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If you have ever searched for a PDF converter online, then you must be aware that they are available in abundance. The premium software is expensive, while the free ones don’t offer many useful and necessary features, which rendered them useless for the most part.

EasePDF, an online PDF converter, seems to be an exception because, on paper, it claims to offer a myriad of impressive features that appear to be extremely promising. As we dived deeper into finding out the truth of the matter, we were convinced of EasePDF’s practicality and power.  

 EasePDF can differentiate itself from the slew of other PDF converter software out there in several different ways. We found it to be even more versatile than a majority of the premium offerings.

Today’s review focuses on breaking down the features of EasePDF; this in-depth review looks into the strengths and weaknesses of the software.


  • Compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Compatible with most cloud storage and social media platforms
  • Free version comes with all features
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • More than 20 valuable tools
  • Simple and easy to use


  • No live chat or phone support
  • No offline version

Multiple Practical Conversion Tools

Multiple Practical Conversion Tools

Frankly, we have been using different PDF editors because none of them have all the efficient features we need in a single software, and this is where EasePDF differs. It includes more than 20 valuable tools, which makes it a complete PDF conversion solution.

We were impressed by the ease and proficiency with which the editor was able to complete assigned tasks, plus it’s extremely quick and straightforward. EasePDF offers tools beyond simple conversion; features like Merge, Split, Edit PDF, and more allow for more versatility, so you don’t require any other tools to get things done.  

No matter if you want to convert PDF to Word or want to perform PDF Watermark Removal – with EasePDF, every PDF conversion and editing task is simple, fast, and efficient. 

Cloud Storage and Social Media Platform Integration

EasePDF is a modern PDF converter whose features make every step of the process simple and convenient, including the downloading and uploading of files. Thanks to its integration with multiple popular cloud storage services and social media platforms, including Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive storing and retrieving files from anywhere and on the go is easier.

You can also upload files by directly copying the URL link. The multiple ways through which you can download and upload files are truly impressive.

That’s not all! Social media integration is also highly convenient because it allows easy sharing of files with anyone you want. You can share files directly on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr

Advanced Security Features

Any software that includes additional security and privacy features has our respect because ensuring that your sensitive data does not end up in the wrong hands is crucial in today’s time. Advanced security features aren’t something we often see in PDF converters, but they are an essential yet overlooked aspect. 

EasePDF has included 256-bit SSL Encryption for all user files, ensuring that your converted documents are protected from prying eyes. The service also guarantees that user data and information are not shared, and no one else except you have access to the uploaded content.

EasePDF automatically removes all links and files after 24 hours of loading to further ensure user privacy and safety.


One of the main reasons behind EasePDF’s popularity is its broad platform compatibility. EasePDF works seamlessly on all widely used platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. The software provides the same features on all devices.

You can enjoy the same level of customization and full-fledged PDF editing on any device or platform. Regardless of its excellent range of features, the app does not consume too much of your precious device or drain your device’s battery.

Ease of Use

Finding a feature-rich PDF editor that is also easy to use can be a challenge. The easy usability sets EasePDF apart from other PDF converters. The app does not require a steep learning curve. You can download and start converting or use other features right away without spending hours on tutorials.

Regardless of you being a pro PDF editor or someone who is trying PDF editing software for the first time, you can make the most out of all features without a hassle.



EasePDF is entirely free to use, and you can enjoy all of its features without paying a single penny. There are no hidden in-app purchases so that you can edit your PDF files without worrying about the cost. However, EasePDF does offer two price plans that offer better features as compared to the free version.

The free EasePDF version only allows you to convert two tasks for free within 24 hours. Each file can be up to 50 Pages only with a 10 MB maximum file size.

If you want to enjoy Unlimited Pages Per File, Unlimited File Size, and Unlimited Tasks Per Day – then you can purchase EasePFD’s monthly plan for $4.95/month or opt for the annual plan for $49.95/year. With the paid version, you also get to enjoy batch processing and high-priority file processing.

Customer Support

One of the biggest cons of EasePDF is the lack of live chat and phone call customer support. So, if you have any issues regarding EasePDF and its features, the only option you have is to write to them and wait patiently for their response.

EasePDF team usually responds within 2 hours on working days; however, there is no option for immediate response.

For quick, simple, and professional solutions, you can read EasePDF’s support articles, guides, and user manuals. EasePDF’s knowledge base is jam-packed with helpful information and easy solutions to nearly all possible PDF editing-relation issues.


When it comes to efficiency and simplicity, we give EasePDF 10 out of 10 marks. It has never failed to impress us with its features, device and platform compatibility, and ease of use. EasePDF is an all-in-one PDF converter/editor with outstanding features, excellent security, and impressively affordable packages.

Have you tried EasePDF’s free or paid version? Please give us an insight into your experience in the comments section.

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