird is a treat that awaits you! With an interesting storyline, you can watch the show from anywhere in Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia. For more information, we advise you to keep scrolling and get a better idea of how to seamlessly stream if you’re wondering where to watch Black Bird. 

Taron Egerton is the lead character who portrays the life of a footballer who ends up in jail because of a series of wrong decisions. His punishment is for ten years, which really is a dent in his life. But when he gets an offer from the U.S. Attorney, he might have to rethink everything. 

Calling out to Ray Liotta fans, this is the actor’s last appearance before his passing in May 2022. He plays the role of Jimmy’s father and is the respected police officer in the series. Discover the story and what events unfold in the life of Jimmy, and learn what he chooses and how that decision can shape his future!

Black Bird Real Story

For those wondering, ‘Is Black Bird a true story?’, the events are inspired by a true event taking place in a high school. It’s about the life of a football hero, Jimmy Keene, whose father is a policeman. Jimmy is condemned to 10 years in the security prison. While being there, he’s given two options: either he chooses to befriend Larry Hall, who is a suspect in a serial killer case or move to the maximum security prison made for deranged criminals. The last alternative is to remain where he is and finish the punishment without release. 

After assessing the situation, Jummy realizes he has a way out, and that is to figure out where the girls are buried and submit the evidence before Larry’s parole appeal is presented. The story takes twists and turns, where all the people who are already behind bars attempt to solve the mysteries. 

Where to Watch Black Bird?

Black Bird is an Apple Original show available to stream for users on the Apple TV+. The subscription begins from $4.99/month, AUS $7.99/month, CAD $5.99/month, and GBP 4.99/month. New subscribers also get a 7-day trial, so if you don’t like the content or wish to cancel your services without any money deduction, you can do it before the 7th day. 

You can rent it on all of the following platforms if you do not have access to Apple TV+:

  • Amazon Prime: 

If you want to rent it, you will have to pay $3.99, and those who wish to purchase it in HD have to pay $13.99. 

  • Google Play:

Those who want to rent it must pay $3.99 and $14.99 if they wish to buy HD. 

How to watch to Black Bird Show

How to Black Bird Show

If you’re someone who’s traveling but cannot wait to stream the Black Bird show, then keep in mind that the services might be restricted. Even though Apple TV+ is available in more than 100 countries, you cannot be sure if it’s available where you’re landing. Geographic restrictions lead to issues, and because of this, you might not be able to access content in different regions. 

One of the easiest ways to watch shows because of geo-restrictions is VPNs. Virtual Private Networks allow people to change their location through the variety of servers available on the application. You can subscribe to the content and avoid any issues. These keep your data safe and help reduce the risk of any middleman tracking your data or passwords. Some of the most reliable VPNs to choose from are the following:



Based in the Netherlands, SurfShark is a VPN service providing connections and hides various IP addresses to protect people’s privacy. It’s known to be one of the cheapest VPN services in the market, with a starting price of 1.99/month with a subscription plan lasting for two years. With a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, SurfShark will be the perfect solution to connect your devices seamlessly. It blocks unnecessary ads and malware and ensures no one tracks your search history.



ExpressVPN is one of the most widely used virtual private networks worldwide that bridge the gap between users and content. These are a perfect way to remain safe and anonymously get access to the data you’re looking for. ExpressVPN offers servers from over 94 countries in the world, allowing you to access any website anytime and any day. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, we urge you to get a description to stream freely. 

Hotspot Shield 

Hotspot Shield 

Hotspot Shield is based in California and began operations in 2008. With over 1800 servers, they offer services in about 80 countries and different regions. They cover everything from Africa to Asia, Europe to South and North America. Hotspot Shield ensures a smooth and steady service without any blockage. With high speed, you can stream and browse the internet smoothly. 

Black Bird Episodes Releasing Schedule

The 6 episode miniseries debuted on Apple TV this year on July 8, 2023. The first two episodes came out at midnight for people in Canada and the US. People in the UK could stream anytime after 5 am BST, and for Australian fans, it came out at 2 pm AET. 

The new episodes came out every Friday following a schedule similar to those shown above. The second and the last episodes were released on August 5. Here’s a schedule that was followed for Black Bird for anyone who wants to know and is interested:

  • Pilot/TBC: Black Bird Season 1 Episode 1 – July 8, 2022
  • “We are coming, Father Abraham”: Black Bird Season 1 Episode 2 – July 8, 2022
  • Hand to Mouth: Black Bird Season 1 Episode 3 – July 15, 2022
  • TBC: Black Bird Season 1 Episode 4 – July 22, 2022
  • TBC: Black Bird Season 1 Episode 5 – July 29, 2022
  • TBC: Black Bird Season 1 Episode 6 – August 5, 2022

Bottom Line

Use the information we have provided above to stream the show from different parts of the world through a reliable VPN. Discover the events unfolding in this miniseries and how Jimmy protects himself while trying to uncover the secrets of Hall’s life and the girls’ bodies. 

Every month, Apple TV+ releases a variety of shows for users to stream; they are exciting, dramatic, thrilling, and even romcoms. So, getting a subscription is undoubtedly a viable option. Happy Streaming

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