12 Celebrities Who Went Unnoticed in the Young Guns Movies

12 Celebrities Who Went Unnoticed in the Young Guns Movies

The “Young Guns” films, released in 1988 and 1990, were more than just entertaining Westerns. The Young Guns movies served as an excellent platform for performers who became worldwide known celebrities in the future. In this post we will discuss 2 Guns cast that you might not have noticed while watching the Young Guns movies.

The Young Guns’ movies are based on a story of a team of gunmen, commanded by Billy the Kid, appointed deputies in a town in the Western United States. Following the murder of their benefactor, Billy and his group, called the Regulators, seek a violent revenge, which ultimately results in them being hunted.

The Lincoln County War, which happened in New Mexico between the years 1877 and 1878, served as the inspiration for this story. The story was inspired by the experiences of William H. “Billy the Kid” Bonney, a real-life gunman. The historian Paul Hutton referred to “Young Guns” as the film that was the most historically correct portrayal of Billy the Kid.

At the time of publishing this post, there were only two “Young Guns” films. 1988 “Young Guns” was released; in 1990, “Young Guns 2” was followed by the sequel’s release. Even though there have been reports about “Young Guns 3,” also known as “Guns 3: Alias Billy the Kid,” the third chapter of the franchise has been shrouded in uncertainty over its development for several years. Emilio Estevez, who plays the lead role in the franchise, publicly stated in March 2021 that the third installment is “definitely in the works.”

In spite of the fact that the “Young Guns” films are generally regarded as being the ones that launched the acting careers of Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen Young, Kiefer Sutherland, and Lou Diamond Phillips, a number of other noteworthy actors in the cast of Young Guns who had a major contribution in the overall success of the Young Guns movies. Here is a list of twelve Young Guns cast who appeared in “Young Guns” or the sequel, which you might have not even noticed while watching the Young Guns movies:

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is undeniably one of the most famous and most bankable actors in the history of Hollywood. It was in the 1988 western movie Young Guns that Cruise made one of his earliest cameo appearances; however, in contrast to his tiny parts in the aforementioned comedic hits, Cruise is entirely unrecognizable in this appearance. Most Tom Cruise fans do not even know that he appeared in an insignificant cameo role in the first Young Guns movie. 

With a mustache, thick sideburns, and a giant hat that helps cover his identity, Tom Cruise, who happened to be touring the set on that particular day, makes a brief appearance as a gunslinger rooting for his opponents. However, he is immediately shot-down by the opponents.

True Tom Cruise fans would still pick out some of his facial characteristics despite all of that costume; nevertheless, due to the fact that he does not appear on screen for a very long time, it is pretty easy to miss his cameo if you aren’t actively searching for it. You will be able to see the young Tom Cruise in every inch of his cowboy splendor if you look closely enough and can look past the genuinely gorgeous mustache.

2. Terry O’Quinn

Terry O'Quinn

The role that brought Terry O’Quinn in the limelight recently is his portrayal of John Locke in the hit T.V. series Lost (2004–2010), for which he bagged a Primetime Emmy Award. In 1980, he made his first TV appearance in a television movie titled F.D.R.: The Last Year. From 1980 to the present day, he has made appearances in a number of films and series, including “Young Guns,” “All the Right Moves,” “Silver Bullet,” “Places in the Heart,” and “Rocketeer,” in which he played the role of Howard Hughes.

Before he became famous for his appearances on “Hawaii Five-0” and “Lost,” O’Quinn portrayed the role of Alex McSween, a rancher who was associated with John Tunstall, who was played by Terrence Stamp. When Terry O’Quinn was 34 at the time he portrayed the role of ‘Alex McSween’ in Young Guns. When Terry O’Quinn was slain in the Young Guns, he was killed in a gunfight that took place during the Battle of Lincoln.

Throughout his career, which spanned several decades, the passionate character artist Terry O’Quinn created a name for himself by portraying men of resolve in various roles, including those of police enforcement agents, military personnel, and corporate captains. 

3. Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen, an actor who began his career in low-budget films and roles referred to as “other man” roles, gradually and steadily rose through the ranks to establish himself as one of Hollywood’s most bankable and in-demand talents. 

Mortensen made appearances in supporting roles in a wide range of films throughout the 1990s decade. Examples of these films include The Portrait of a Lady, directed by Jane Campion, Boiling Point, Young Guns II, Prison, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, and many other noteworthy films.

In Young Guns 2 cast, Billy “The Kid” and his gang attempt to flee to Mexico to pursue Pat Barrett, who was originally one of Billy’s associates. Pat Barrett is pursuing them. A contract lawman who wants to bring them to justice and doesn’t care who loses their lives in the process, John W. Poe is portrayed by Viggo Mortensen. Poe is a lawman who believes in following the rules. Even though Viggo has a pretty minor role, he looks quite impressive in that role.

4. Christian Slater

Christian Slater

Over the course of the last four decades, Christian Slater has established himself as one of the most successful performers in Hollywood, both in the film and television industries. The Legend of Billie Jean, which came out in 1985, was the first picture Slater appeared in on the big screen. Prior to that, he had begun his professional journey as a child actor, acting in television shows including All My Children as well as Tales From the Darkside.

On the second installment of the Young Guns franchise, titled “Young Guns II,” Slater played the role of Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh, an infamous criminal who partners with Billy the Kid. In the cast of Young Guns 2, Christian Slater nailed the character Dave Rudabaugh, who appears in “Arkansas.” In addition to being a famed outlaw and gunfighter, “Arkansas,” even though he was not as widely known as a few of the other important figures of the Wild West, he established a track record for his quick draw, bold robberies, and relentless nature. 

As a result of Christian Slater’s performance in “Young Guns 2,” “Arkansas” is portrayed as the central figure accompanying the Regulators and fighting with them throughout their travels. 

5. Terence Stamp

Terence Stamp

In 1995, Empire Magazine recognized Terence Stamp on its list of the 100 Sexiest Film Stars of All Time. Throughout his career, the British actor Terence Stamp was frequently cast in roles that required him to portray sophisticated and intelligent negative characters. Beginning his career in the entertainment industry at the start of the 1960s, Stamp was cast in his first leading part in the 1962 film “Billy Budd” when he was only 23 years old.

In the film “Young Guns” (1988), the veteran British actor played a livestock ranch owner who employs troubled teenagers to care for his land while educating them to read and be better men. This was a character about-face for the actor. Therefore, when a greedy industrialist, played by Jack Palance, gets him killed, a group of his guys, headed by Billy the Kid, seek revenge only to become outlaws. 

Terence Stamp has served the film industry, voice acting, television, and stage. He has performed in more than one hundred films, including Young Gun.

6. Jack Palance

Jack Palance

The actor Jack Palance was a straightforward choice to play the heavy because he possessed a face that appeared to be carved out of granite and a tone of voice that was filled with a combination of gravel and menace. However, his untapped wit and intelligence enabled him to sometimes break away from Hollywood typecasting, which resulted in wonderfully unpredictable outcomes. 

After making a successful start on Broadway, the young actor made his debut in the film industry with performances that were deliciously nasty in the films “Panic in the Streets” in 1950, “Sudden Fear” in 1952, and then “Shane” in 1953. Palance, on the other hand, quickly found himself being pigeonholed as either a criminal or a murderer despite the fact that he had already had two nominations for the Academy Award.

With his performance in the Brat Pack Western “Young Guns” (1988), Jack Palance showed he was not afraid to embrace his evil side. The version that Palance gave as Tunstall, a mentor to Billy the Kid as well as a surrogate father figure, was one that will be remembered for a long time at the time of his portrayal of the character ‘L. G. Murphy’ in Young Guns, Jack Palance was 68 years old. 

During his career, he appeared in 119 films, 26 of which were released after the initial release of Young Guns. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 87. He would have been 104 years old if he were still living today.

7. Brian Keith

Brian Keith

Robert Alba Keith, better known as Brian Keith, was an American T.V., movie, and stage actor who rose to prominence during his six-decade career. He collaborated with luminaries like John Huston, Bette Davis, Peter Bogdanovich, Marlon Brando, and Sebastian Cabot.

Brian Keith played Buckshot Roberts. The Regulators approach Buckshot, and Dick Brewer informs him that he is wanted. Buckshot tells him that he has come to collect the bounty offered by Sheriff Brady for their capture. Buckshot flees inside the outhouse after wounding Doc Scurlock and Chavez Y Chavez in a crossfire. Dick orders William to finish Buckshot, but Buckshot nearly kills William H. Bonney. The Regulators fire at the outhouse, then when Dick goes to see if Buckshot is still alive, Buckshot shoots him. The Regulators then fire holes in the outhouse before fleeing.

Brian Keith played a small but notable role in the film Young Gun. Brian Keith’s six-decade career ended tragically when the 75-year-old actor put a revolver to his head and shot himself, finishing his downward spiral of deteriorating health, financial difficulties, and sadness brought on by the loss of his daughter.

8. Casey Siemaszko

Casey Siemaszko

Despite the fact that he is best known for his performances in the films of the 1980s titled “Brat Pack,” Casey Siemaszko is an extraordinarily versatile American actor who has made an astonishing sixty or more appearances in movies and television shows over the course of the past three decades.

The character of Charles “Charley” Bowdre, played by Casey Siemaszko, was a loyal member of the collective. Because of his actions boosted morale and cooperation, and the group’s shared values were brought to light. The last sequence of the action-packed film Young Guns depicts a fierce gun battle between the protagonists and antagonists. Both Charlie (Siemaszko) and Kinney (Allen Keller) end up shooting each other to death. 

At the same time, Steve “Dirty” (Dermot Mulroney) is killed while assisting Chavez (Lou Diamond Phillips) in escaping with Doc and Yen. The role of the sensitive cowboy that Siemaszko played in the 1988 film “Young Guns” garnered him a lot of attention from the critics.

It is impossible to understate the significance of Casey Siemaszko’s brilliance and presence in the world of entertainment, even though his name may not be as well-known as that of some of the most famous superstars in Hollywood. Throughout his career, which has spanned several years, Siemaszko has made an indelible impact with his distinctive charm and his ability to perform in a variety of styles. 

9. Dermot Mulroney

Dermot Mulroney

Dermot Mulroney, a handsome lead man, portrayed grit and vulnerability in various roles throughout his career. He was an actor with a laid-back appeal and natural talent. Over the course of his career, Dermot Mulroney has established himself as one of the most diversified and entertaining actors in Hollywood. He is an exceptionally brilliant individual. 

Over the course of his remarkable career, which has spanned more than three decades, the actor has appeared in many films centered on varied characters, such as Staying Together and Where the Day Takes You. The romantic leading male role that he played alongside Julia Roberts in the hit rom-com “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (1997) was the one that marked his arrival. 

In the film “Young Guns,” Dermot Mulroney makes his debut as “Dirty” Steve Stephens. Stephens was a part of the Regulators, so he fought against the dishonest law enforcement and cattle groups led by Lawrence G. Murphy. He was concerned about the welfare of cattle. His performance made him stand out by introducing a sense of surprise and fun into the dynamic of the group. In this character, Dermot Mulroney is an incredible chameleon; it is hard to recognize him with his dirty teeth and rough look, which was contrary to what he was known for during his career. He has earned a tip of the cowboy hat for his performance.

10. Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck is a renowned actor who has garnered acclaim for his engaging performances in both the theatrical and television. Ruck has established himself as a diverse and accomplished actor over the course of his career, which has spanned several decades. He has demonstrated tremendous versatility and ability to bring complex characters to life. 

Ruck has constantly provided outstanding performances that have won critical acclaim and a committed fanbase. His debut role in the unforgettable film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and his recent roles on prominent television shows like “Succession” are just two examples of his many accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

Alan Ruck plays the role of Henry William French in The Young Guns. Hendry William French is a composite character slightly influenced by Henry Brown and Jim French. Jim French is a farmhand who gets recruited to join the Regulators. The individual who has made the decision to defend the movie personally is none other than Alan Ruck, who played Henry William French, also known as “Buckshot George” (although only for a short period of time).

11. Geoffrey Blake

Geoffrey Blake

Television and movie actor Geoffrey Lewis Blake hails from the United States of America. Geoffrey Blake is an actor nominated for an Emmy and has won two S.A.G. Awards. He is best known for his performance as “Wesley” in the celebrated film Forrest Gump, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

During the course of Young Guns, Geoffrey Blake portrays the character of J. McCloskey, a cowboy who lives in Lincoln County, New Mexico. McCloskey, a previous member of Murphy’s inner circle, decides to become a member of Tunstall’s band at the beginning of the 1988 film Young Guns. Billy has a few reservations about McCloskey’s motives, in contrast to the other people who welcome him with open arms. 

During an early interaction with several other henchmen of Murphy’s, McCloskey attempts to steer the Regulators to another region than they were initially going to be going to. The fact that Billy is now convinced that McCloskey is a spy who is trying to lure them to Murphy’s grip is a result of this, which heightens his suspicions. Billy made the decision to put an end to the matter as soon as possible by taking the life of his fellow regulator, even though it is never established whether or not McCloskey was, in fact, a spy for Murphy.

12. Patrick Wayne

Patrick Wayne

Following his father’s footsteps, Patrick Wayne debuted on the big screen in 1950 with a minor part in his dad’s Western romance “Rio Grande.” John Wayne was a famed cinematic cowboy, and Patrick Wayne followed in the footsteps of his father. 

Patrick Wayne has established a reputation for himself in the film and television industries during his career. Patrick  retired from acting after appearing in more than forty films. Since 2003, he has been serving as chairperson of the John Wayne Cancer Institute, which is a research facility dedicated to finding cancer treatment. This institution was established in honor of Patrick’s father.

Patrick Wayne plays the character Pat Garrett, a lawman who once had a connection with the Regulators. Patrick appeared in the Young Guns I in a supporting role. During the second installment of the Young Guns franchise, the role of Garrett was extended, and William Petersen took over for Wayne. 


What is the importance of the film Young Guns in the Western film genre?

Young Guns’s exceptional cast and its one-of-a-kind interpretation of the Billy the Kid legend were two of the most critical aspects that contributed to the revival of the Western film genre in the latter part of the 1980s.

Did the actors’ portrayals of the real-life historical people in Young Guns have any impact on their performances?

Every actor in Young Guns invested significant effort and time honing their depictions of the historical figures they played in the film.

In what ways did the chemistry between the actors contribute to the success of the film?

The audience found the camaraderie of the gang to be more engaging due to the chemistry between the performers, which made the plot seem more realistic.

What are some of the most interesting stories that happened behind the scenes during the production of Young Guns?

Although there were some challenging situations on set, the group overcame them by working together, and their connections behind the camera mirrored those they had on film.

In popular culture, what would you say Young Guns’ legacy is?

In the minds and emotions of moviegoers, the cast, crew, and the original interpretation of the Billy the Kid mythology presented in Young Guns will continue to be remembered for many years.

Is Gun the Man Down cast and Young Guns cast the same?

No, Gun the Man Down is a 1956 Western film/Thriller and it has an entirely different cast as compared to the Young Guns movies. The leading Gun the Man Down cast includes James Arness (Rem Anderson), Angie Dickinson (Janice), Harry Carey Jr. (Deputy Lee), Robert J. Wilke (Matt Rankin), Emile Meyer (Sheriff Morton), and Don Megowan (Ralph Farley).


This year, the first Young Guns film celebrates its 35th anniversary. We regard Young Guns and the sequel to be classic Western films because they include impressive casts, incredible music, and amusing tales that continue to be interesting even after decades. 

As a result of its captivating portrayal of the activities of the infamous criminal Billy the Kid and his gang, the Western Young Guns, released in 1988, is a particular favorite among fans. On the other hand, the most compelling aspect of the movie was its talented and exciting ensemble.

The cast of Young Guns was the driving force behind the film’s transformation into a masterpiece. As a result of their combined talents, along with the rapport they shared onstage, the script, as well as the characters, benefited tremendously from their collaboration. The outstanding performances of the film’s performers are primarily responsible for the unforgettable influence that Young Guns had on viewers.

You could easily miss out on these twelve great performers who were a part of the “Young Guns” franchise. Even though their roles may not have been as prominent as those of the leading ensemble, they all contributed significantly to the success of Young Guns I and II. They helped to produce a Western adventure that was both memorable and enjoyable.

Are you a Young Guns movies fan? Have you spotted a renowned actor that deserves to be a part of our list? Please share it with Team Reviewsed.

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