10 Best Theo James' Movies & TV Shows, Ranked

10 Best Theo James’ Movies & TV Shows, Ranked

Most of us remember Theo James from the Divergent series, where he truly did a number and his road to success began! Theo James is an impressive actor, with a unusual set of of roles, showcasing how he has experimented on screen. With his roles in anime series, heist movies, and even as an egotistical character he truly adds magic to each role. His journey to his newest role in The Gentleman has truly been exciting and worth a watch! So come along as we rate his movies and TV shows and you can discover which ones to watch first. 

Prepare to be mesmerized by the british goodness and his roles in different movies!

Ranking The 10 Best Movies and TV Shows by Theo James

1. White Lotus – Season 2 (2022)

White Lotus - Season 2 (2022)

From all the work that Theo James has done till now, nothing can truly beat the appearance and influence of his work that he had in White Lotus. After a surprising hit of season 1, HBO renewed it as an anthology series, starring Theo as the egotistical Cameron Sullivan. Season 2 keeps up with the sharp examination of the social status in fancy resorts. The season is profound, and Theo’s work adds more thoughtfulness and depth, making the drama intense. 

Season 2 of White Lotus begins with the luxurious resort where rich people come to stay. The show dives deep into the lives of the wealthy and the staff responsible for caring for them. As the show progresses, different secrets are uncovered, lots of drama unfolds, and conflicts arise between guests and the staff. The show is an accurate depiction of how power and money play a massive role in affecting the relationships and behaviour of people. With a combination of humor and tension, the show allows audiences to get a glimpse of the complexities that come with privilege and class. Prepare yourself for the rollercoaster of emotions as the characters navigate their time at the White Lotus resort. 

2. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)

Inspired by Jim Henson, the new Dark Crystal series is truly a masterpiece of fantasy! The show is created using puppets bringing back an old form of art. Theo James does a voiceover for an old character, Rek’yr, who helps the main character on their journey. The show transcends a magical journey, helping the main characters on their path. The show takes us into an adventurous world without any of the negativity we mostly see. It’s like stepping into a fantasy world, with good and evil fighting out. The show has a unique touch, making it a must-watch for fans of storytelling and fantasy. 

Dark Crystal is an epic fantasy series in the immersive world of Thra. The story follows three heroes, Rian, Brea, and Deet, as they uncover the secrets of their world and give rise to a rebellion against the tyrannical Skeksis overlords. As they move along their difficult journey, they encounter enemies and allies, facing multiple challenges along the way. As the fate of Thra hangs in their hands, the Gelfings must unite to restore their world and confront the darkness threatening their world and all that they hold dear. 

3. Divergent (2014) – a favourite 

Divergent (2014) - a favourite 

Divergent is a film set in a society that divides and catgeorizes people into factions based on their virtues. Cue in James, as he plays the role of a mysterious trainer Four, in the brave society of Duantless. He works together to help Tris Prior, navigate the challenges of her newlife. James portrays the character Four in the best way, adding strength, vulnerability, and depth that resonates with audiences. His on-screen presence and chemistry with Woodley elevates the film, keeping viewers hooked from the beginning to the end. James adds intensity to his characters, drawing audiences to the compelct world of Four and adding layers to his stoyr. His performance truly leaves a lasting impression on the audiences even after the credis roll. 

4. Mr Malcoms List (2022)

Mr. Malcolm’s List is a period piece where audiences are taken back to 1800s England. The story revolves around the fancy and sneaky ways people try to fit into high societies. Everything is seen through a romantic story but with a twist of revenge. The movie feels like something that Jane Austin should write, but it stands out with its story of deceit, rebellion, and love. Theo James plays the role of Captain Ossery quite well, adding to the performance with a combination of other cast members. 

5. Castlevania 


Castlevania is a Nextflix original series based on the video game. It follows the life of Trevor Belmont, who is a vampire hunter in his exciting adventures. Theo James plays the role of Hector, a serious and scary sorcerer who joins the Dracula army. His character brings depth and captivates the audiences with his stoic demeanor. James adds layer to Hector’s complex journey making it a fan favourite. The show is loved for the action packed scenes and its witty jokes. Fans cannot get enough of it and each season brings a new set of series, which surely means the cast and the creators are doing a fantastic job!

6. Archive (2020)

Archive (2020)

Theo James and his relationship with sci-fi movies goes way back! He plays the role of Geroge Almore, a scientist who is attempting to put his latr wifes mind into a robot. Even though we aren’t new to the concept of AI lovers because most of have seen it in Black Mirror and Ex Machine, but James brings something special to it. He handles Georges character very well potraying strong feelings, making audiences really care for the journey he has undergone. With its interesting story and James leading the way, Archive gives us a new look at robots and love. 

7. The Gentleman (2024)

The Gentleman (2024)

Theo James as the Duke? Yes, yes! Theo James plays the role of Edward Horniman, who ends up getting his fathers estate after his death. With a role to play as the main man, he soon discoveres how his eldest brother is caught up in a debt that could eventually take his life. In an attempt to help him things go crazy, with murders, deals gone wrong, and hidden agendas James truly carries the series to the end. His calm and problem-solving vibe keeps the viewers hooked, leaving fans excited on what’s coming next. 

8. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf (2021)

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf (2021)

Theo James doesn’t really have a big part to play in the series The Witcer. He voices the goung Vesemir in one episode. He later returned to do a voiceover for the same character but in the animated movie. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf was a total hit! The film focuses on the adventures o Vesemir, adding depth to the Geralt’s world. While it’s not important to the main story, but Nightmare of the Wolf also stands on its own as an exciting fantasy movie. James contributes to both the projects and brings life to Vesemir!

9. Dual (2022) 

Dual (2022) 

Dual is a quirky sci-fie comedy movie which shouldn’t be mixed with the Spielberg’s first movie. It follows the life of a girl who combats with a serious illness but then ends up meeting her strange double. The movie has an outstanding cast with Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, and James adding a lot to the story. With unexpected twists, Dual offers a good watch time, the jokes might not be the best but it still stands out on its own. Theo James plays the character Robert Michael, who adds comedic elements and quirkiness to the story. James plays his role with charm and skill, adding depth to the narrative as the story unfolds. 

10. Lying and Stealing (2022)

Lying and Stealing (2022)

Who doesn’t love a classic heist movie? We all do! Theo James plays the main character role Ivan Warding, who is an art thief and planning to do his final job before retiring from the crime. While the story isn’t very new, but Theo truly leads the movie! He adds charm and depth to his role and his chemistry with Emily Ratajkowski, adds excitement to the film. Prepare to be hooked till the end, as James makes an old concept new and an enjoyable watch!

Bottom Line

If you haven’t seen Theo James’s best movies it’s time you take a break and binge-watch them all! Theo truly brings presence to the screen and makes even a meager role outstanding. His journey from his debut till today has truly been interesting and it shows in the type of role he plays. So stream all these movies now! 

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