Another Star Wars Game Bites the Dust

Over the course of four decades, there have been both successes and losses in the Star Wars narrative. Renowned films like Masters of Teras Kasi coexist with less successful projects like Knights of the Old Republic, and legendary events like the Empire Strikes Back contrast with blunders like the Star Wars Holiday Special. Over the last ten years, Star Wars video game endeavors have encountered difficulties, mostly because of the franchise’s exclusive contract with EA, which has garnered significant disapproval from enthusiasts. The cancellation of Respawn’s Mandalorian first-person shooter in its closing months is another setback for EA as this exclusive partnership draws to an end.

A first-person shooter based on the Star Wars universe was being actively developed by Respawn, and new information suggests that the story will center on the Mandalorians. However, EA quickly ended the project as this information became public, citing a strategic shift towards internal intellectual property as the reason. The Star Wars community has been severely hurt by this cancellation, which is reminiscent of earlier setbacks like the unmet expectations for Star Wars 1313 more than ten years ago. Now, Respawn’s Mandalorian first-person shooter shares a striking resemblance to Star Wars 1313’s lost potential.

There are regrettable parallels between Star Wars 1313 and the downfall of EA’s Mandalorian game. Both projects offered a distinct twist from classic Star Wars games by having a protagonist who relies on gadgets and blasters rather than a lightsaber and the Force. Players would have enjoyed exploring the games with the famous armor and tools of the Mandalorians, one of the most beloved groups in the Star Wars world. Both games ultimately suffered from corporate decision-making, which left passionate players and committed devs feeling let down.

While the full potential of Star Wars 1313 and EA’s Mandalorian game may never be attained, fans hope for something comparable. Star Wars Outlaws from Ubisoft seems to have everything fans might want from a scoundrel-focused adventure. Outlaws may not be a straightforward Mandalorian game, but it nevertheless promises to take gamers on an exciting adventure into the galaxy’s darker corners. As one of the first significant releases following EA’s exclusivity agreement, Outlaws raises hopes for a future game that might fulfill the unfulfilled dreams of these shelved projects.

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