Fans Find Clues of Persona 4 Characters Within Persona 5

Fans Find Clues of Persona 4 Characters Within Persona 5

A December 2015 beta build of Persona 5 was just leaked online. Interesting things to look forward to in this beta include early cutscenes and game music tunes like “Last Surprise” and “Rivers in the Desert.” Persona 5 modders have been exploring this beta and posting what they’ve found online. The presence of Persona 4 characters is one significant discovery that indicates they were probably meant to make brief appearances in the finished

A Mudkip, a Twitter user, discovered that the Persona 5 beta files contained a completely modeled rendition of an adult Nanako Dojima. As the protagonist’s cousin and the social link for Justice in Persona 4, Nanako is portrayed as a preteen wearing a thick jacket and pigtails. Interestingly, this version of Nanako seems to have motions, such as swinging a racket, that were originally meant for Persona 3 Portable’s female lead.

Beyond Nanako Dojima, there are more cameos. EllenZappa, a fellow Twitter modder, discovered a model that had an earlier version of Persona 4’s protagonist, Yu Narukami. Narukami’s model follows Persona 4’s somewhat more constrained and almost chibi-like appearance, although his proportions match Persona 5’s aesthetic. Notably, Yu’s model is incomplete; it only features his panties and no other apparel.

The discrepancy between Yu and Nanako’s models has led to speculation among fans about the possible dynamics and operation of these brief appearances in the event that they were incorporated into the game.

One hypothesis dates back to an early version of Persona 5, when it was thought that the Phantom Thieves would go on an international journey that would have included a stop in Inaba. Another theory is that Yu and Nanako may have made a cameo appearance in that scenario because of their urban upbringing and the animations they did for Persona 5’s baseball minigame.

Even though Yu and other members of the Investigation Team didn’t make full-fledged cameos in Persona 5, there were still a few inconspicuous, easily missed non-physical cameos in the game. A poster with Rise Kujikawa and an interview with Yukari Takeba from Persona 3, which can be heard on Leblanc’s TV, are two examples. Despite these acknowledgments, several fans were upset that an older Nanako was left out of the finished product—especially in light of how detailed her model was.

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