Switchmas Wonderland Introduces A Free Game

Switchmas Wonderland Introduces A Free Game

As part of independent publisher No Gravity Games’ ongoing Switchmas Wonderland promotion, owners of Nintendo Switches in North America can play Creepy Tale 2 for free. Eleven Nintendo Switch games are up for grabs as part of this campaign, which runs until December.

Nonograms Prophecy, a feature-rich puzzle game with over 380 levels and three game modes, was the first to launch the promotion on December 11. This game, which usually retails for $3.99 and was created internally by No Gravity Games, was a big deal for gamers who took part in the event. It was first released in late 2019.

After giving free Nonograms Prophecy, the firm is now giving away a more substantial gift: Creepy Tale 2, a horror game that usually costs $14.99 on the Nintendo eShop. Similar to the previous promotion, North American Nintendo Switch owners only have a 24-hour window in which to acquire this title for free. There is a catch, though: in order to participate in this and any other Switchmas Wonderland promotion, you had to have redeemed every previous freebie, which in this case is Nonograms Prophecy.

As the free claim window closes, No Gravity Games is offering a discount on the featured titles to make it easier for players to join the promotion midway. Nonograms Prophecy is currently half off at $1.99, which is a discounted price from its usual retail price. Even while Switchmas Wonderland is coming to an end in eight days, Nonograms Prophecy’s special pricing will last for a long time. According to the eShop page, the 50% off is valid through January 2, 2024.

Put another way, those who were not present on the first day of Switchmas Wonderland and do not own Nonograms Prophecy can still take part in this ongoing series by purchasing it for a little $1.99. Although the developer has not released a comprehensive list of planned freebies, a closer look at No Gravity Games’ 2022 12 Games of Christmas promotion offers some indication of what might be available in the coming days. Notably, Nonograms Prophecy is only available during this year’s event, although Creepy Tale 2 appeared in both campaigns.

For the next week, the publisher plans to keep up the daily game giveaway campaign. This kind of campaign will culminate on December 20 with the release of two games on the same day, which promises to be a memorable finish. Remarkably, No Gravity Games has so far published forty Nintendo Switch games. 

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