The Mandalorian Mythosaur is going to be a big part of Season 3 and Mandalore

The Mandalorian Mythosaur is going to be a big part of Season 3 and Mandalore

For a passage of time, we have all just heard whispers of the legendary Mythosaurs from the Star Wars universe. But in this week’s episode, the audience has been granted a glimpse into the life of the Mandalorian. With the episode being labeled as The Mines of Mandalore., we all have finally gotten a glimpse of what you call a Mythosaur. This has done nothing but leave fans wanting more and create a buzz of excitement. 

So, what is the agenda here? The Mandolorians are on a mission! They want to bring back all the legendary species the fans have wanted to see for years. To understand more about the Mandalore and the Mythosaurs, keep reading! 

Star Wars Mythosaur

Since the beginning, Star Wars has shown the audience the picture of the heinous beast. In 1980, Bulloch brought Boba to life in The Empire Strikes Back, and when he stepped on the screen a Mythoosaur skull was present on his skull. The symbol easily got connected to the Mandalorian culture. Moving on to 2019, when the Mandalorian series came out. As it progressed till the covert, a familiar Mythosaur skull greeted us again as a reminder of the legacy. 

Even though there is a skull in the symbols of Star Wars, the names haven’t been narrated on TV. They have primarily appeared in the books of the Disney Canon. That gives away how the originators of the show The Mandalorian are creating an entirely new ground for them. So, whatever you see in the coming months will be an entirely new concept. It will have weight over other media attempting to tell the Mythosaurs’ story. 

They have been present in The Mandalorian and even in the Book of Boba Fett, where Armorer explains to the Din Djarin the legend linked to the Mythosaur Skull. Being the commander of the Children of the Watch, she is the protector of multiple myths and the traditions of the Mandalorians, but at the time of her reign, Mandalore is in ruins and has been destroyed by the Empire. Everything has now shifted into glass, and because of this, only a few Mandalorians believe in the fables and traditions. 

Symbols are a pillar of strength, especially in hours of desperation when the nation is split in two, mainly because of a chaotic situation. The legendary Mythosaur Skull is the sign of strength for the Mandalorians. 

The Appearance of Mythosaur Skulls in Star Wars

The Appearance of Mythosaur Skulls in Star Wars

Mythosaur Skulls are important, especially because of their link to the culture and history of the Mandalorians. But they don’t show up in the stories often, which might be the reason why audiences aren’t very familiar with them. But they did appear in Chapter 18: The Mines of Mandalore as they overcame their camera shyness and were shown. 

Before this quick cameo, the Mythosaur was only available through licensed media platforms. All this used to happen before Disney’s appearance as they reset the saga of comics, books, video games, and even cartoons. 

About Mythosaur 

As we all know, the Mythosaur wasn’t always seen in the Star Wars lore until now. So, whatever is shown will later be used by the Mandolorians to portray new things. The franchise had a very look a few years ago, with the Mythosaurs appearing in the no-go areas. This is the time before Disney took charge and then began Star Wars from the start. 

Everything that is shown and written till now is explained through the Legends Label. The Mythosaurs are a significant species in the Madalore, who were walking on this planet before the humans even appeared in different parts of the world. These Mandalores were massive in terms of their weight and height. Compared to the Mythosaurs, one of them was found in the Living Waters and is said to be small, just the size of the head. 

In the official canon, the Legends in the Mandalorians weren’t famous for riding these Mythosaurs. As a matter of fact, these Mandalores were the reason behind the extinction of the beasts before the appearance of the human Mandalorian. Initially, these Mandalores weren’t even humans but were later created through the Taung species. They also began the tradition of inviting foreigners into their Mandalorian culture, which is how humans became one. 

But regardless of all the good they did for the people of Mandalore and the area itself, the Taunt were brutal to the Mythosaurs. When they first appeared on land, The First Mandalore went on a killing rampage to wipe these beats out. The Taung had an advantage; they were skilled and knew how to fight using spears and swords. But to pay tribute to the Mythosaurs, the Taung adopted their skull as a symbol for themselves, becoming their sigil. 

In the Disney version, you won’t find the same war and murders. Instead, it shows the Mythosaur is friendly and invites them into the Mandalorian traditions. But we are sure no one thing, from here onwards, whatever happens, will play a significant role in the renaissance. 

Bottom Line

From all the information we can include, a lot is coming related to the Mythosaur Skull. So stay tight, and await the Mandaoliran Season 3 Episode 3, as Disney explains the specifics and the relation between the both. Are you excited because we sure are?

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