How To Download Escape From Tarkov (And Play It)

How To Download Escape From Tarkov (And Play It)

With the EFT wipe coming very soon, it’s time you learn how to download Escape From Tarkov on your PCs. Every player will be starting at the base level in terms of skills, reps, and stats, which is the perfect opportunity for a new gamer. The wipe varies entirely on the patch, but everything is the right way to put it. So if you do plan to try out the game, now is the best time seeing as an update is right around the corner. 

The Escape From Tarkov download is unavailable on significant gaming websites such as Epic Games and Steam. In fact, the developers have only released the game on their official website with a few conditions that need to be met before accessing and playing. We have provided you with a mini-guide to get your hands on the game to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Let’s dive in to find out!

How to  Register on Escape From Tarkov Website?

If you haven’t purchased the game yet, then the Escape From Tarkov download option is unavailable on their website. Here’s how you can buy and then download the game from Tarkov’s Beta. 

  1. Start by heading to the website and typing www.escapefromtarkov/registration. This will open up a window where you can register as a gamer. 
  2. Now click on the Registration option, and then enter a user name of your choice, followed by other details such as email and password. 
  3. After you have registered, click on the Submit option, which creates an account for you that you can log in to. 
  4. Now move to the Preorder page, where you have four versions to choose from. Grab the one that you want to play on. 
  5. You then must make the credit card payment using the Credit Card or PayPal through other supported methods in your area. 
  6. After the payment proceeds, you are now free to download the game on your devices and play. 

But before you get into the downloading details, we recommend you check out the game editions and which is best suited for you. 

Escape From Takrkov Deals You Can Purchase 

Escape From Takrkov Deals You Can Purchase

The Escape From Tarkov has four editions. We have provided you with the details on all of them:

1. Standard Edtion – $44.99

  • Guaranteed instant access to closed beta
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • Basic stash (10×28 cells)
  • Alpha secure container (2×2 cells)
  • Bonus starting equipment

2. Left Behind Edition – $74.99

  • Guaranteed instant access to closed beta
  • Increased size of stash (10×38 cells)
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • Alpha secure container (2×2 cells)
  • Additional equipment and resources in the stash 

3. Prepare for Escape Edition – $99.99

  • Guaranteed instant access to closed beta
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • Significantly increased size of stash (10×48 cells)
  • Beta secure container (3×2 compartments)
  • Additional equipment and resources in the stash
  • Initially, good standing with all in-game traders

4. Edge of Darkness Limited Edition – $104.99

  • Guaranteed instant access to closed beta
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • The huge size of the stash (10×68 cells)
  • Gamma secure container (3×3 cells)
  • Additional equipment and resources in the stash
  • Initially, good standing with all in-game traders
  • Unique in-game ID
  • Free access to all subsequent DLC

After you have chosen and paid for the version of Escape From Tarkov you want, then head to your profile page and then click on the Install button to download the Battlestate Games Launcher. This will be of great help when you want to download the Escape From Tarkov game. 

Choosing Among Escape From Tarkov Editions 

Choosing Among Escape From Tarkov Editions

The Escape From Tarkov game has up to four versions, so choosing amongst all of them can be challenging. Here’s how you can make your choices easier. 

We suggest purchasing the Standard Edition if you’re just starting and want to test the game. You’d be better off playing the game first to determine if you like it, even though the other three come with better bonuses, such as larger stockpile and container sizes. Do not hesitate to purchase Edge of Darkness immediately because you can update anytime and compensate for the difference through the website.

Edge of Darkness or Prepare for Escape is your greatest option if you find that you’re enjoying the game and want to upgrade. Both allow you access to larger, more secure containers and stashes, and your trading reputation will improve too. You now have all the information you require to purchase and download Escape From Tarkov. 

About Escape From Tarkov Download 

In spite of having superb gameplay, many new players still struggle to figure out how to play Escape from Tarkov. To begin with, the lack of precise information regarding how to download Tarkov is the root cause of the problem.

In August 2016, Battlestate Games released Escape From Tarkov as a closed alpha to a restricted user base. In December 2016, it expanded this to an open alpha version and distributed it to customers who had pre-ordered and bought the Edge of Darkness release.

Ultimately, Escape From Tarkov was given access to everyone as a closed beta when they could pre-order and buy one of the four editions that were offered. This mode of the game is still active and can be used by all gamers to get access to the game. 

So to conclude, PC users cannot access the game on Epic Games Store or Steam, and you will have to download it from the official EFT website. But before downloading and purchasing, the first step is registering, which we have mentioned above. Then we suggest using the Battlestate Games Launcher to install and launch the game file on your devices. Find all about it in the step-by-step guide we have provided below. 

How to Download Escape From Tarkov and Play?

How to Download Escape From Tarkov and Play?

We have provided you with all the steps to download and play the game; the breakdown will help you download the game in just a few minutes. 

  1. Go to the website, and click on the Pre-Order banner, which you will see on the home page. 
  2. You will then be redirected to the page, which shows up to 4 editions that you can choose from. Make the right choice based on your needs. 
  3. Choose the version that you want to play and then click on it. 
  4. Follow the displayed instructions, complete the process to buy the edition, and then register your account. 
  5. Now go back to the Home page and then log in using the credentials which you entered when registering yourself.
  6. After logging in, you will arrive on the Profile Page; your purchase will be listed here, and you will also get an Install button. Click on the option to install the Battlestate Games Launcher. 
  7. Search for the Battlestate Games Launcher file on your PC and then open the file. A pop box will appear, asking for a choice to begin with, the installation process. 
  8. You can then finally download EFT on your PC and start playing the game by clicking on the EFT launcher. 

The process is simplified, but it does require a lengthy process, and after you are done, you can play the game. 


  1. How can I play Escape From Tarkov?

The game can be purchased on the official EFT website as a pre-order, and then after the purchase, you can download and play instantly. 

  1. Is Escape From Tarkov free-to-play?

No, the EFT is now a free-to-play game and does not allow microtransactions. To download the game, you will have to pay the price. 

  1. How many GB is Tarkov?

The download size of the Escape From Tarkov game is around 12 GB. But we recommend having a disk space of 15 GB for a smoother and seamless gaming experience. 

In Short 

The Escape From Tarkov has a lengthy download and registering process, which, once followed, allows users to play the game quite efficiently. We have provided you with all the steps starting from registering the account the right way on the official website to what each edition offer and which one will be the right choice for you for the downloading process. Our guide will be the perfect assistance for a smooth gaming experience.

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