Samsung Aiming to Improve Android Update Cycle

Samsung Aiming to Improve Android Update Cycle

Samsung has always been one of the fastest when it comes to rolling out software updates to their phones. Despite its vast smartphone lineup, the company has done well in terms of ensuring that most of its phones get the new update as soon as possible. However, Samsung is on the lookout to improve its numbers even further,

In a blog post, Samsung highlights the time it took to roll out Android 13, claiming that they had stuck to their schedule and each of its devices had received the update when promised. Additionally, the company planned to continue its update cycle throughout the end of 2022 and the start of 2023. The mid-range series of the company, A-series devices, and foldable phones recently started receiving their updates, showing how speedy Samsung is with keeping its devices up to date.

However, Samsung is not satisfied and wants to roll out the software faster and aims to do so when the inevitable Android 14 drops. The company notes that the first phones to be given the Android 13 update were two months after the release of the software, a time period which could be reduced. They noted that Samsung Electronics will continue to work on updating their softwares much quicker from now on.

The first phones to receive the Android 13 update were the Pixel phones, but Samsung was not too far behind. However, Samsung wants to close the gap between the release and the rollout, which would be interesting to see when Android 14 releases. With Samsung’s growing relations with Google, this seems quite possible. Samsung already issues monthly security patches for its devices faster than Google in most cases. 

Although not much is known about Android 14, it is rumored that Google plans to introduce satellite connectivity. With Samsung aiming to get out the software faster than its predecessor, it would be interesting to see how well the wide variety of Samsung phones fares to the new features of Android 14.

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