Sony Testing New Features for a Possible Console Update

Sony Testing New Features for a Possible Console Update

A new Beta for the PlayStation 5 is testing out various new features for the development and betterment of the console. These include audio improvements, accessibility features, and more. Ever since Sony launched its highly anticipated PlayStation 5 in 2020, the company has been pushing to make it better. New updates, such as voice command and Discord voice chat have greatly improved the gaming experience for the players. 

The newest update to the firmware has already started making rounds among the PlayStation community. One of the biggest hits was the update to the solid-state drives installed. Reportedly, the storage of these drives is expected to double from 4GB to 8 GB. This was a highly requested update as players have been asking for an increase to the storage space allotted by SSDs instead of the growing size of many popular games.

The newest beta also comes with a variety of features that focus on accessibility, audio options, and social media functions. The beta patch allows players to now use two controllers to operate the console. This allows them different ways to play with a friend or even help a child complete a level. 

With the PS5 update, haptic feedback has now been introduced, which gives vibration feedback for moving between different options. According to Sony, this feature will be incredibly helpful for gamers that have hearing or sight disabilities.

Sony’s newest update also adds support for Dolby Atmos-enabled HD devices. Using this feature gamers can make full use of their home audio system to enjoy their game. Social media also takes focus in this new update as Sony has added emoji reactions to its messaging system and previews of screen sharing. Smaller additions include improvement to the console’s help system and a search function within the game library.

Many of the newly added features to the PlayStation come as the company continues to push for accessibility. The company is set to release the PlayStation 5 Access controller later this year, which is expected to have interchangeable buttons and a unique design. These changes will make the controller much easier to use and is intended for players with disabilities.

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